hi. its been a while isnt it?

i have been busy for the past 2 months. a lot happen. good ones. some are bad too. but thats fine isnt it?

(actually i suck at dota for now bcs i havent played any for at least 2 months, and overwatch is down for maintainence and i got spare 20 mins, to write shit down here so this site and all of its dream wont die, and i have no one to text to "insert some sad meme over here")

but i didnt lie about a lot of things happen, i just curi as many time as i can to juggle between work and having fun. i just cant spare some here, so i would have things to say here.

ok to sum it up, like really short :

career wise : i just got upgraded and found myself in my version of "game of thrones" theres alot of bad guys out there who wants me out, and i desperately need a mentor. who can teach me how to get things in order without being an ass or sendiri makan hati.

and i havent get the chance to cuti rehat betul2 since the last long weekend raya haji. my body is getting weak and tak boleh dah keje direct like i used to..last week was...tiring...but at the same time rewarding. work, sukan company, work again. no effin break in the between.

love life : didnt go as planned, after anis got her answers and she told me that she doesnt know what to do with the information. and i said, we cud be friends, if shes ok with it. no terms, no nothing. but i think, anis is one of the best fling i had all these years. kind, gentle at heart. 100% wud do it all over again *sfx* do it again  - pia mia

and the rest, vids down here.
yardi kno whats goin on he he.


ok enuf, enuf. theres nothing happening yes. but then, i wanted to share things, maybe datang dengan gambar berserta sepotong dua ayat.

did some modification to megan, theres no more undertail/mudguard. took it out, and replace with some fancy signal and horizontal plate number. cey. oh ya dah repair juga the tank yg bocor haritu. yay

went to kelantan for fit tm 2017 competing in..traditional sports, carrom. haha. lost the game, but enjoy my time being here. like i always said, my culture is kelantan, my hometown is johor. 

kepelbagaian nasi ketika waktu sarapan di kelantan. dari kiri, pulut panggang, nasi tumpang, nasi air dingin, nasi kerabu. oh ya, lokasi di kopitiam kita, kota bahru. kelantan sekarang dah ada grab car, sangatlah mudah bergerak kemana2 dan pastikan anda balik awal waktu malam untuk mengelakkan kekurangan grab. sini quite peaceful, awal dah sunyi.

(tiada dalam gambar, roti titab, teh tarik madu, sup ikan sg er apa tah nama dia)

singgah ke pasar cik siti khadijah. mak kirim rempah kari, kurma dgn kuzi. senang cerita, kalau datang kelantan tak singgah sini bawa balik rempah kepok serunding, rugi beb. kelantan is all about food. penang? ok la but not as delicate as kelantan food. 

team taman desa during our family day @ afamosa melaka. enjoyed the night. lose the performance that night, but obviously, won their hearts. now they know i can sing, and its always me now who sings at events. sigh.

haaa. this. see that crack at megan's tank. some arab kids somehow/accidentally toy around with local buggy, and someow landed and hits megan and she fell. breaks my heart.

side mirror too. renyah nak repair. the spare parts comes one by one, part by part. and i have to wait almost 1 month to fix and restore megan to its original state. was pissed but then considering the kid's father paying for the damage is ok la. makes me hate kids more than ever. i already hate em for being a menace at the dining table. and now this.

wow, finally. an update from me. 

but expect more updates from me. cos right now, as in today, 11/10/17, i manage to somehow sort things that have been going on. slowly adjusting myself and would have some free time too, to come here and write my stories as usual. okay, i think im gonna go to bed. and tgk la kalau rajin, 1 week 1 update.