how does video game and life relate

imma write this short. to me, living life is like playing and MMORPG video game. where everybody start at level 1, without a class. and a naab stats.

so when were are at level 1, usually we need to level up until 10 to change class. so in the process of leveling, we go and do quest, do hunt for monsters. and its the same as attending schools, college, taking down exams, tackling obstacle, doing projects and stuffs.

and when we at level 10, changing class means getting a class, a job. in MMORPG there is several class with special sub-units. there is warriors, professors, monks, bart, dancer, thief, assassins, hunter, archaeologist, and there is so much class that we can choose from. this is the same with us when we reach level 10, we gotta choose our path, we cant stay that way any longer, change is needed. choosing a class comes with getting equipped. each class got their own equipment and mount. this is where we equip ourselves with things. cars, bikes, houses, and during this class-changing level, the objective is to level up again, and farm the better equipment matching our level. and during these level up there is another several class change situation n chance.

the higher the level, the better the equipment become. the EQ (equipment) is not only judge by how rich u are, its everything. every growth u made, urself, u income, ur knowledge, ur credibility, ur ability, ur skills, ur relationship, in MMORPG u will need a party to level up, the higher the mobs are the more people u gonna carry in ur party. thats the same with life, u'll need a very good circle of companions. which u can share ups and down. and that is why the marriage system implant in most of MMORPG

in most MMORPG only 2% of people will achieve cap level, which is level 99. 12% of people will achieve level 80,  another 20% stuck at level 70 and the rest is at level 60 and below. and people who is lazy to level up, and lazy to farm will end up scamming people, lie here and there, become a parasite. and this is what happen in real life. u see? how MMORPG and IRL co-exist and relates.

this is life actually. MMORPG games is based on human lives. it relates. to me, if u fail to carry ur game, u fail to carry urself. i aint losing in my games. and i hope so does u.