gaming room idea.

i have this one dream yet to be accomplished. i want to build a gaming room which i can invite all of my friends to come and play together and also a comic room. like the one in summit parade BP. which is already close :( awhhhhhhhh

 idea one - too small. yet i am kinda tall. that chair wont fit me anyway. nice setting by the way if u only had few friends to come over.

 idea two - this is haih...serabut gila. better beli almari yang ada pintu kaca, so tak la berhabuk, tak la nampak semak camni

 idea three - kinda nice. tapi agak dull. tak tahu kenapa 

 idea four - this one is a personal favorite. keyboards tu maybe akan aku replace dgn katil and peti ais. luas pun ye. this one KIV.

 idea five - normal. penah pegi rumah kawan yg macam ni, tapi tak best sbb family dia lalu lalang, tak private. aaa

idea six - nice, easy, cozy, relaxing. tapi mana dia nak letak pc dia? and laptop? haaa ce jawab

which one is ur pick?

p/s : yum kau sendiri tak ada masa nak manage diri sendiri, lagi nak ada bilik mcm ni. sad