okay boss.

"kau dah la tak geti bergaya"

"kau taknak lagi besar ke"

"dah le tak hensem,mcm gorilla pulak tu.camne awek nak dekat dgn kau"

ok boss.asalkan kau puas.walaumcm mane pun keras dan kering hati aku,kata2 mu benar dan aku terasa serta di lukai.terima kasih.

p/s : terima kasih di ucapkan kepada "cover book's judger"

logic vs rasionalism

i had this stupid quarrel with my brother and sister.about the smart ass FBI agent from the series "Numb3rs".i found they both stupid.damn stupid.waktu tu one FBI agent and one criminal stuck on a lift with gun pointed to each other.abaikan cerita numbers ni.if u were trap in that lif,what wud u do?

the choice is :

1.shot 1st ask later.anyhow the criminal pon takkan dapat nak agak when ur shooting,nak react to ur actions and takkan sempat nak return the bullet to u.

2.slow talk.bawak berbincang.but till when? the question is,either u die stupidly or u do sumthing.

and i think i'll stick to logical actions.either i die or him die.dont bother to slow talk or whatever.dont even think about disabling him or try to nego with him.shoot his brain off without he noticing.how can human dogde a bullet in point blank ranged kan?

i wonder why la my bro and sis so god damn stupid.if they trapped like that sure they die.
cb stupid sibilings.die better.

p/s : "shoot 1st ask later is always my policy.no regret"


so,whats special in this 2012?
there is 2 things that catch my sight.

1st• 21/23 December 2012 - the Mayans believe its the end of the world (13th bak'tun)
2nd• the movie 2012 (based on the Mayans speculation from ZetaTalk shit and sorts)

okay,im gonna laugh 1st before im gonna explaining it further.KHAKWHAKWHKAHWKHAWKAHAWKHAWKHAWKHAWKH.

okok sorry2.lets cut the chase.in short,

on 21/23 Dec 2012,

The significance of this date in Mayanism stems from the ending of the current bak'tun cycle of the Maya calendar in 2012, which many believe (on the basis of much ill-informed speculation) will create a global "consciousness shift" and the beginning of a new age. Speculation about this date can be traced to the first edition of The Maya by Michael D. Coe, in which he suggested the date of December 24, 2011, as one on which the Maya believed "Armageddon would degenerate peoples of the world and all creation." This date became the subject of speculation by Frank Waters, who devotes two chapters to its interpretation, including discussion of an astrological chart for this date and its association with Hopi prophecies in Mexico Mystique: The Coming Sixth Age of Consciousness (1975). The significance of the year 2012 (but not a specific day) was mentioned briefly by José Argüelles in The Transformative Vision (1975).

Another theory circulating on the web relates to a large planetary object, sometimes claimed to be 20 times the size of Jupiter, which is currently en route to pass by Earth. Proponents claim that this object's passage will create a pole shift and cause the end of civilization. This planet, variously referred to as Nibiru (after a planet with a similar orbit in Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles series), Wormwood (after a passage from the Book of Revelation which describes a star named Wormwood falling from the skies) or Planet X (the name astronomers give to the hypothesis of a planet beyond Neptune), was first predicted by self-proclaimed contactee Nancy Leider after she founded the website ZetaTalk in 1995. Leider had originally claimed the object would pass by Earth in 2003, however, when that failed to occur she shifted her date to 2010.[25] A number of websites and other doomsday groups have however linked Leider's planet to the 2012 date.

so kalau sesape yg malas nak baca pemende yg aku dok research ni, dlm bahse melayunya :

maka,bumi akan berhenti berputar pada paksinya, dan akan di tarik ke dalam satu peralihan paksi yg selari dgn matahari dan planet nibiru (yo brother u do even exist?) which means apabila selari orbitnya, nibiru -> boom the earth -> boom into the sun.niceeeeeeeeeeeeee.

