Two Legged Horse

two legged horse - watched this on tuesday eve alone in the int screen, i cant really tell u how sad this story is. its just sad. i think this movie i cudda place it under paulie the bird at 6th place, while i am sam is still at the top.

he is just a boy who was born in the wrong place, wrong time.

the setting is in afgahanistan , in a desolate region that’s both remote and poor. here, underprivileged children live in acute poverty, in a maze of abandoned sewer pipes that provide meagre shelter.

here, mirvais is one of the inhabitants of the pipes, is desperate to earn his keeps for his family, so he readily accepts a challenge in a humiliating contest for a job.

in order to qualify, the poor boy has to compete against other desperate children. and any of the participants, who can carry on a rich lame boy who had lost his legs in war and takes him to school will become the winner and the rich boy’s personal “horse”.

no, the story doesnt just end here.

instead, we are taken on a 100-minute journey to witness the demeaning the exploitations of humanity price.

What right does a human have to treat another like a lowly animal?

how low can one person go?

this is a scary, yet heart-wrenching tale of how a one-legged boy transforms an older boy into a beast of burden.

sadistic yet giving pleasure?

were shown, in graphic details, the crippled boy’s brutal treatment of his “human horse” and the latter’s total submission and his slow metamorphosis into the four-legged animal ….. wudnt you be outraged?

anybody in his proper frame of mind would be.

Didn’t we all hear these sayings :

and i quote -

"humanity is the supreme of all religions of the world.….. that the most important thing in life is much more than winning for ourselves. the most important thing in this life is to help others to win. a generous heart, a life of service and compassion to the mankind …..are the things which renew humanity ….and that’s the best religion , nothing else." - anonymous, time unknown

when u have money, ur in a position of control, u bark orders and you reign supreme,
u act like the lord of this world …

but when you don’t
u come a begging,
u are relegated as a powerless animal to this world.
in third world countries, there are many who are living lives of exploitation,

with humanity stripped beyond the bone of basic human rights.

well, in a disturbing way, TWO-LEGGED HORSE the movie will surely weave its way into our hearts and make us realize that we are indeed, taking life for granted

that we are lucky …

if only we all want to acknowledge this.

and this award winning iranian film, brilliantly directed by samira makhmalbaf takes a stab at human brutality
at its worse and the director’s treatment of the physical pain is at most times, unbearable to watch.

yet one must remember the  power of the story that seeks to reflect our life and times.

glory be.