wawasan uniten - part 1

before write things. and elaborate more further in this post. imma share my experience back there when i was in uitm. i didnt join any shit back there in uitm. i dont know who to blame. i was in the wrong ghetto back there, mixed up with some worthless punks. and the community there was not that great because it was full of malays. u can see hatred and those people are struggling for power and fame obviously. its was masscomm, full of malays. can u blame them?

i was not interested to join any of those shits. whatever u called them kesatria or whatever club. to me it was like a mandatory enforcement. i dont enjoy being there. even to join them. i dont know bout u guys. during my time, it was a small campus back in puncak perdana. people are dying to get famous and power. thats y. i dont have juniors since it was the last batch of my kind in puncak perdana.

ok so here i start the story. whatever u do in puncak perdana, haters hate. and when the haters did something, another haters come around the corner and turn the table. this is what i can see and observe. and too bad. i dont know how i end up with some losers punk back there and i dont know where to run. so i stuck there 3 fucking miserable years. i wont elaborate more. u guys cudda figure out what happen anyway.

so when i was in uniten, the enviroment is really really really different. too much club, but less people joining. and i gotta tell u this, those who didnt join clubs are really sore losers. my 1st club there is ASTENA. i did theater and dramas. and sing coir and play gamelan too. because uniten is a multi-racial uni, i cant see any hatred among UNITEN-ians. u merely see the clubs fighting each other, either mpp screaming and partying here n there just to fight about having class at 10 or even for a dumb-fuck watercooler issue for 3 years.

and after im done with ASTENA i joined WAWASAN UNITEN. at 1st i think, ah poyo la budak2 ni. faci shits and stuffs. and eventually i fall in love with wawasan. i was attracted by the unique of this club. in fact, among all of the uni in malaysia. WAWASAN UNITEN is there for 10 years. i was quite amaze.

that time the president is ayet. the more i follow WAWASAN activity, the more i fall in love with it. it gaves me new brothers and sisters, juniors, the support is so much better. there is no hatred among clubs. everybody is doing their own jobs. look at them. even unite in organizing activities. this is what im looking for in a club or society. a family. a home. finally. just for me.