hilang, kehilangan, whatever u call it

last few weeks aku pulang ke kampung di batu pahat, and sempat berjumpa brothers and melepak apa semua. everything was normal, but not that long. a friend of mine, in fact, a very good friend of mine, who can i consider a brother, and equal to me, didnt make it thru on his love life, which i can say reaching the happy ending.

it takes me a while to hear his story, and i aint judging, because i know this is hard, hard for me, hard for him, hard for the other party, hard for everybody. and it does took a while to make him feel ok. i've been thru that moment, but luckily i had Luna K to talk sense into me. and i finally snapped out from my misery, and become ohsem like i am now. LEULZYAH

so the thing is, this is not the 1st thing happens to my circle of brothers, its already 3 times. and what i am having in my mind, is, the same thoughts that i've been thinking since i've admit defeat in my own love life.

so i just wanna share, love isnt easy, love isnt nice, love isnt all that mostly u people have in mind, love isnt all about keluar berdating, suka-suka, berciom-sana sini, jalan sana sini, but i love to say, itu semua yes, during awal2 kenal, 1-2 years bersama, zaman belajar, zaman kemaruk, when it gets serious, its not that.

lebih2 lagi bila any parties declare a cancellation at the very last minute, the damage done, omg its ugly. is too ugly for both parties, it might have an impact that would be life changing moments, where when ur not strong enough to live thru it, or having a bad circles of people, or bad environment around u, there is the point where u'll fall deep enough, in to the abyss, incapable of saving urself, incapable of using ur brain to think, to decide and obviously to do anything.

that is why i keep trollin those fuckin iluvislam people, islamic, yet horny and desperate, or even terfaktab or whatever blog u all read and share the quotes from, unless ur having a happy family of 5, yes i do approve ur quotes and personal experience. ur just fucking 16 and share love quotes over here n there, not to mention quoted from tumblr, or whatever source it came from. its just, yuck, i do want to vomit from my ass.

and zehar derus shit and so? mind you, fuck off. lame ass punya quotes. but nonetheless, its all about jodoh dan rezeki, which is beyond our control. so to me, this love topic is quite subjective. i've seen the best of if, and i've seen the worst of it, but when it comes to kiddies, yg beriya2 love quotes, and half-cook kiddies yg islamik or whatever hipster u are, ur love quotes, advice, and shits is nothing compared to my personal experiences.

me? i came out from and unstable family, i do admit, my parents have been going thru hard times, and almost, almost went over, but eventually the problem ceased, and gladly, things are back to normal, they way it used to be. and i've been in one love, which i give everything, and end up losing a part of me, and i dont feel the same anymore.

but dont take my stories here as an example for u to set, i am not saying every relationship ends like this, just a few, in fact, this is only my point of view, and me sharing my thoughts. love, karma, good dees, this is all works in a mysterious way, we would never knew with who we end up, with who god want us to end up.

dont make this a reason why ur scared to fall in love again just because ur heart has been hurt deeply, and haunted by the past.

me? i do like a few people for now, but i am not gonna make any moves towards them. i still need to do a few things, and keep my promise to a few somebody. and till then, who know. i might have yum JR coming. LEULZYAH

so, this is my 2 cents, bye!