so,the smarts says that NASA is trying to hide the facts.but,cmon lar people.use ur fucking brain ler -.-.the nibiru is said to be as 20x bigger the jupiter,so,kalau its sooooo god damn near,we cud see it with naked eye in the sky lar.more over la kan.why must NASA cover up this shits? eventually semua kene sapu lar.sembunyi pon tak guna.kalau aku org NASA,i wud take this goddamnlucky opportunity untuk announce kat semua makhluk kat bumi ni dengan hati yg gembira

"Harlow pitiful earthlings,in the next couple of hour,a giant planet is going to crush us and soon we all dead.hows that? happy isnt it? feel hopeless? dont bother,lets just die.dont bother to save urself or get some last kiss.come celebrate our joyful deaths."kwahkwhkhakhawkhkahw (cynical laughs)

yes its true the Mayans are more advance from us in their times.they even invented the 1st calendar,but cmon.back to logic,the human race now days perfected the calendar.but please lar.so advance but they cant wear any shorts and cover their body parts?

yes this Atlantis does exist,i watch the documentary in history channel 555,they dig up the ruins underwater near the mediterranean seas,and they also is said to have the most advance tech.but cmon,kate advance nak mampus,why sink into the sea? crap.bull shit lar.

p/s : bring it nibiru,with the punch power of 310 (arcade machine punching calibrator) i'll just effortlessly punch u back into outer space

2012 (movie)

haa must watch movie,sbb fav actor aku ada dlm ni.John Cusack, yup jalan cerita menggunakan this Mayan prophercy as its story line.director pon dari org yg direct The Day After Tomorrow dgn Independence Day,damn sure special effects sanngaaaat superb.cinema anybody?

p/s : blanja pls? aku saving sudah tiada XD


currently im addicted to watch love/romantic genre movie.the best movie selepas P/S I Love You dgn The Notebook is the movie Music and Lyrics,The Accidental Husband and Zack & Miri Make A Porno.

poster The Accidental Husband

haha nice movie seh.i like The Accidental Husband.cite pasal sorang dr love kononnya Emma Lloyd (Uma Thrumman) ni dia nasihat the do and donts ketika bercinta.then secara tak sengaja awek si Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) ni call si Emma.dia dah nak kawin dah dgn Patrick lagi 2-3 hari then Emma cakap call off the wedding je.

So nak di jadikan cite Patrick nak revenge.so dia hack into the gov sistem,registerkan nama dia dgn nama Emma ni just married.haha.lawak.dari gadoh2 pastu suka.adoi berdekah kaw2.then lesson learned and they live happily ever after.ahaha lawak doh.

yeah lawak.aku sendiri love life tak berapa nak elok.haihs im looking fwd how to fix it.but its hard when u try to fix it alone.yup lucky aku ni pandai asingkan emotion and feeling dlm membuat judgement.sorry for the trouble and pain i cause.afterall i am Mr-Hurt-You-Allover rite?

p/s : currently listening to Coldplay - Fix You.thanks for the song s.q.i'll try to fix it up soon.very soon =/

whats the point?

whats the point kalau semayang tonggang tonggek 24 jam,berzikir 24 jam,doa 24 jam tapi kalau hati masih keras,payah nak denga cakap org dgn minda dan hati tertutup? whats the point lar?
ada ke beza penganut agama islam dgn buddha? think la.

p/s : this goes to everyone of you.including me.

penat -.-

cb account photobucket aku dah exceeded bandwith + banned.crap.assholeessssss.

so aku redo balik layout.and terdel almost everything and i have to start back from scratch dari photoshopping,uploading,etc2.penat.

so,guys.ada link korang yg tak sempat aku selamatkan cuz takde backup.so sesape yg rase diri dia aku tak linkkan please leave me a comment.sorry ye.tidak ku sengaja.

duh 7 am already.time for soto and lets go back into the coffin shall we?

theory of metaphysics.

SHIT happens to another SHIT which cause the SHIT to happens in a SHIT chain reaction and SHIT are born it causes SHIT to happens.


p/s : why hitler hate jews?

