japanese style eh?

the girl with april in her eyes.

There once was a king, who called for the spring,
For his world was still covered in snow,
But the spring had not been, for he was wicked and mean,
In his winter-fields nothing would grow,
And when a traveller called seeking help at the door,
Only food and a bed for the night,
He ordered his slave to turn her away,
The girl with April in her eyes...

Oh, oh, oh, on and on she goes,
Through the winter's night, the wild wind and the snow,
Hi, hi, hi, on and on she rides,
Someone help the girl with April in her eyes...

She rode through the night till she came to the light,
Of a humble man's home in the woods,
He brought her inside, by the firelight she died,
And he buried her gently and good;
Oh the morning was bright, all the world was snow-white,
But when he came to the place where she lay,
His field was ablaze with flowers on the grave,
Of the girl with April in her eyes...

Oh, oh, oh, on and on she goes,
Through the winter's night, the wild wind and the snow,
Hi, hi, hi, on and on she flies,
She is gone, the girl with April in her eyes...

letters to god.

Caught off guard
All worked up
The air is as dark and cold as night
Let me go, I'm not done
I swear i'll take just one life time

And I, I won't lie
I won't sin
Maybe I don't wanna go
Can't you wait?
Maybe I don't wanna go

I should've asked, I could've helped
At least a fucking thousand times before
Will this offer get me in
Or does this prove that they gave more

And I, I won't lie
I won't sin
Maybe I don't wanna go
Can't you wait?
Maybe I don't wanna go

p/s : well.things happen.when its happen its just happen.there is no way of stopping them.learn that long time ago.but.i didnt learn how to control my actions before it happens.thats what i regret now.adios...emma.i..never mind..lets just not talk right now okay?

i had, i want.

i had these :

1. deskstop pc.
2. samsung 22" lcd
3. intel i7 processor.
4. LG KS360
5. ati radeon 4870 512 MB
6. volcom white fedora
7. psp 2000
8. sonic gear evo 7
9. panssy.
10. ivory

i want these :

1. a pair of boxing gloves.
2. a punch beg/sand beg
3. a new laptop
7. a new set of bed.
8. multipurpose cooker
9. CK summer perfume
10. a new girlfriend :)


i was thinking. alot. deeply. and trying to find a reason and the balance between the all in all. yeah. 2010 is coming. next week is starting soon. right after the next week, im going to have a new life. yeah. and there is a lot of things im gonna abandon. for example, gaming. having fun. i got a position now. things to manage. and i gotta unlearn all the unnessary things. a clean slate. thats what im looking for. gotta get serious yum. u gotta get serious. u work for this. u earn this. u definitely deserve this man. dont blew it this time. yeah no i wont blew this. no more childish acts, no more involved in deep shit hell hole with girls who dont deserve me. yeah screw you helwa ben abad. u screw my life like hell and i dont know why the fuck ur images keeps coming back in my dreams. ur giving me a hell of nightmare all these weeks. stop giving me nightmares man. i forgive u already. i forget you already. u are not suppose to resurface back in my eyes. u said u hate me. so bon-vogaye deep shit.jog on and fuck off.

so good bye to you. a very early good bye to 2009 and a welcome 2010.2009 was a hellish form of time for me. i dont know how the hell did i fucking survive in 2009. starting from a deep shit in early febuary, and till late august. leaving all the past behind. wont look back. never back down. a new man is born. today. tonite. in this room. julia and sylvia are my duchess of witness. i vowed tonite. yeah. im sorry E.Q. i dont know where am i and what i am doing while u are in need of me. i was such a jerk. i admit that. im chasing my dreams. i couldnt chase yours. i dont have much time like you do. but, please ask yourself this question, where were you when i need u the most? where were you.

goodnite malaysia.

