facing it

im facing another failure moment here late in 2011. i tried to take what i think belongs to me. i tried to make it mine. but when i just about to grab it. things happen. yeah it happens. people say

"what does not belong to you, it wont belong to you, it were never meant to be yours"

in bahasa, 

"kau kejar lah mcm mana pun, kalau dah takdir kau, qada n qadar kau, itu takde rezeki nama dia"

aite. i get it. i get it. no matter what i do. no matter how fast im chasing it. yes. what isnt mine is not mine to grab. i can explain me now as, im kinda fucked up, with a little twist of unseen frustration and a bit of depressed. 

look. rome wasnt build in days but it crumbles in a day. life takes a lifetime to grow old but death can take u out within a blink of eye.

enough ruining things around. im kinda sad for the moment. but its okay. i can manage somehow. i cant show my sadness. i cant show anger. i cant runaway just like that. facing it is the only way. to forgive and forget its easy.

to accept? its a damn whole new story.

but anyway. thank you for the things u done. you you you and several other you.