UVERworld - awakeve

AwakEVE is the 4th album released by Japanese band Uverworld, and the follow up to their third album,Proglution. It was released February 18, 2009. The title is a combination of the words "awake" and "eve". There are two versions available, the CD-only and Limited Edition CD+DVD.

I give this album 4 star. Very nice berbanding Proglution. Takuyaaaaaa kau mmg terrer. Hyde-sama junior.

Track Listing.

  1. Gekidou (AwakEVE ver.) (激動 (AwakEVE ver.))
  2. 99/100 Damashi no Tetsu (99/100騙しの哲)
  3. Mikageishi (美影意志)
  4. Corona (コロナ)
  5. Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi (儚くも永久のカナシ)
  6. earthy world
  7. Hissei Satsuki Prologue (畢生皐月プロローグ)
  8. I Am Riri (アイ・アムRiri)
  9. Koishikute (恋いしくて)
  10. Forget
  11. Just break the limit!
  12. Waon (和音)
  13. Harujion (2nd-MIX) (ハルジオン(2nd-MIX))
aku recommend

1.99/100 damashi no tetsu
3.I am riri
4.Just break the limit
5.Hissei Satsuki Prologue

p/s : best gilaaaaa.haha bile la nak dapat jam partner yg bole main lagu2 camni

random post.

kadang2 aku terfikir.some people are gifted,some people arent.walaupon dalam lain2 bidang,tapi names tu membawa sumthing.haha walaupun berbunyi agak syirik dan khurafat,tapi aku rase la (tidak percaya sebenarnya pun) people yg nama starts from Q,or anything yg ada nickname with +X alphabet is usually a professional gamer.sebab apa?

1.aku sendiri qayyumx.see how godly i am in online games.this one name is feared by others.

2.my companion.crackerzx,xn-|inqhisa,the jyuupon gatana clan (mereka semua mempunyai X diblakang nick masing) semua ni elite gamers.

3.Q/X people tends to be very creative.tgk sifu aku.enix is his nickname.same traits goes into me.

4.mane2 online games yg aku main Q/X people selalu in the top rankings,highest lvl of all.

haha.coincidence ke random facts2 ni? aku sendiri hairan.

p/s : qayyumx OWNS you~

ah cukup pasal games.mari pergi ke bahagian perempuan pula.ehhh jgn berfikiran tak senonoh.i mean pasal pempuan.

so aku personally rasa dari mana asal usul pempuan tu mempamirkan sifat dan akhlak pempuan tu.stereotypingly la.mari simpulkan.

pempuan from kedah : usually devilish.playgirl.cantik2 semuanya.tapi malangnya tak senonoh.
contoh terdekat : fasha sandha.haih GG la u fasha.buruk perangai.

pempuan from kelantan : ni kurang sikit devilish.tapi malangnya mudah benar kene culture shock.cantik pon cantik

pempuan from KL : cantik,matured before age,pandai sesuaikan diri,pandai bersocial,sukar di duga,walaupun berpakaian tidak senonoh dan berperwatakkan tak senonoh,jgn anggap semua tak senonoh.better then gadis bertudung then keluar 3GP kot.

pempuan from melaka/johor : ok la.so-so.mostly bertudung,berperwatakkan mak joyah yg mana dari jasin/semerah/kota tinggi/durian tunggal.mmg stock berdekah,baik2 sume.stock melaram.riuh betol.

pempuan from perak/pahang : ni jenis pelawak.bole tahan la.slang pahang/perak dia tak ilang2.haha best buat kawan.stakat ni kawan2 aku dari sini semua baik2.tak penah denga yg buruk pun.

pempuan from sabah/serawak : er aku takde kawan dari sini lagi.no comment

p/s : er pempuan2 jgn marah kalau trase ke tak suke ke.ini dari opinion aku sendiri.u have been warned okay.seblom berkata2 baca dulu kasi habis.btw korang yg mana aku kawan ni semua baik2.haha XD


