again.obsession.i blame u

Ok 1st of all i wanna say thanks to najwa.Bcoz of her im undergoing back my obsession on
the "speechless magnificent" UVERworld.This time, with their latest album - PROGLUTION.

This time they are back with super-uber-killing tracks like :

Counting Song H

and sum remix track

~shaka-laka-laka-la vers.~
.endscape (album vers.)
energy (album vers.)

ok i was so like screaming hell afta finishing downloading.haha mad biyatch.but trust me.this band quallity is soooo muchh more better then some "big"rock/emo band my chemical romance and soooo much more.cume tak paham je dia kate ape.

urrgh i always wanna jam their song but now our band lacking keyboard planner.haha and guess what,im looking foward to bring Shira in our class to the studio for MPG audition coz she can play piano.Lol aku telah membuat andaian bahawe bermain keyboard dan piano adelah bende yg same.Chords same kot? kan kan? aku main o2jam ahaha.

Damn najwa.Ur totally blamed for this obsession.Again.
Guess im helpless.Gahaha.Mmg selalunye helpless.

omfg takuya is so damn fakin goodlooking

*no object,yes subject*

Thanks dear =)
i had fun weee~

till next time probably =)


*lost.but not forgoten.foreva in memories*


Mari,ade bran ke takde bran?

fardu ain.shall we?

Babies :D


Flash MX,Director dan juga Macromedia Dreamweaver.

abe roe cari buku

konon2 bace buku

Kinokuniya.Cari buku.Beli 12.

Ending.Tak terbace.Posing je lebih.Lol.