so i bail out on my CUEPACS interview due to i didnt print out my resume and picture. still i didnt have the proper clothes this morning. and as i watch twitter timeline and facebook, i saw this

"Hari #2 di Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur! Untuk menang 1 set buku (PECAH, KOUGAR & CEKIK): Jadilah org pertama yg datang ke booth kami (Gerakbudaya [B58], Hall 3), cari wakil kami, & ucap frasa "majalah Glam". Gambar pemenang akan disiar di page ni, macam artis gitew. "Majalah Glam" dipilih hari ni sebab ia digunakan 20 kali dlm CEKIK - sebuah novel Ridhwan Saidi"

so the time is 9.30. and i rush mandi2 then rush for the lrt. lucky its infront of the house. arrive at PTWC 10.05. cari booth 10.25. yeah lucky me. its ON SATURDAY u know. the pack. maigawdddd. and i manage to buy DR.M book for 60% offer. cost me around 120 bucks. and i met a samad said. and got all of their signature and respective books. kinda happy today. met zam. watch movie. having nice lunch and conversation. oh yeah and some people recognize me as the contestant in KATA KAU by astro. i cudnt hide that nemore >.<

#badass #ossum #winrar @nizambakeri my twitterjaya fellow companion with his novel, PECAH. do follow his blog HERE

DR. M giving out his speech

1st time meeting him in casual place like this

he looks young. i knew what he's using

chief of police