Uverworld - madara chow & Angela Aki - Season Of Love

uverworld and angela aki dah keluarkan single baru.yeah.great single,great music great voice :)

p/s : music is useless if the audience is deaf :)

perbezaan antara org bodoh dengan org pandai.

orang-orang yang tidak tahu ukur baju badan sendiri,ini lah akibat nya.dia ingat dengan 38 serangan bertubi-tubi dari pukul 6.41 pagi hingga 4.01 petang dia boleh nak ranapkan kampung aku ni? kesian.bodoh.

orang sekeliling tak panggil aku dewa game/god of gamer tanpa sebab.walaupun aku sudah hilang bisanya,tapi aku bukan mudah untuk di perkotak katikkan mereka.


aku berani mengaku aku dah noob.tapi aku yang noob ni tak bisa kau tewaskan,jadi,apakah tahap kau? dan apakah tahap aku?

maaf,bukan ingin berlagak,tapi tangan aku,di cipta untuk bermain game.im doing the best at it :)
qayyumx bukan nama asing lagi di dalam dunia permain berkomputer online.mahupun pc,ke arcades,lantas ke ps ataupun psp serta nintendo ds,nama aku ini sudah tidak asing lagi.

Tahukah Anda?

1.Tahukah anda bahawa saya makan kurma semalam,kurma pertama di dalam hidup saya.Yang saya boleh habiskan.

2.Tahukah anda,saya boleh mengikat rambut saya dan membuat dua tocang di kiri dan kanan.

3.Tahukah anda,saya tidak gemar menjadi ketua atau mengetuai apa-apa atau sebarang jenis program ataupun kumpulan,tetapi ia gemar memilih saya.

4.Tahukah anda bahawa jika anda tidak pernah di maki, di marah,atau pun di herdik oleh saya kerana saya masih bersikap bermuka-muka dan hipokrit.Jika di lakukan, pasti anda tidak mahu menjadi kawan saya.

5.Tahukah anda saya masih menyimpan sesalan masa dahulu dan bermimpi ngeri tentangnya setiap hari sejak dua minggu lepas dan dia sangat mengganggu fikiran saya.

6.Tahukah anda bahawa saya mahu "PUNCHING BEG" sebagai hadiah hari jadi saya tahun ini?

7.Tahukah anda bahawa saya juga punyai masalah sendiri? Bukan menjadi bahu dan sandaran anda semua untuk melepaskan segala-gala? Muka ini telah menipu kalian banyak kali dengan memberikan "senyuman manis" yang jahat lagi sinis.

8.Tahukah anda saya yang benci kepada mereka yg tidak "text" semula kepada saya.

9.Tahukah kenapa saya amat handal dan hebat ketika bermain "video games"? Ini kerana saya tidak mendapat kasih sayang yang secukupnya, serta di abaikan kerna adik-beradik lain.Lalu saya membuang masa dengan menipu ibu bapa sendiri untuk pergi ke cyber cafe.Dan sejak dari situ, karier bermain video game saya secara professional bermula.

10.Tahukah anda saya sangat penat? Mata rasa nak terkeluar, tulang rasa nak pecah, kaki rasa nak tercabut. Tapi saya kena sambung projek yang seterusnya.Sekian.Selamat malam.

sorotan kajian.haha banggangg -.-"

day one.sabtu.

-take the bus to kajang.they pick me up there.switch the bus
-went to perak with 22 unknown people innit.too many girls and just 5 guys there (contestant)
-i sit infront.lucky the driver mind is aligned with mine.so we sing a long iklim's songs.he say i got a great voice.yeah pakcik,i had.but i need better and proper training :D
-there is a dude,he's trying to act cool and trying so hard to join us singing and trying so hard to get the girls attention,i'd say.ada jugak org mcm ni.bukan apa.just...annoyed.dah la tak tau nyanyi.u shud stay put and listen the old man do the job.not like humming 'mmmhmmm bla bla bla'.dumb ass.perosak lagu.

day two.ahad.

-arrived there as early as 5 am.crap.singgah si masjid.semayang subuh sana.
-then continue to the tambun park.arrived there around 9.its raining.
-jungle trackking to the camp site.its raining.im soakin wet.but its fine.arrived there,do my job.build the tent.
-routine,speech,count people.divided into smaller teams of 6.yeah.as usual.im the leader again.
-bersihkan sekitar campsite,build this and that.
-my team is in charge of cooking.so luckily there is 5 of girls innit.yeah i survived.

