the varsity of holidays/weekend definition for me

waddap folks. hows ur weekend? its a 2 + 1 holiday this week and the next week. so some of u guys might take this chance to go back to ur respective home town. having dinner with family, meeting buddies and comrades alike. spend sometimes together.

or maybe u guys are out there in the town dating with ur respective partners. have a nice day u guys.

me? nah. i have a very different perspective of enjoying weekend and holidays. or i shudda say in a varsity of version i cudda say.

version A (forever alone):
honestly, i am the type who not enjoy crowded place, traffic jam. so usually i'll spend time in the office till late evening, and if there is anything in town i'll show up there alone. or if people gathering for something and i'll be there too after working.

at night i'll might be going out for EPL match with my homeboys or friends. having shisha, small talks or discussion, teh tarik sessions and so. sometimes watch movies or karoke

or instead if im too tired to go out i'll just hang around at home, call in delivery fast food, enjoy cerekarama or EPL myself. watch till u drop

version B (if/else i had a girlfriend):
again i will work in the morning and will meet/pick her up and go to the mall. fine dinning and movie is a must, while playing arcades is a YES for me. but instead of this, i rather pick her up, head up home. i'll be cooking dinner, and we gonna watch movie or DVD together at home. this is rather more suitable for me since i dislike crowded places and it gave me headaches trying to avoid everybody.

or take her somewhere else. a ride to the beach, anywhere, to enjoy good food. for what la i buy this sport bike if im not gonna ride it anywhere right?

and its okay if she refuses this, but occasionally, i only do date if there is any event in the town. art gallery, video game expo, PC fair and stuffs. i am not a dating type of person. dinner or lunch its okay, or a movie. but lingering around mall walking over here n there without any motive isnt my style.

version C (homeboys-staying in):
we'll cook / call in delivery, watch movie/EPL together, and play dota the whole night.

p/s: so, what will u guys do? me? im still at the office, finishing my work. good day lads. have a nice day. enjoy weekend!