ok ok. updates

k. everything is now settle, the process of moving in my new house is finally complete. internet in, satelite tv also done. appliances done. furniture done. but not the kitchen. i need to get a new stove and gas and some cabinets soon. to tell u guys the truth, i am dead broke. new bike, new house, moving and everything. i barely have some saving in my bank account. and i think im gonna lay off from social networking sites. im no longer writes at those blogs i used to write in.

and yeah. i am now considering to blog in a new medium. vlog. but of course im not gonna be like that dumbfuck mat lutfi or hadi with their cracking i cudnt get it joke. and not some childish issue. like "cebok berak jgn lupa pakai sabun, or guna tisu kalau kau bukan malay". no. i wanna talk about what happen in malaysia today, or what i am experiencing day by day encounter with life experiences.

i've been blogging since 2007. about 800 posts. and 200 drafts. on endscape only with 30k of pageviews without using any ads or whatsoever. and another 200 post on vld, and another 400 post as guest writer at some blogs. and i think i wanna do something new. its just about time kan?

oh yeah by the way im now staying in kinrara puchong, off jalan kelang lama a bit, not in puchong. i took me 5 minutes from here to work. rather than in cheras which took me 30 minutes if no traffic jam and 45 min with traffic jam. and to tell u the truth. my next door neighbor is a china-dolls faction. LUL. (kerah cokeng kawe kalu kelik kije pukul 11 male. lalu lale saje gewe china-dolls ni)

and dont miss me much. im gonna work my ass off, earning me some money and gonna make myself stable once again.

currently i am busy organizing family day for my ex-sekolah rendah guys punya batch which will be held on 14/15 january.

ok its past 11 minutes my bedtime hour. will be jolting down some stuff soon. or vlog soon. please subscribe qayyumx's channel in utube. thank you.

goodnight. have a nice pleasant day tmr.