-buat campfire.the fire just wont light.there is this stupid dude who try to make a joke by saying he cud light the fire up,just find him 2 stones (he was saying "BALLS" actually).damn pathetic joke.i'd say why dont i soak u in tinner and light u with ur lighter.we got a human torch.thats nice.
-sing along time.there is one dude lagi.haha tak habis2 aku jeles dgn org kan.ok enough buat dosa.since they already knew that im the best singer they got there.so i sing.like always.lagu2 camping.lagu2 rakyat.damn gay =.=
-later at 12 sumthing.ice braking lagi.we shares stories.how and why were here.i lied mine.i say i dont know why im there.and why am i involved in.i just dont have any interest sharing whats mine to them.i dont think they deserve to know.
-the rain just dont stop.tonite game, midnite owl is cancelled due to excessive rain.we all go to bed around 2.

day three.monday.

-woke up at 6.gather my troops.were making the breakfast.so they cook sardine.and letak dlm roti.i cook scambled egg.yeah i dont know sedap ke tak.makan je la sial.dlm hutan kau mintak ciken chop,aku chop kepala kau sudah.
-going jungle tracking as early as 7.30.fuk.its raining.rambut aku dah menjurai2 ke bawah.mcm the great khali je kat wwe.dgn beg berat.i know i cant do this.i force myself to do it.kaki sakit tuhan je tau.then sampai kat satu area gua ni.we play some childish game.tapi enjoyable.apa bole buat.im stuck here.lets go with the flow.

-again with the cooking.sop telor.oh what ever aku tak sentuh pun this one.tapi quite sedap.akak tu masak.muhaha.rupe kau huduh tapi masakkan kau sedap XD.
-before magrib,ada taklimat.we got a change in plan.so we packup,and we went to the nearest settlement.yeah.finally.there's electricity.i can charge the laptop.finally.god listen to my prayings.haha.
-1st LDK.the game name is black dots.its about the bad past time we had,and it acts like a black dot in ur life and how does the black dot change ur life in to the life ur having now.again.i lied.and sumhow a conflict happens.i was in a middle of quarrel with this one big time loser facilitator.my killing intention is reaching the limit.blood was boiling.i was holding my knuckle.still,i nearly lose it.i manage to hold back.he's just..lucky to be alive till now.

day four.tuesday.

-cave exploring at gua datok.near death experience here.i was stuck under river cave.damn due to my extra size i was stuck.hahaa.damn i had claustrophobia (i cant stand in a tight and dark situation,i cant breathe).i keep myself calm and manage to escape from that hell hole.sigh sigh =.=.

-there will be another LDK and ceramah again tonite.i dont think i wud listen on that.i might be as well put on my earphone and playing FF:Dissidia as well.

p/s : well,thats for now.ada masa aku upload photos since tak bawak cable and so on.will be updated soon.


mistikus kemaafan.

em.aku maafkan :)
em.aku juga melupakan :)

aku sudah memaafi semua :)

p/s : dont you know life is so great? its great to be alive.there is a lot more of adventure and quest waiting for us.lets venture into each and every of them.

say miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw to life~

feeling of accomplishment.

hari hujan.aku sedang melihat keluar tingkap.oh sudah banjir.

yg penting.

anak-anak kucing selamat di dalam reban yg di bina aku.comel.mereka bergurau antara satu sama lain.

yukkatta-ne~ :)

terasa sedikit accomplishment :)

long live the lord.

who says qayyumx cant perform? who says? eventho there's not much of me.but they still cant match my powers.

watch it for urself.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

daily life as qayyum.

