I just got back from mid valley, watching cabin in the woods. Because the system is down so i earn a few days ticket home early. So i decided to get home early, head mid valley and enjoice. The movie is kinda mindfucking, i get to see the ugly clown from Stephen King's It, werewolf, zombies, armies of jack the reaper, bunch of psychos and american urban legend creatures.

But wait, i aint disclosing this movie spoilers, u gotta go and watch urself. Just now i happen to have problems with tihani, her chains loose and dislocated from the path, so i have to manually push my bike, from the motorcyclist tunnel in lingkaran syed putra in to jalan klang lama, lucky me, not far from a small mechanic house, it was a small damage to her. Nonetheless its was a lucky day.

Next i decided to fuel up tihani and there is this one guy. I observe him for a quite sometimes while handling the atm machine, he heads to everybody, seems like asking questions, after paying my gas, he heads to me and ask where is bandar kinrara, i said go up straight, u'll see a sign board and next he tell me he is from bla bla bla bla, and he ask me for a small favor, he dont have any money for any gas and he is lost. Gave him 3 dollars, and i can see his face, its a face where i dont have or most probably lost long time ago, a happy face. And without saying thanks he parks his bike and heads up to the counter and fuel up, and so do i. I was budak ni..ah biarlah.

And he came back, thanking me for the help i offer.

I can see now that help, even a small one, cud change someone's life. Since im writing using my tabs, im lazy to write longer. Tak feel lah.

"lend a hand, offer to help when u can, always"

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