the H curse effects

time : 11.24 am
day : thursday
place : pinggiran subang
person with me : abg rudi, abg moji, heri

im writing this simple journal is for you guys to know that i've been affected by the H curse. currently i am sick, im having headache, minor coughing and having flu.

i've been in this condition since last sunday, after being hit 12 times by rain in the september months past 11/9 last week, and receive a text msg saying " TOLONG, HE HIT ME" in 3.29 am, on monday morning.

i've come to conclusion that i am positive i've been affected by this curse. the symptoms are :

- high fever
- coughing mild (early) and constantly (mid)
- flu
- eating disorder
- sleeping disorder
- much anger
- hatred towards everything.
- lost of focus
- cant decide
- hallucination
- short/long term memory lost
- not acting like yourself anymore
- did not play dota for the past 4 days in a row
- feeling something is beating in your heart but you dont know whos
- internal burning sensation "panas dalam"
- null-ness and numb-ness

and if anybody is seeing me like this, do take care of me. and guys, do watch yourselves. it might be the A, or M, or K curse effects. everybody is different. for now, there is no treatment for this curse. all you guys need is a strong heart. and a person to punch. it would help you to ease the effects.

for now. im okay. i can still manage myself.
signing out,