1.bangun.gosok gg.cari makan.ngadap pc.
2.tunggu adik aku balik skolah.layan dota dgn dia.
3.tgk kamen rider,layan travian & torncity
4.malam sikit tgk movie.
6.ulang step 1 sampai 5.

no going out.no turun bawah.stuck in the room.haih.

aku rasa,aku ingin berbicara di dalam bahasa melayu.aku rasa,aku punya bahasa melayu sangat teruk.mcm haram jadah.kalau bab maki,number 1.tu pon babi,anjing,sial.jadah,pantat,puki.bahsa cina gak aku guna duk maki.kalau maki bahasa cina.berlambak2 perkataan keluar.diu la,tiu la,diao,ham kar chan,ham kan lan,etc2 semua benda tak senonoh =.= sigh sigh.

em.cuti 3 minggu.seminggu sudah aku spend kat rumah.tinggal 2 hari je cuti.minggu depan aku kat perak.for kem what-so-ever.ntah mcm mana aku bole terjebak dgn menatang tu.em.komitment dah di bagi.janji mesti di kota.aku ada sedikit penyesalan.tapi yelah,peluang datang sekali seumur hidup.dan sebagai manusia hidup.aku nak cuba semua benda yg aku tak penah cuba.yeah.bring it.

2 hari lepas.aku di kejutkan dgn berita aku sudah tidak lagi di perlukan dlm group.yeah.aku mcm.oh okay.fine.takpa.aku bole terima.gyah.sedih nye.berkubur jelah impian aku T.T sobs.batu pahat hari2 hujan.aku bangun tidor hujan.aku nak tidor pun hujan.nasib baiklah bp mall di seberang sana 3 minit dan square one 3 minit jugak.hari selasa lepas,berlaku kejadian sakit hati di mana aku pegi makan ke mcd besama emakku dan juga makciku yg bermulut LONGKANG.grrr.dari A sampai Z dia duk cari salah aku.mcb sungguh.

memula oder makan.aku oderla spaisy mekciken (haha ni pon aku melayukan).large.pastu dia sound

makcik bermulut longkang : hai,takde besar lagi ke kau nak makan.
aku : zzzzzzzzzzz (pehal lak kau ni)
makcik bermulut longkang : kau tanak oder eskerim ke,pai ke.
aku : bole gak.kalau nak blanje ^^ <--- menjadi hipokrit seketika
makcik berbulut longkang : wah wah.suka kau ek bab makan.
aku : kembali zzzzzzzz (ada kene shoot ni kang)

*ketempat duduk setelah membeli makanan*

makcik bermulut longkang : yum,apasal rambut kau mcm tu.
aku : er? nape?
makcik bermulut longkang : dah mcm pempuan.dgn scraf nye.dgn ikat nye.nak jadi pondan eh?
aku : mane de.saje malas gunting rambut (pemende jadah kau ni)
makcik bermulut longkang : tgk tu *sambil membunyikan mulut mcm panggil kucing makan* bila org cakap dia melawan je.hish.ni kau duduk rumah berapa lama ni? carik la keje.
aku : seminggu je kot.
makcik bermulut longkang : ha,dah tu nak makan tido je kat umah?
aku : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (sabar yum sabar)

*perbualan ini terhenti apabila aku nampak kawan aku dan pegi ke table nya untuk berborak,endingnya spaisy mekciken aku makan di rumah saje.mcb.penghancur selera*

cmon.im not 2.im freak 22.jangan la treat aku mcm budak2.nape la nak cari salah aku.hadui stress tau stress.stuck kat rumah.dgn hujan nye.dgn takde kawannye.jadah semua ni.mind ur own business pls.haihs.

sape kesah aku rambut panjang ke tidak.sape kesah aku terurus ke tak.kau sebok pasal.zzzzzzzz.tau la aku uruskan diri.annoyed gile babi nak mampus.zzzzzzzzzzzz.

wargh.dah pening.going to sleep.

p/s : jyuupon gatana.balik la sial T.T sanggup korang buat aku camni.huwaaaa.btw bulan 12 the plan going to redang is still on.its on.

kemas kemas kemas

gaming room.aku baru kemas separuh.mcm haram jadah -.-
yg kanan tu silvia,pc baru ^^ n yg kiri tu julia pc lama :D

sesi mengemas bilik puaka A5-03-09.baaapaak banyak barang T.T

kalau aku kena sure aku takkan bangun jugak..

