cerita semalam. event tuk budak2 doto dgn @twt_doto. and i am now retired from any competitive or any casual gaming and this time, (dah berapa kali this time) for good. due to my arm condition and some other few things, yeah...i think this is for good..

thank you for coming. tak mudah nak organize and make actually come to the event. jauh2. penang, johor, melaka. to be here and play some dota with baju raya on? priceless. and nak buat benda ni pon makan hati.

bonds broken, things happens, just to realize and actually run this event. and i think this is it for now. next project wud be bbq at pd's. or probably family day in pangkor, and fad's wedding late in december.

good day :)

 the whole crew

 my broken team - rahimi wants to be carry (GPM 400, tier 3 carry player) carl (faggot support who can play mid lane but choose to support), not in pic : sheikh (sigh, no comment), half-boiled carry/mid fik, and theres me, the captain, with bad arm.

 definitely had fun face.jpg.

ma boys.