post MAJOR ALL STARS - part 2

part 2, of post - major all stars.

so, FG - Fallout Gaming. i get to ask when and how get this idea to organize MAS. they told me that they got this idea when they are hanging out at mamak and casually talk about organizing a dota tournament. and this is how Major All Stars are born.

disclaimer, before i go further -

"anything beyond this point is the interpretation of my own idea, my own opinion and stuff which will not going to be assume, or related to any community or group. you will not use my writing against any of those mentioned or unmentioned group or community and i will held responsible of my words. on my own"

to me, personally, if given proper time to prepare, they wont be in much trouble. as we all know, day 1 is a disaster. i am not going to blame anybody, because, to me, i as an event planner, organizer, i already calculated this kind of problem would happen. most probably, due to last minute preparation. they should appoint proper people to do their job respectively, accordingly to their specialization. for example, PR team, technical team. there should be 2 technical team. one from FG, one from the sponsors.and get everything ready in the week. check the venue, run several rehearsal, make sure everything is okay and will run smoothly during the event. i personally think they didnt have much time to prepare them all because of the CNY (perhaps). and let the media announcers do their work. FG should work more on the background, ensuring everything is in its place. and they should release general FAQ's statement too. and let storekini do their job. and before hiring any technical or IT related thingy - they should do - research. thoroughly. get in contact with those people who runs previous big events, and ask for their opinion/help. im sure if they can directly invite navi, they sure can get a lot of help with previous vendors/organizers. and do some study and background study about the last event - DAC.

and i think before announcing that we are going to run events, everything should be ready. not announce, and barulah nak sibuk2 buat ini buat itu. i am not criticizing, but stating what i see and how to improve things.
lets not be esukan. or master ramen. benda meja bersepah pun nak bising waktu press conference. dah la benda2 remeh mcm ni dia utarakan, lepas tu keluar pulak statement bangang - how do u like malaysian girls and food. dude, they just landed, naik van terus pegi pc. kat page esukan tulis lain, kat facebook hentam n keluar statement bangang. tak malu ke?

ok moving on. im skipping the disaster part. u guys can go read about what happen in reddit, boleh google, boleh masuk page cancer KD2M, apa semua. honestly, to me, mmg agak disappointed. tapi kita ada hari ke 2 dgn ke 3 to fix this. to repair and bounce back from day 1. whats done is done. hey, im just like u, aku datang dari jauh, aku beli tiket sendiri, plus aku kerja lagi kat situ. bagi aku, ini our 1st baby, our own mess, lets help to clean it. bukan memburukkan lagi benda yg buruk. kalau yg ini dah fail, probably takkan ada or susah untuk akan ada the next event level mcm ni kat malaysia. i have been fighting for this and dream for this day to happen and yes, it does happen! so why not risk everything and try to rebuild whats already destroyed in day one. negativity doesnt work here. and thanks to the Mineski Event Team, the event runs smoothly and and improved on the 2nd and 3rd day.

and satu aku nak highlight kat sini, pemilihan crew. honestly, pemilihan crew untuk tugas2 am mcm - jaga tiket, jaga player, jaga pintu, jaga security this and that ni, tak perlu pilih orang yang ada kaitan dengan dota. and yes, tak perlu juga upah budak2 komuniti uni mana2. percayalah. akan faktab se-faktab-faktabnya. tak perlulah mention komuniti uni mana, but i personally saw dia bawa masuk few girls into the backstage untuk amik gambar bagai fanboying fangirling which akan secara tak lansung, akan ganggu pemain, ganggu flow event. and tak mustahil akan ganggu event tu secara tak lansung if they tripped on any cable ke apa. no. we dont want this to happen. apatah lagi risk untuk benda ni jadi. crew semua akan dapat benda2 ni after the event ends. mesti punya. wajib. bukan tgh event time tu kau nak bawa kawan2 masuk apa benda semua. no. lainlah player tu sendiri yang keluar wondering or kau jumpa dekat signing session. off limit sepatutnya kawan belakang tu. apa function crew sebenarnya kat belakang tu? cuba fikir.

sebab tu kalau aku run benda program ke apa event ke. mmg strict. tak kira la apa pun. because i know. i already know what will happen apa semua. takboleh berlembut dengan orang tahu?

i think for now, i've stated what i see and i hope we could take this as a lesson and learn from our own mistakes. i am not blaming anybody, to me, its normal for events to have this kind of problem because yes, we cant possibly have control over everything. in an event, the info changes all the time, and time arent as relevant as its seems. and again, special thanks to those people who work hard for this event - working day and night. sponsors, team mineski, fallout gaming. everybody that i forget to mention.