It feels good.

Back to where i was born. Visiting all of those people i didnt have the chance to meet for so long.

I can see deaths also have its benefits. Dad's relationship with his siblings finally restored. The also didnt go back and meet his siblings for a quite sometimes. Its been 10 years in my count.

The living must go on living. We carry on the passed away wills. I remember my late mak abang says : "yum. Ignore ur father. All u gotta do is to study study study. Prove him wrong. Make him eat his own words. Get a good job. Get a good life. Help ur siblings. Do not forget god."

Im proud to say even i didnt get the chance of visiting her for the last time, didnt go back for raya, i did what she told me to do. Thank you. Thank you.

Al fatihah and prayers goes to my late aunt who passed away on 4/12/2011 at 5.55 am.

Amin. May ur soul is place in the pious people and blessed by allah.

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