things you should know #dearfutureGF

its just sad when i think about having a not working relationship. thus, i decided to jolt down some imporatant notes here, for the #dearfutureGF, so she can take note, and think about having me as her BF, and destroys her own life.

its not like u cant flirt and get lovey-dovey with me. its just the matter of the timming, and a little bit of understanding about what i am, what do i do and when to do it. im not like u. im just not like u.

so here goes the list.

1. i am sorry for being a workaholic. and i dont text while im working. for whatever purpose.
- i am sacrificing you for my work. we're just a couple and ur not my wife yet. so dont expect me to entertain ur i miss you, i love you, i need you, i kiss u whatever shit during working hours. PERIOD.

2. i am sorry for being a hopeless romantic.
- i forget how to love, fall in love, flirt, and stuffs. sorry for being blur all the time.

3. i work till late night.
- dont expect me to come home, text u in the first place. i am tired the whole day working. i dont need ur rants about missing me and shits, let me have my bath, check my emails and at least have my dinner and watch news 1st.

4. i got a zillion tons of commitment besides u.
- i need to mend my family, i need to mend my own work, i need to attend my fellow clanmates, buddies, and next is u.

5. the reason i cant text and IMs is because im using android.
- it takes a hunter, to hunt a hunter. in other words, get urself an android. u'll pretty much know.

6. i do have uncontrolled social life and random hangout.
- i am a very random person. i can change from A to K and from K to W in an instant. so when i decide to do this, but something happen, i'll do that instead.

7. my twitter and fb, its MINE
- simply put, i can write, post, comments, tweet to anybody i like, please dont get jealous as u dont know with who or whom i might tweet or write, its just a matter of a friend, college, office mate, or my juniors back in UNITEN. so u being jealous is not reasonable.

8. do not get angry when i go for a EPL match hangout and i ignoring ur tweets
- its EPL, it not LOVE ACTUALLY.

9. when i dota (EXCEPTION)
- u know i hate to lose aight? u know who am i. the legendary KING YUM.

10. i planned for each day.
- monday watch mega movie chinese in tv3, tuesday i'll watch wwe, wednesday i'll do readings, thursday is discovery channel day, friday its shisha day, saturday is movie night and EPL, sunday its a rest day.

11. i just dont get mad easily. i need u to do this
- if i did wrongdoings, please tell me, save the time for me to figure it out and then trying to get to u back. ur mad u tell me, i did wrong u tell me. i dont play hide and seek. i dont like and i tell it. i need u to understand me and i'll do the same.