what the hell is wrong in this world.

i found one fb status from sukan star regarding theres this one fella lapar, 3 hari tak makan. and he curi duit tabung masjid or whateverlah and leave a note to justify his actions.

so. to think that hes that desperate sampai kena mencuri ni sebenarnya overpity je kat mamat ni. kalau nak cakap isu susah, tak habis. aku faham erti susah.aku pernah je tinggal rm 10 dalam kocek and kena fikir nak makan ke nak isi minyak. kalau aku makan, esok aku tak pergi kerja kalau takde minyak, kalau aku isi minyak aku kebuloq tak makan.

tapi kita jangan approach isu ni mcm tu. kita fikir dari segi etika. kau sanggup mencuri ke dari meminta? malu sangat ke kalau pegi kedai makan, cakap elok2 dgn tauke kedai tu yg kita dah tak makan 3 hari, takde duit. nanti ada duit ganti balik, kedai tu tak lari kemana, kita pun tak lari kemana kat situ. tapi dia sanggup curi duit masjid n letak note. ini yang aku tak faham. kau sanggup mencuri duit surau, tapi tak sanggup nak tebalkan muka pegi minta makan.

jgn cakap aku tak pernah rasa susah, jgn cakap aku tak pernah berebut makanan dgn adik beradik aku ke kawan2. jgn pernah cakap aku tak pernah rasa susah dan terdesak. semua orang pernah rasa. tapi cara dia curi duit tabung masjid, lepas tu cara orang2 kita simpati dengan dia lepas tu kaitkan semua dgn socio-eco-politik ni dah keterlaluan. bodoh sangat.

itulah dia zaman sekarang ni. the age of convergence. the age modernization, yet we all so gooddamn stupid. we tend to make it viral before we found solutions. we are no longer interested in being civilized anymore. the people awards society worst and turn them in to celebrities while making fun of the weak people. this isnt the world that i know anymore.

technologies turns us lazy, stupid, senseless and leave us vulnerable. new things, new discovery and new challenges. and if we keep on going like this, i dont think that we deserve to live anymore in this earth.

towards the end of the year.

december is my fav month of the year. mainly its because yeah obviously its the end of the year. and i always feel like celebrating xmas. hahah. and yeah bcoz hey its my birthday! actually, alot of things happened in nov/dec, thats the reason why. for example, 4th dec. reminds me of someone. 23/25/27/30 nov. reminds me of people who i care the most. 

anyway, this is what actually happened in december/recently if you people are wondering what and where i've been doing :

somehow i got myself involved again in local e-sports scene. Malaysian Cyber Game as contractor/vendor. because its sponsored by TM and bla bla bla and i dont want the same thing happened in Major All Stars last march to happened all over again. overall it was a successful event. people from twt_dota is covering the event, team Secret datang, bla bla bla. tapi the worst part is i cant be there bcoz kena stationed tempat lain during the event. Selangor vs Kedah final piala malaysia smh ~_~

oh oh daniel bryan came, and a good friend of mine manage to hook me up with this dude in person. i was like whoa this is dream comes true!!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! #YESMOVEMENT. perfect birthday gift haha. and thanks to butang for teman-ing to see this guy eventho u have no idea who is this dude is all about. thanks for the treat too :D


andd special thanks to rina for the birthday day treat and day out. hahah nangis tgk movie good dinosaur. recommended movie partner and would rate her 10/10. hihi

few more days before december ends. what have you done lately?

qayyum's weekly mixtape 3

hi, here goes the 3rd qayyum's weekly mixtape :

1. the top box - the letter

2. shawn mendes - stitches

3. sheppard - geroni

4. bob schneider - big blue sea


a thing or two about mainstreamed things

i have this thing or kind of feeling regarding things. how do i put this. ya know. today's trend. be it tv shows, musics, technology, name it.

last time i stop watching the walking dead because it became too extreme, and i stop watching n playing video games because it was too mainstream too. some punks came out of nowhere and start this hype, stupid hype actually and hes not the real thing. acah2 cas2 poyo and makes me wanna puke.

so i stop doing cool things or stop watching or listen to mainstreamed things because to me, it has lost its unique-ness and dah tak exclusive anymore.


thank god i watched breaking bad long ago before it was mainstream these days.

fuck you wannabies

qayyum's weekly mixtape - 2

ok guys sorry for the long hiatus, and lets cut it short, here goes the list - 2nd qayyumx's mix tape

1. estranged - inginkan kau
2. deepset - every album
3. faul & wad - changes
4. the soft pack - answer to yourself
5. mindy jones - where is my mind
6. flip garter - oh my word

there u go. enjoy!

where the hell i've been?

1st time pegi event sunat budak2 ramai2 old school style cam aku dulu2. haha best gila. kasi makan gemuk-gemuk, kasi suka dulu, mandikan, lepas tu slaughter house la apa lagi hdsjkasdhdqwo

and last week i had my well deserved weekend offday. so i went to janda baik with my bois just to getaway from things, from the city life. sungai, bbq, good people with some non-stop kush action es tu papi kamon lets go one two one two. 

 oh i took this last friday, lalu pj haritu, wow pj changed so much these days. the traffic ways, and streets. cantik gilaa. at the other end gantung tanglung, and the other one gantung kain pelikat indonesia. ada mural n everything. and even cantik waktu malam. and selalu je ada event on weekend. 

semoga PJ terus menjadi bandaraya yang berdayahuni dan berwawasan!

and happy birthday to me :D 


i keep having weird dreams about being chased. i dont know what the hell is wrong with my head. once i dream about getting owned by my own gadgets. up to the point where my phone knocking on my door, asking me if i would like to read whatsapps texts or not.

these things are alive. tf