a long sigh

i shud really get a rest.and im going to watch movie alone tonite at 9.45 pm entitled The Rite.

i shud buy myself a happy meal, and get some 7-8 hours normal sleep at NIGHT and buy me some nice clothing.

and i have 2.5 question which is :

question number 1 :
why does people guna AK or AQ.

question number 2 :
is everybody a religiously hypocrite when it comes to religious issue

question number 2.5 :
do i deserve a 2nd chance

aite its 9 pm already.signing off from sylvia.


Luna said...

most of us are hypocrites when it comes to anything.

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

haah.tapi saya masih tidah faham hmmm.sedang mencari jawapan.wud u help me?