"cantik..engkau mmg cantik"
"izinkan ku menatap wajah mu lagi"

"kau pijak hati ku lagi"
"kau pijak hati ku lagi"

"kau pijak hati ku lagi"

-thanks a lot-

dendam terlerai

cewah mcm lagu anessa la pulak kan.no lah.i just repaying the debt to naim and daus with hangout with them this whole sunday -.-

penat nak mampus.dgn bp mall yg penuh manusia yg buta it.mentang2 la ada pc fair.masing2 jual minyak dan menipu sana sini.haha.cb tunggu naim lambat sangat.so aku dgn daus dgn gaynya masuk cerita Jangan Tegur.cite ni aiyah...

sorry to say la.crappiest shit ever made.org melayu dia ni terrer buat cita jenis bercinta dgn sedih je.horror,action,law and justice out.

1.dubbing suara lari.
2.sound balik2 itu je di gunakan.
3.haih dialog bapak skema.tak mcm hari2 punya bahsa.
4.alahai jalan cerita yg sangat linear.lol...
5.ok percubaan yg bagus la dgn meniru jalan cite korea.
6.please la.hantu buruk sikit pls.jgn la stuck dgn culture melayu.
7.wtf antu cakap cina? apa ingat ni cite emily rose ke.hadui joe farizal rap lagi best la.

haha nasib.takpe.kawan2 sekalian tunggu.member2 aku yg dlm broadcasting sana tu sikit lagi hari grad.diorang akan produce movie lagi berkualiti dari movie2 yg sedia ada skarang ni.tunggu la.akan mereka keluarkan dunia filem melayu dari kancah kebodohan mcm ni.

2nd movie kite org tgk shinjuku incident.whoa filem ni the best aku rasa dalam banyak2 movie jacky chan.serius shit.

aku kurang minat kalau jacky berlakon dlm cite2 holiwood ni.dia mcm di perbodohkan.jadi badut.sian doh.tgk la semua movie2 dia.dari rumble in the bronx sampai la rush hour 3.sejak debut dia blakon holiwood.filem dia semua stock2 berdekah.tapi this time lain.aku rasa 1st movie aku tgk jacky chan mati in his own movie.

nice cerita ni.i give 4.5/5 stars.about jacky chan jadi illegal immigrant from china.lari g japan.then dia involved dgn yakuza scene.dari miskin jadi kaya,from good gone bad.cerita ni tunjuk scenario sebenar sifat manusia apabila mendapat kuasa.ntah la aku mcm dah tak percaya there is any law and justice dlm diri setiap manusia.tu semua nama je.sekadar title.bagai matlamat menghalalkan cara.nama je ustat.tapi still rogol nenek.nama je anak.tapi pukul bapak.wtf? aku bukan nak cakap aku ni baik or whatever.but i know my limit.jgn la indulge dgn power.from impulsive,the power akan manipulate org tu sampai jadi repulsive.berhati2 dgn duit,kuasa dan pengaruh.kawan jadi lawan.api dalam sekam dan lain2.

i must admit.holding so much power,so much money,so much knowledge makes people gone bad.aku personally pernah rasa.jadi bendahari.guna duit 1st then rolling balik dgn duit sendiri.then having powers,eventhru online pun.semua org aku pandang mcm semut.aih...org tak tau aku bodohkan..haih jahat...GAHAHA tau ye jahat.tapi still cannot stop.what to do.the devil inside dah bersarang di hati.i am qayyumx.i simply kill n later i ask about it.haha.

