tiny bit of updates.

yeah i know a lot of you cares about my health.yeah yeah.but i cant help it dude.i like to eat.dont u guys feels the same? food man.were talking about good food!

1stly its about my knuckle condition.its been 1 month since i went to bentong and accidentaly injured my knuckle there while diving in to the deep water.everytime i trying to hold it,each time it hurts.and then i went to x-ray pas few days and em.doc says "ur structure of the bones within is not in its alignment anymore.u do boxing or what?"

i was not surprised.see this comming.

then it was my throat.back one or two years ago i had a bad cough problem and it causes blood to enter my voice punya peti suara and i cudnt talk for 1 month ++.now each time i go singing or karoke it doesnt feel the same and i will have had a bad bad bad sore throat after that.doc warned me already.i cant sing or yell too loud as it takes a long time to heal.

crap.cant do singing anymore.cant be the next awie.or amy search.lucky i didnt smoke.but i do some hookah-smoking.

and then there's knee problem.dont know what happen dont know for what reason but everynight the knee wud ache like hell.haih.

final exam is just around the corner and i didnt do some readings yet..still..doing stuffs..unimportant ones..

im gonna step down from being a council next semester.cudnt bare the heat anymore..yes i can do it but its not me.cukuplah for one season.

lately i've been missing solat and quran.gotta get back to it..

for some reason emma is still looking for me.and i dont know why.

its been 5 months since i visit home.damn im missing home right now..

the heart is still empty.still.living in the blues.guess it didnt take a lot of time to realize that i was alone and lonely like im used to be.

f-ing missing jyuupon gatana even its disbanded.

i didnt see or meet my bestfriend even we're in the same campus and faculty.

im getting sick with ****.yeah kdang kala i wish u were not here in this campus.and sometimes i wish ur werent here in this earth.u give me alot of headache and hell.please cant u sit and do ur own work in ur own room for f-sake

its been several times since i said i wanna stop doing dota.whats stopping me?

missing editing since i didnt have any courses due to transfered credits.i've been doing programmings and codings which i did not have any interest in it..

fuck what am i doing here.



Luna said...

take care man.

sheesh, seriously. u always get yourself into trouble.

Terung said...

lai poker. everything will be fine, dummy.