well, since everybody is complaining around, gaji tak cukup, keje nak mati2, have u do some thinking lately?

take this as example :

"what makes a bank robber is more successful rather than a tax collector in terms of salary?"

the answer is RISK.

its not about the robber rob countless money by that one robbery, its not about the tax collector collects a lot of tax from every living people monthly, its just, the risk.

take a teacher, and a school clerk together, both have the same qualification. why is school clerk salary is a bit lower than a teacher? 

what risk does a teacher have? if he/she did not perform? and a clerk? 
what about a doctor or architect? and a nurse? whos fault it is if a patient or a building collapse? 

give it a brain tonight.

do u dare to take the risk of living? - ask urself