hiatus for 2 weeks

i took a week or two rest from this social networking site since i've moved in to my new house sumwhere in kinrara. it takes 2-3 weeks to complete the move. astro, unifi, shits and stuffs. and im kinda busy these days. oh yeah and i went to kedah on saturday. spend 2 days there. went for abam long farid wedding. hihi. its my 1st time tido di tgh2 bendang sawah padi.

omg i tell u the air is very refreshing. sangat sangat sangat sangat. x4 sangat. sejuk dia ya tuhan. lain mcm. kat rumah aku pun tak mcm ni. eventho hijau jugak tapi the atmosphere is very different. 

here goes some pics.


and i realize there was no picture in my hard disk. LMAO. ok will upload it tonight. lucky u the unifi guy is comming today. and astro tmr.




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