review : Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City

at first, as a resident evil fan, both games n movies, i have to say that up till now, it never gets me bored. i started to play the 1st title as early as 11, and up till now the latest series, operation raccoon city in this age of 25.

i have to say, the fear slowly fades away, leaving excitement and action packed game play. there no surprises to me anymore, i dont get a heart attack from B.O.W.S jumping out from a window, or hearing footsteps on the upper floor, or even get panic when im running out of ammunitions. from someone who plays this game slowly, enjoying every steps every bullets fired and keep on counting the 1st aid and herbs to heal, i turn into someone who play this game want it more and more, just like left 4 dead, never ending horde of mutated human, wars, fights, actions.

resident evil : operation raccoon city delivers a gameplay resembles Lost Planet 2, u can play it either LAN, or online, a co-op 3rd person shooter. or u can always goes solo in a offline campaign story mode. comes with 4 difficulties and will unlock Heroes Mode when u have finish the original campaign.

overall the game is just OK. i hate the camera angle part and character controlling part. the camera angle is just...ugly. u are fixed to only one angle, and with the char movement, its hard to play the game as u can no longer walk freely, or even jump like the rest of the resident evil series, more over, the crosshair sucks, even ur using the most sensitive gamepad or mouse. double crosshair, one in a large circle, in that large circle, there is smaller circle which indicates ur radius of bullets when fired, as for in ricochet effects of using semi-auto rifle.

the chars is okay, comes with upgradable weapons, skins and abilities. char customization before each round starts gives us advantage with the mission scenario given, up to this day i manage to play into mission 4 and there is another 3 mission waiting.

personally, i give this game 2.5 stars out of 5 stars. fix the controlling and camera issue. that shud be it.