look. there is no other way to tell u this.

look at u. why do keep on destroying things that u created. why did u become like this, i know u'll read this. but currently ur destroying ur own life. ur something that i dont remember. ur my friend. in fact, among the best of the best, u cant keep going on like this man, u cant simple hate this and that. u just cant. u cant just go and tell the whole world u dont like em. u have to learn and earn respect. we are not kids nemore. we arent what we used to be back there. stop kicking people outta ur life. stop being so childish, if u care about people, that is not the way to deal with it. even after u've done dealing with those things, u did ur part, there is no need for u to drag urself to their level, what matters the most now is u, not them, everybody needs a saving but for now, try to save ur own ass. dont be so sure about things that didnt yet happen, u can simply plan, but cant that plan cant be simply execute ur way, we wont always get what we want, but we do always get what we need. lowered that ego man, control urself, this is not the time to apply "i dont care i dont know i am on my own" u definitely need somebody, u definitely need some help. look at u, count, in ur life currently, where ur right now, how many people that u can rely on. if u keep on doing that to those people, whos gonna help u in the end? learn to live in a community, socially. ur way smarter than me, u can pull this one easily, and next, do not forget god. always. im writing this because i care. we care. people care. i cant let u go on rampaging and destroying ur ownself. i am concern dude. i cant always look back and see how do u progress, and how do i help u if u dont want to help urself? grow up a bit, be matured, be somebody who are u supposed to be. this is not regarding what happen to u alone, this is what happen to us, to our circle, to our hometown people, to people who been living with us, to people who've known us for ages. this is for ur own good, our good. yes i do admit i am not a perfect person myself, i fucked up a few times, until now, fuck-up happens, they do happens and that is not a reason why u shud go on keep on punishing people and urself. give this lecture a thought, and when ur ready to talk, lets walk. i'll be there, waiting for u.

dont do something stupid, dont go down with the ones who are already fallen, save urself.