yum says episode 1 - Seksualiti Merdeka

so here i am. talking about this week hot issue, seksualiti merdeka. and i gotta say this honestly, i am against this movement publicly. i am strongly disagree with this.

why am i against this? look. i dont care if u wanna be gay, lesbian, hetero, BDSM, bisex, 3-some, 4-some or whatever shit kinky fetish and erotica u want, and if u keep it to urself its okay, do not go out and rape people, rape kids, kill somebody and rape me most importantly. im okay with that.

sure we can judge them for being sinned of choosing a life like that. sure we can say they are all sick and need help. they go against god's will and nature. and try to think back who wrote our book of life? its god himself. and lucky u, u dont have to walk in their shoes, living like that, hated by the community, mostly serbanitas and unorthodox muslims.

the forum organized by seksuality merdeka by ambiga is not a place where all buttfuckers, pussy-lickers, gay lord, dildo hunters do orgy shitz and stunts. and personally i think this is MORE DANGEROUS without that orgy im saying above. but with this talk and forum, their rally is to uphold the right to be gay, lesbian, bisex, transsexual which is agains our religion rights. as for us, muslim. we need to stop this from happening. if ur gay and so on, keep it for urself.

consider this is a virus. one gay person is infecting another person to be gay, i'd say this is dangerous. and this might lead to epidermic state of emergency. and guess what, gay is only of of the virus. try to add 4 more virus. catastrophic.

like i said. u gay, u keep it to urself. buttfuck behind me. keep it down. organizing talks, forum and movement like this is just provoking this country constitution which is ISLAM AS AGAMA RASMI (so not true). u can still see malay babi mabuk here n there, rogol here in there, pak imam buntingkan cucu, serbanitas merompak bank and so. u see its contradict here.

enough already corrupting this country, enough already with the unstable politics, enough already with getting this country to chaos.

and please. if u guys bashing me for joining bersih under ambiga, its totally u guys get the wrong idea. i agree with some of her ideas but i am not on par with her totally.

quoting from "ALONG" saying during kem 3 :

"kalau tak boleh ambil semua, jangan tolak semua"

dalam racun ada penawar, dalam penawar ada racun.

p/s: yes its true that god doesnt only create adam & eve, but also steve, but god didnt tell steve to buttfuck adam while buttfucking eve at the same time. or eve with shila while's steve watching and vice versa.