haih..semakin hari aku semakin kronik
menghadap bende SNSD ni.
this madness..
has gotten into my skin..

urrghh salah sapa ni kenalkan aku SNSD.
dammnit danish.kau mmg celaka..

where i wanna be right now

yes.ini dia.yg kita nanti² kan.yg kita tunggu.yg selama ini semua org bermandi peluh bertungkus lumus berusaha.impian aku.impian semua org.nama² besar seperti kuroky,loda,vigoss,puppey,mania,john utah,yamateh,papaxiong,ice dan ramai lagi baris permain dota profesional dari seluruh dunia akan berkumpul untuk bertarung dengan pelbagai alasan.pertarungan hebat di antara maelk dan hyhy bakal menjadi pertarungan epic tahun ini.

ya.tunggu aku di sana.TUNGGU AKU!
32 team,20 negara, 1 penyudah muktamad.


p/s : tgk la hadiah dia.gila babi siaaaaaaaaaaaaal.sapa kata main game takboleh kaya? aku sudah membuktikan bahawa korang silap.korang silap sama sekali

back to zanarkand.

haha perasan duduk zanarkand.no lah.im a johorian and batu pahat is where my home is.going
back to batu pahat on this saturday.gonna miss A5-03-09.gonna miss chicken up 10.gonna miss the pool,the gym.oh aku tak pernah ada perasaan ini sewaktu di uitm.tak tahu lah.aku rasa aku lagi sayangkan sini dari uitm.em bukan aku tak kenang budi,cuma.the pain is still there.aku bole forgive,aku takkan forget.the black spot is always there,and thanks to the black spot,im here today.a new guy,new qayyumx,undergo a super transformation from a very timid,unglorious dorky and sluggish look to a super yum,which hold powers that not any ordinary people can hold.

aku tersangatlah active kat sini,join debat,join teater,join karoke,jadi charity project manager twice,apa je aktiviti yg aku tak join kat sini? muka aku dah panas dekat COIT dgn COE.haha.biasalah.apprentice for the comming semester as exco perhubungan/komunikasi on the MPP seat.LOL naiss.

haha ngarut2 je explaination aku.yeah i just had fun tonite.

pegi pusing kl shirtless from my place to bulatan pahang,baling mercun to those bapoks and nyahs,singing all the way from dataran abd samad like a possessed son of a gun,main gila dgn road blocks ulang alik 3-4 kali,pegi main arcades,buat a new record by beating the game under 10 minutes, helping langao main game throw in tu till dapat 355 marks,going to karoke,snooker,shisha-ing and watch arsenal vs az akkmaar.yeah thats not all,tmr we gonna have a recoding of SNSD - gee dance show,hahaha mcm banganggg.gangsta rap mengejek "wak dol" and some several people too.yeah.breaking the limit sebagai manusia normal.

uh when i was at mines, aku nampak PSP limited edition.damn nice.FINAL FANTASY DISSIDIA PUNYA COVER SET AND ORIGINAL GAME.FUWAH AND I SCREAM LIKE CRAZY THERE FOR 5 MINS haha. here.take a look :

bapak nice nyeeee.kale putih ada lambang cosmos dgn chaos kat seblah.

ada card yg ada sign 20 chars dissidia sendiri, ada power cards, ada original games, and perhaps ada special battlegen dgn special items, argh UMD dia pon ori.OMG OMG its a must have for a gamer like me.its just a perfect gift,or present uwa uwa.

haha.em.penat.sangaaat penat.

gonna list down the activities di rumah nanti :

1.set up balik my room.since there is a new member,julia's got a boyfriend,belum ada nama lagi tuk boyfie dia.so meja kene kemas balik.so bole letak dua pc and a laptop seblah.susun speaker lagi.haih haih.

2.monday,tuesday and wednesday : gotta train dota.qayyumx need his strength back.lanc inc need to be operational back.we gonna own again.the world shall flee in terror.

3.buat reban kucing.

4.beli katil baru.

5.setting balik "game room"

uh sudah lah.4.30 am.mau tido.toodles~