games and you : how does it related

greetings. since im doing management work today. i have some free time today to jolt some for my old blog. i've been using this blog since 2008 and the template currently for 2 years. aite enuf trivial things.

games. how does it related to u? to me. the way u played ur games reflects who are u really are. let me describe myself when im in KCR|9999 or qayyumx mode. if im playing carry position. i wont let my enemy control the farming. i will focus 500% just to outclass my opponent in farming. timming, last hitting, deciding which creep and how to get the last hit is important. again. to me, if u played ur position craply, asal main je, meaning ur are not serious. u are letting others step on u. make fun of u, mock u.

haa, see now? how does it related to urself? nope? aite take this example pulak. ur getting raped in the lanes or neutrals. u have no teleportal, u have no allies at all. 2 ppls are getting u in and out. dalam dota, kalau u tak boleh nak stay calm, chill,decide,faham surroudings,realize in what trouble u are. so people yang senang serabut tu akan lari lintang pukang, tak guna otak bila lari. since opponent dah block depan dan belakang, mesti dalam otak fikir nak lari je. kalau qayyumx, dia tak, dia akan nilai situasi, tgk fog of war, celah mana boleh sembunyi n chill,then call for allies to help. to relate, kalau kita ada masalah, kita tak boleh fikir dengan calm, mcm ni la jadi.

some ppl says, yum kau ni serius sangat la main game, main kan for fun je. its a NONO fun from me. kenapa nak main for fun. fun ke kalau kalah. sigh man loser giler. main untuk kalah. u have no pride in u man.

tactical strategies, understanding between alies, teamwork, timming, determination, blending in with surroundings, communication, reflects, creativity, leadership dan banyak lagi good points boleh di pupuk dari bermain dota.

apalah guna kalau dah 5-6 taun main dota, tapi main dengan takda SOUL, tak dpt pengisian apa2 pun dari 5-6 taun main tu. what a shame.

me? i've played dota since the "DOOMSDAY" map 5 lanes. up until now 6.71b. im a veteran player, not that professional but i know what i am playing and i know my role. i didnt play dota blindly and for fun. its everything to me. its passion. passion whats keeps u apart from the others. losers.

aite. i already talk much in this session. now im going back to work. thanks to dota, i manage to discover the other side of me that i never know.

KCR|9999 - former KCR player
qayyumx - founder of Lanc.Inc clan.