whoa this movie.5 star.nuff saidddd.pergi tgk sendiri.tapi aku sedikit hampa.sbb han keluar tuk 5 minit je.aih..i wud like to see how do him relate to this dom time zaman dia muda2 dulu.anyway pun mmg betol.muscle car menang dari 10-sec car.dlm grip ke nfs ke muscle is the best choice la.GG

haha pas bantai tgk 3 movie.bantai pulak karoke 15 lagu.pecah tekak sial.mampos.haha daus taleh bawak lagu tinggi2.habis out.naim pulak out of tune.lagu dulu baru suara.ahaha.LOLOL sorry guys XD

anyway we had fun.ok hutang dah terbalas.i had funn too.later u guys cuti sem lets dota sehinggu lupa dunia and hanging out again.damn im fucking tired today.

p/s : mampu ke aku tido seblom 3 am? hahaha jgn percaya please.aku sendiri tak percaya dgn diri aku

sick cycle carousel.

currently having a fever and full-body scale pain which i dont know why.i dont do heavy lifting or whatsoevershit yg boleh mendatangkan sakit dan sengal badan.

and im sorry to several people.i cant be here and there,turning down the lepak thingy and turn down all invitation to all ur houses.

its all bcoz everyday i sleep merely at 6.30 am.and waking up usually at 3-4.30 pm in the evening.sorry.yes im looking fwd to watch a movie and going karoke with u guys.but help me.wake me up.make an appointment.cewah.why dont u go in my room and splash me with water.nice one.seblom pergi beraktiviti muka kau akan di datangi lebam dulu.lolol.

++ aku rase cam segan nak keluar rumah.im ugly duh.dont lar.org lari tgk aku.haha mcm org kadazan yg tak penah kuwa hutan for sooo loooonggg.and if u looking for people to blame.please blame crackerzx,zeroart,Xn|nqhisa and ahmy[m0nk3y].

blame them.cuz i stuck playing dota with them every nite till the early morning.cb.

bye bye.its already 6.18 am and im off to bed.c

p/s : edward cullen? i call him one ulgy bastard who tries to act cool.dumbfuck u~ i dont wanna ever be u.i am the vampire my OWN WAY.

listing of horror movie to DL/watch in cinemas

-haunting in connecticut
-babysitter wanted

btw i dunno whether i had psychological problem or what.but horror genre movies dont not scare me at all.in fact i laugh all the way seeing the ghost/computer generated ghost is doing his horror thingy.lmao.try me.ask tufah.how did we enjoy laughing our ass off watching the ring.khakhakha.
mcm sial.satu row gelak.aku,sapik,tufah,tatam,bambang.LOLOLOL.

reseptor takut kami dah rosak agaknya.ahaha.shit i better get sum sleep.demam ni dah menggila.

+++ with this fucking backpain yg aku tak tau apasal tiba2.satu badan pon rasa sakit.crap.

bye.gutten nicht.i need sum rest.

p/s : anybody can save me from being a vampire? i keep sleeping during dawn and wake up during dusk.my body cant withstand this anymore says the doc.i need normal sleep at night.




cosmic hands reaching out the light

the blue "hand",PSR B1509-58 trying to reach out his neighbour,RCW 89

whoa damn cool...
btw the blue "hand" is dying and turning into pulsars.and the red light is the nebula orion gas.

eh bro kau budak indie ke?

"eh bro kau budak indie ke?" dressing mcm indie je.

itulah ayat yg di ucapkan kepada aku oleh seorang budak yg belom tamat sekolahnya.

wtf? dressing indie? lol dari music ke culture? kalau dressing skin ke,punk ke,bboy dan grunge tau ler aku.LOLOL.btw aku tidak pernah terlibat dgn segala2 kumpulan bodoh perosak itu.

baik skinhear,mahupun punk makan sampah,serta grunge kurt cobain serta malique hip hop.atau pun indie seperti hujan.tidak pernah aku dressing sprti itu walau dlm zaman sekolah lagi.aku lebih selesa berseluar jeans/khaki,t-shirt bercolar ataupun t-shirt lama aku yg dah buruk tu.dgn rambut yg tak penah nak bersikat serta di wax.oh tidak juga lupa PSP pink yg sentiasa di sematkan di dalam kocek berserta headphone.LOLOL

haihs.antara culture,fashion dan obsessity.di manakah mentaliti?
tepuk dada tanya iman.jgn tanya selera.nescaya sesat di lautan bergelora.

