why bersih 4.0 is rather stupid than bersih 3.0

in order for u to experience stupidity, and to experience the wrath of people who are living in malaysia, i suggest u not to read from papa gomo, or milo suam, or any mainstream TV in this stupid country, malaysia. those are fuck-tards who manipulate things around as they like, as for the opposition never really did a good job over here in selangor and everywhere else.

1. 1st of all, i just want u to open up ur eyes. and view things from a logical perspective. not from ur dumbfuck malay brain which technically given to us since birth by god's will.

2. put aside all of ambiga trivial facts, for what she is, she is an indian, she is president of these and that. hello there mr blind, look at bersih demands, and what are the people in bersih wants. is everybody who supports bersih is a gay, lesbian or LBGT wannabe? bodohnya. pity u dumbfucks.

3. this is my personal opinion. i just want BN to lose this one time. and u know what? im looking this at a bigger picture. with this losing, BN will be forced to clean up every corruption, every bad image, every bribes cases, every cronization (i dont know this word exist or not) ceased and give this country a new faces to lead, yes of course every powerful people will abuse their powers, and have a personal interest towards things, but how much abusive will they do? Anwar being gay or not, that is not ur business. he can be gay, as long he can manage this country well.

u see the opposition is unstable between each other? PKR-PAS-DAP fighting over? let me ask u, this world once hit with a virus outbreak, is that situation is calming? to wipe out the outbreak, is it stable for the world? a few health organization must have fight over it, over a vaccine, claiming theirs is the best. do u think a very crucial decision can be made in a few days time? think again.

p/s: do u know national auditors claim every year, 24 mil dollars gone without any decent excuse? - source, from a trustworthy friend of mine who work within the organization.

4. did ambiga somehow ruin everybody personal yards by having a pasar malam infront of ur houses? or do a stupid butt dance? or even fuck up ur business? for what i can see, during bersih, a few stalls and hawkers gain a lot. how come a fucking stall in KL claims 50k loss that day, the fuck? what are u selling? grade A+ nasi goreng? oh cmon. be wise, a wooden stall like that? 10k? is already too much.

5. veteran soldiers doing a butt dance and claim 100+ is a harom? lulz? LULZ? LEULZ? ah malunya, my people, my kind, ex-heroes (claimed to be one, entah2 kerani askar je)

6. the fuck owner of sekinchan ikan bakar claim to be the one who suffered the most during business? ur picture in a magazine and in a few places proves that. and yet ur joining bersih 4.0 for that reason of loss? ok nice story, need more boobies in it. and a fake ass too.

7. u claim ambiga has done damage, yes she did, did the gov done some damage to us? they did. open up ur eyes. PTPTN, highly living cost. is that thing alone enough?

i am not an opposition or a government supporter. i take things as they are, i am rather an opportunist, a realist, and an ideologist to be. not yet one, but soon to be.