so. whats ur #2011regrets?

this topic trends in #twitterjaya today. and im kinda busy to spam and share in the TL whats my regrets in this year.

so cut it short, there is several major regrets i have. setting me on a several hiatus state and a few drawbacks just to get myself in the right shape of status.

mainly its about job, life. blah blah blah. but instead of writing all of ur regrets and misery and stood all day being sad, lets do what barney stinson do.

"when im sad, i stop being sad and be awesome, true story!"

things happens aite? whether u like it or not, with or without u. this is life cycle. soon its gonna be ur cycle. take all of those regrets,  put it in a bottle, throw all of those bottles in to deep sea and try not to do the same mistake again.

i have nothing much to say lately. sure we cant mend certain level of sadness, rages, the surge of an emotion. but somehow. channel it thru the right way. stop doing damage to urself. or on anybody else.

listen to this song. cant embed in here.

by james blunt - same mistake

and. nothing much to say. goodnight. have a nice sleep