aku lebih suka bergaya "sonto-loyo" (bahsa indon yg mempunyai maksud serupa dgn cincai dan casual).ya aku juga tidak mempunyai banyak baju.so choices aku limited.sorry aku bukan indie or whatsoevershit group which i dont give-a-shit about it.

im simply qayyum.i like games.and i dont do fashion and style.i just like playing games even im too old for it.look at my hair now.mcm jacksons 5 kwhakwahkhawkhaw.kalau rajin nampak la mcm takuya kimura.tapi most of the time mcm the jacksons 5.

p/s : budak psp ade ke? kalau budak cc aku dah lama kene label haha!

p/s 2 : aku cuba mencontohi tupac amaru shakur.kasut aku sama dgn dia fewit.putih di sadur corak emas.cuma yg tinggal aku tak kurus,takde key,takde single putih dan juga rantai emas $ yg cukup besar serta blinkz blinkz

tupac quote : "nigger = the racist word"
"nigga = a negro with gold chain"

S4 League

bayangkan american football style game touchdown + bleach + gunslinger?
tak pun imagine dante dgn nero main american football tanpa menggunakan devil bringer.
paling mudah pon senna from eye shield 21 main guna pedang dgn pistol.hoho nice issit?

i present you.


wawawawa good job qayyumx.35 streak combo.
uhmm im the best.what to do XD

wouldn't that save you?

I wanna rock-n-roll
I wanna give my soul
I'm wanting to believe
I'm not too old
Don't want to make it up
Don't want to let you down
I want to fly away
But i'm stuck on the ground

So, help me decide
Help me to make up
Make up my mind
Wouldn't that save you
Wouldn't that save you
Wouldn't that save you

Watched it all go by
Was it really true
Is that what it was?
Was that really you?

I'm looking back again
Tracing back the threads
You said i was a mess
Or was it just in my head

So, help me decide
Help me to make up
Make up my mind
Wouldn't that save you
Wouldn't that save you
Wouldn't that save you

Something's gotta break
You gotta swing the bat
Too many years of dying
Why is that?

So, help me decide
Help me to make up
Make up my mind
Wouldn't that save you
Wouldn't that save you

p/s : who's gonna save me?

why am i such an ass?

okay bagi menjawab soalan ni.haihs.baiklah.kau wonder why aku ini seorang ass? okay i get it.im such a wit,cynical and one helluva sarcastic in me.jap2.biar aku buat point form.senang kau nak membaca.tayah susah2 aku dok type paragraph by paragraph.ntah2 kau bukan pon baca.

ha kan tgk.sekelip mata je aku dah jadi cynical.

1.aku mmg ntah tatau nape suka sakitkan ati org dgn joke-riddle like aku yg sangat annoying

2.aku mmg suka buat org panas semata2 nak pastikan idea aku tu masuk dlm kepala otak kau.kalau kau tak panas lagi means idea aku tu tak masuk lagi.

3.kalau kau rasa kau lagi bijak dari aku.ha mmg kena la tu.sorry.i bow to no man/women.dont teach me how to do this and that.unless aku acknowlege kau then its okay

4.self satisfying.cam rase puas kau kene bodoh2kan/terasa dgn my cynical jokes.

5.dunno.aku rase aku 100x times better then you? so tak puas hati?

6.kau bodoh sangat kot.ye la aku cakap camtu kau tak paham.cakap camni pon sama.last2 aku bodohkan diri kau baru kau paham.

7.eh apa kata kau listkan sendiri.kau pon mesti ada explanation punya.tambah sendiri lagi tiga.

8.banyak sangat denga jay chow + tgk house.aku kategori selfpicking.cam bebudak 3 taun tak? tgk tv pastu follow character org tu.

