she/he left u, now what?

there is a lot of things which can be done when she/he left u. either way u left her/him.

As strong as men say they are, they are usually children when it comes to break ups. Unless they make the decision to leave their partner, they often feel extremely disillusioned. This is the nature of men. Starting at a young age, men are told that they must be the provider, they must make the decisions and they must be in control. It's a system that society set up a long time ago and that we still accept today.

So when a woman tells a man that it's over, she's not only ending their relationship, but subconsciously challenging his position in society by taking control and making a decision. Each one of us knows at least one man who has always been logical, calm and collected. That is, until his partner ends the relationship. All of a sudden, he's falling apart; he cries, neglects his work, stops eating... he might even start harassing or stalking his ex.

And This happens to almost each and everyone of us. Mens. And this is why i am here, maybe these idea would help.

1. Date someone who is significantly less attractive.
2. Have a breakup party.
3. De-facebook, Un-follow them both in facebook or twitter.
4. Go back to your friends.
5. Play some video games.
6. Play some sports.
7. Watch some movies/dramas.
8. Update resume
9. Format computers.
10. Start a new saving account, bet on how much you can save without her.
11. Have a library card.
12. Join gym
13. Go for a walk
14. Answer some surveys online.
15. Buy some new clothes.
16. Buy a sport bike.
17. Go for a holiday.
18. Learn foreign language.
19. Fall in love with k-pop idols.
20. Cook
21. Paint your room, change the layout of furniture
22. Do some charity works
23. Pray
24. Get a pet.
25. Go karaoke
26. Thai massage.
27. Remain focus
28.Go crazy. Literally so something crazy, bungee jumping etc.
29. Read a book.
30. Reunite with old friends and families.
31. Become Manchester City fans.
32. Start a troll account.
33. Go hiking.
34. Play some dota.
35. Go ride
36. Get rid of the cellphones, keep the landlines.
37. Buy DVDs
38. Dont rush into the next relationship.
39. Forgive your ex.
40. Be grateful and happy.


Luna said...

no 1 and no 38 contradict each other. become a man city fan? hahahaha!

cane tu?

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

hahaha dengan jadi fan mancity, kita kan sentiasa happy, sbb asik menang je :D