a deep thoughts. who wudda think?

today i spend the whole day in the mall, alone. YES, OBVIOUSLY, state the OBVIOUS. haha. nothing actually. spending quality time alone gives me a lot of new perspective, a new view point, to see this world in a new dimension. a new and fresh thoughts. i am not joking about im being creative, super creative at times. i used to be a top notch mind back in my masscomm days, top notch of improvising raw ideas and manipulate it over and over again. u can say somewhat i am a fat malay version of tony stark. with an attitude.

okay enough that bragging intro of me. what im gonna share today is somewhat, not a material for me, even to give a flying fuck about what is going on with malaysia movie scene. shit people is giving shit and ridiculous excuse - WHY IS MY MOVIE ISNT PLAYED AT A BIGGER HALL and FAMOUS CINEMAS. why cant a MALAYSIAN win HIS OWN COUNTRY AWARDS and shits. i aint not going to mention any names here. i am going to do some inception in ur brain, to give a push, to ur dumbfuck brain.

entity 1 :

lets take jason statham for example. everybody knows jason statham. he's fast, he's strong, he's charming, he got the muscles, he got style, he's got martials art, he never been beaten or hurt in any of his movies.

entity 2 :

lets take transformers or alien kind of actor, they are CGI's, they are just..WHOA. they can fly, they can jump, they can blow a planet off, they can do things jason statham can do, to make it fair, out of 10 people, 8 choose transformer, 2 choose jason instead.

entity 3 :

i never heard in any E!buzz or any blog or any source saying, jason statham is butthurt because he isnt OPTIMUS PRIME, he isnt butthurt at all when his movies are in one line with the avengers. he didnt care bout his failed movie BLITZ. he didnt complain he didnt won any award, he lose to the MIGHTY OPTIMUS PRIME, didnt he? he didnt make a fuzz, shia le bouf won, that kid, he's skinny, a dumbfuck like u, he cant jump, he cant fight, he cant walk away from big explosion.

and this is my shit :