action needed.

again today i nearly die on the streets. i think a new act or enactment need to be amended before those ambulance and police kills people in the street.

i was on my way to the office from taman mulia. right infront of the MMR2 t-junction. and that time its my turn to go since it was green. prior before on my turn, theres and ambulance in front. from the opposite side, it was a normal-non-emergency-ambulance. it was there for 3 turns of traffic light. and suddenly when i just about to cross the street, suddenly the ambulance turn on its siren. and guess what? all of the bikes and car of course la jalan kan? ambulance man. so i stop my bike almost crash it. what about cars and bike from behind? it was fucking disaster man.

im not being bias. im not blaming all ambulance and police car. cmon. u guys also had the experience right? its only a matter of time before those drivers kill people in the streets. its dangerous. really i have the thoughts of dying today because of the ambulance.

please la gov do something. enforce them to take exams. and let only professional drivers drive em. it might not too late to enforce the law or amend a new act or enactment. for the sake of the road users.