"already broken already gone, already someone in my place

already see it, in ur face"

this moment.

i know things would get very tough. very hard. real hard as we are walking forward.  but i wont let go. no

modern fairy tale

there is, this one girl. who lives in the land below the wind. where she wakes up as early as she could, just to wish good morning to this somebody, before went for work and doing house chores, just like a cinderella would do. she never fail to do so. everyday.

and she is a princess, darling to me.


raya 2013

 one big family 

 little bro, mom, sis, me and another bro

hipster betul, letak gambar raya.


hi. its been a while since i write anything. kinda busy with life. a little bit this, a little bit of that. and currently i am busy handling few events for twitterjaya. #TJLanParty2.

a gaming, LAN party event or somewhat. and maybe another #twtupdarah or #giveblood.

alot of paperwork needed to be done soon.

and yeah. i spend most of the time being in love. busy with life? kekeke

goodnight people. i do miss u too. and will do blog walking soon.