there is too much things that open up my eyes currently. i cant just change directly. takut my friends shocked with this transformation. bole la layan sikit2. honestly i've change during these time being.

-crushing others moral is just sick. trust me. i did that alot in cybergaming n cyberspace. it aint fun when u start to realize that is so wrong to do.

-when ur ego is starting to grow big, the only person who can stop urself is another u. yeah another u. just like in the reflection in the mirror. u versus u. see what damage has been done.

-its only natural that u hate things that others like and they hate things u like. why butthurt so much?

-its true that i've changing quite fast lately. keyboards? it dont gets me anywhere unless the things u type is printed out and u start to do something about it. and my pride isnt determined by words that came out from ur keyboard. who the hell are u anyway? just another dot in this world.

-do u know having urself and keeping urself in check is not easy work to do?

-how about u repaying ur debt back into the society, repay the mortgage given. stop writing shit and do nothing about it. just what are u anyway?

-there is a lot more waiting for u rather than make everything dangling on a keyboard. do not put ur life, ur everything in that. go out. meet and join the world. make this world a better place for u

-when u start to not give a damn about what people say, that is when u know urself best.