to those who seek the truth

( i pick this poster sebab nanti kalau letak salib ppl will judge me murtad.stupid meleis)

anthony hopkins was one of my fav actor besides john cusack, tom hanks, gerrad butler and liam neesson.

thats was the reason kenapa i watch this movie last nite.anthony hopkins was too legendary and as a matter of fact he only stars in a movie which left the watchers decide the ending and either they get the message or not.such as the film "the silence of the lamb"

this particular movie is roughly about a trainee priest who was strayed away from his path and was sent to vatican city to learn about exorcism first hand and live.

and in this movie, the trainee priest michael kovak saw what he never saw before.and he doubted, is there god, is there sin, and is there the DEVIL. he believes in nothing but science.

and until father lucas was possessed, he learn to accept that there is god, there is sin, there is heaven and hell, and undoubtedly, the devil himself.

as a muslim, we shud never lose faith. we was promised that each and everyone of us heaven and hell respectively, with sins and good deeds. depending on what we do in this lifetime.

a must watch for believers.think about the sins and the bad deeds .

sfx : switchfoot - sooner or later [catchphrase] - i am a believer help me believe.