9.adoi tak cukup sarcastic ke aku?


haha darl.nah segala persoalan kau sebentar tadi.jgn terasa.XD
aku cuma menjawab soalan kau je tadi.khakhkhakhaa

p/s : aku tak empunya ramai kawan.

malam ini aku sangat sedih.dan tersentuh hati.

haha.sedang2 bersembang dgn maiz dekat msn tadi.tiba2 aku mcm terlintas nak bukak website yg dah lama aku tinggalkan.

ahaha page ni aku yg buat.which is the 1st page i made my ownself.ketika aku sangat2 devoted bermain gunbound.then aku usha la.wah terperanjat still ada lagi.time ni baru lepas2 abis spm semua.n then aku melayari page by page.then bila aku masuk page members.tiba2 hati berasa sedih.and i wonder.

"mana la pegi kawan2 aku semua ek..apa la cerita diorang..duh i miss them damn fucking much"

then aku ajak maiz tgk page ni.ahaha dia pon sedih skali.sayu kata dia.till now yg still in touch tak sampai 10 org.dari 99 org yg aku pernah handle 5-6 taun lepas.yg tinggal

maiz.yunie.sai.arep.alim.hafriz.hanes.hilmi gila.fik.acai dgn wawan.boleh di bilang dgn jari seh.

then aku mula teringat nama2 ni.edy gorila.edy nyamukz.candy,brandon,nuar.pojie ayamz (adik angkat omputeh aku),udin,arip kelantan,farin,chemau.oh my gawd.hati aku makin sedih lagi.ye lah.dulu siang malam dok main gunbound ni.siap pergi tornament sama2.tido sama.makan sama.now semua dah hilang bawak haluan masing2.

aku rasa sedih sangat sbb pada aku.diorang ni lagi elok dari kawan2 yg penah aku jumpa real-life skarang ni.mostly backstabber.trash talker.kawan2 gunbound layan aku elok.respect aku as leader.mana yg tua layan aku mcm adik,yg kecik2 layan aku mcm abg.ada yg panggil abg yum.sangat respect u know.online pun.takde trash talking ke apa.damn i miss them.

seingat aku last time aku main gunbound 2005.n then hijrah main PKO cuz aku dah takleh nak lvl up lagi dlm gunbound.lvl terlalu tinggi.several ikut aku main PKO.several tros tak on2.then sejak itu putus lah semua..ada yg tak pernah online lagi MySpace.YM.hilang mcm tu
where la you guys.i miss u dammnit.damn im sad rite now.

pengalaman aku handle over 100 players,guild management.payah.ahaha aku dgn maiz terkenang kembali semua ni.damn aku rindu tornament yg aku sendiri buat on birthday aku.sbb aku tak penah celeb birthday,aku celeb dgn kawan2 ni.serius shit.aku tak penah celeb birthday.kawan2 ni la yg happykan aku omg im sad :(.guys i miss you :(

monkcieet (hilmi) dgn revoirs (aku) ahaha.whats left on 2006

ahaha HSBP (arep) dgn Eichizenx (aku) membunuh number 1 dunia UaERuLeS (shibab)

waaa i miss this line up so fucking much.ayam(pojie),acaikacak(acai), halu(aku)

mie,chemau,aku dgn wan.farin takde time ni tgh keje.gunbound malaysian torney.3rd place.
weyy mana korang.aduhhhhhhhhhhh.

p/s : aku sayang semua kawan2 aku :(


seblom 2 am.

-fuh aku ingat nak buat cards.logo dah ada.tinggal design layout,scheme colors dgn text.kk layan seprame bones nnt 2.30 baru buat.

lepas 2.30 am

-sani ade ni.dota sprame layan gak ni.kang aaa buat.

sedar2 dah 5.30 am.

-wtf.dah 3-4 prame aku layankan.tido je la.besok bangun baru buat cards.kk mesti dia tak marah punya.

penyudah dia hangat2 tahi ayam je aku.KHAKHKHAKHKHAKHA