trophy girl

do you know how hard it is to date and carry a trophy girl around?

it kills. haha.

theres this one time, i took my partner out for a dinner somewhere in pj. we dine normally until this waiter comes up and offer my partner things. he went beyond super-ramah to buaya in a blink of an eye. he ask my partner is there anything he can get for her but my partner declined. and after 5 mins, he go back inside and took a bottle of some hipster sparkling water and said "heres bla bla bla, complimentary from the house"

and i was like whattafuck nigga, that is my girl and u selamba yaya try dia depan gua, mentang2 gua pakai uniform, lu ingat gua colleague dia? i was speechless, i didnt say anything. nak pissed off tak boleh, nak menjawab pon takboleh, layan jela. ini baru satu kes, theres a few more to be shared haha

then ada this one time kami jalan kat klcc, and then duduk minum. tak buat apa pon besides main crossword puzzle, and then suddenly everybody were looking at us, i mean, her of course. ramai lelaki lalu lalang and cant keep their eyes away from her. hasduoasdsdasdhouodasduoa perasaan tu tak boleh nak explain yet u cant complaint.

instagram ke twidder jangan cerita ah. murung beb, murung. everytime dia up gambar baru, things like "babe bila kita nak hangout, babe jom date dgn i, you lawanya and so on" aku cam wiaodhoasduguasdgouiasdasduasdgu adei. camni rupanya date trophy girl.

but thats okay. as long as she knows her limits. and if she wants to go (which is she could, anytime she wants) but shes staying, that is good enough for me. one said - if you like her, you should put a ring on her finger.

that is what im gonna do next. put that goddamn ring on her goddamn finger.