post-MAJOR ALL STARS part 1

its been a week since major all stars. and i think i am a bit free this morning to talk about it. so, lets cut is short.

how was major all stars to you? to me it was okay. not too bad, not too great. i enjoyed being there. eventho i got all of the access because of the media passes given, but i still buy my own ticket - to show support. since there are so many thing that i want to talk about in this blog post. lets break it down into several parts.

the total overview (pre, during and post) event, expectation, the hype, the media, the people, the teams, what do i learn, and u know what, maybe im gonna write it all in this one post to sums it all. i'll try my best not to get it mixed up and screw this post up. lulz.

okay, moving on. the overview of this event. i dont know much about the fallout gaming organization and stuffs, but to me, they are capable enuf to pull this big scaled event. maybe and probably the 1st in SEA after SMM. to me, i agree since they are really new and probably have no idea how to get it done is the one of the main problem they are facing for being a 1st time in organizing a big LAN event like this. but its still okay. everything was okay, and yes there's a few vital points that they missed to point out to the people. and that is where our team, twt_dota came in to help.

as the only one media announcer in the social network medium, we did everything we could. basic FAQ's, flow of the event, general questions and not to mention, dumb ones too. i bet most of you people already know what kind of a person i am - straight to the point. to me, we dont have to entertain them ; questions like - parking, toilets, do we need to register and shits - KEYWORD, use your logic. and i disagree this part on my team - we dont have to entertain them. doesnt matter. they can survive. but we have to, said our boss. "kau maybe tahu dan selalu pegi event, tapi kita cuba letak diri kita sama level dengan diorang" and to avoid disagreement and stuffs, i let them handle this and opt out from answering any dumb q'. in some ways, we manage to lessen FG's workload by being their representative - answer questions related to MAS. which FG is having difficulties at.

before i continue more and go thru about FG and all sorts, i wanna talk about our part 1st. twt_dota. apa purpose twt_dota ni sebenarnya pada MAS. basically all we need to do is to get as many hype and traffic as we could for their account MajorAllStars which FG sendiri tak ter-manage or tak terhandle because they are very busy with other things regarding MAS. in exchange they gave us few tickets and we decide, lets do a giveaway with stretch goal, just like The International. lets make MajorAllStars famous.

cut the story short, we MADE IT! yes. within few days. and very limited time window to do so. and i am proud that we did this. its possible. at first, mcm eh boleh ke, kita ni semua ada yg dah kerja, ada yg tgh study test apa semua ada yg praktikal, but everybody commits. and we achieved what we wanted. yay! and we even granted a booth, next to the secret shop at the stadium. we run some ground activities and yes of course gain some reputation for ourselves and yes i am proud to say that we did it, this time. we did it.

(end of pre-major all stars)