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im sure u guys can read. and the spoiler is at the bottom. will cut in 2-3 parts

 1st part, NAT GEO OWNS





Two Legged Horse

two legged horse - watched this on tuesday eve alone in the int screen, i cant really tell u how sad this story is. its just sad. i think this movie i cudda place it under paulie the bird at 6th place, while i am sam is still at the top.

he is just a boy who was born in the wrong place, wrong time.

the setting is in afgahanistan , in a desolate region that’s both remote and poor. here, underprivileged children live in acute poverty, in a maze of abandoned sewer pipes that provide meagre shelter.

here, mirvais is one of the inhabitants of the pipes, is desperate to earn his keeps for his family, so he readily accepts a challenge in a humiliating contest for a job.

in order to qualify, the poor boy has to compete against other desperate children. and any of the participants, who can carry on a rich lame boy who had lost his legs in war and takes him to school will become the winner and the rich boy’s personal “horse”.

no, the story doesnt just end here.

instead, we are taken on a 100-minute journey to witness the demeaning the exploitations of humanity price.

What right does a human have to treat another like a lowly animal?

how low can one person go?

this is a scary, yet heart-wrenching tale of how a one-legged boy transforms an older boy into a beast of burden.

sadistic yet giving pleasure?

were shown, in graphic details, the crippled boy’s brutal treatment of his “human horse” and the latter’s total submission and his slow metamorphosis into the four-legged animal ….. wudnt you be outraged?

anybody in his proper frame of mind would be.

Didn’t we all hear these sayings :

and i quote -

"humanity is the supreme of all religions of the world.….. that the most important thing in life is much more than winning for ourselves. the most important thing in this life is to help others to win. a generous heart, a life of service and compassion to the mankind …..are the things which renew humanity ….and that’s the best religion , nothing else." - anonymous, time unknown

when u have money, ur in a position of control, u bark orders and you reign supreme,
u act like the lord of this world …

but when you don’t
u come a begging,
u are relegated as a powerless animal to this world.
in third world countries, there are many who are living lives of exploitation,

with humanity stripped beyond the bone of basic human rights.

well, in a disturbing way, TWO-LEGGED HORSE the movie will surely weave its way into our hearts and make us realize that we are indeed, taking life for granted

that we are lucky …

if only we all want to acknowledge this.

and this award winning iranian film, brilliantly directed by samira makhmalbaf takes a stab at human brutality
at its worse and the director’s treatment of the physical pain is at most times, unbearable to watch.

yet one must remember the  power of the story that seeks to reflect our life and times.

glory be.


q : what talent do you have?
a : i make good money. alot of money

#ww 6

wake me up when september ends

my september is filled with sadness.

the death of diana razlan - ex sk parit setongkat classmates.
the departure of momo   - she flew to egypt to further her studies
fai is getting married       - my long long partner is getting married. surprisingly i should be happy, i dont know
                                        why i turn sad

the H curse effects

time : 11.24 am
day : thursday
place : pinggiran subang
person with me : abg rudi, abg moji, heri

im writing this simple journal is for you guys to know that i've been affected by the H curse. currently i am sick, im having headache, minor coughing and having flu.

i've been in this condition since last sunday, after being hit 12 times by rain in the september months past 11/9 last week, and receive a text msg saying " TOLONG, HE HIT ME" in 3.29 am, on monday morning.

i've come to conclusion that i am positive i've been affected by this curse. the symptoms are :

- high fever
- coughing mild (early) and constantly (mid)
- flu
- eating disorder
- sleeping disorder
- much anger
- hatred towards everything.
- lost of focus
- cant decide
- hallucination
- short/long term memory lost
- not acting like yourself anymore
- did not play dota for the past 4 days in a row
- feeling something is beating in your heart but you dont know whos
- internal burning sensation "panas dalam"
- null-ness and numb-ness

and if anybody is seeing me like this, do take care of me. and guys, do watch yourselves. it might be the A, or M, or K curse effects. everybody is different. for now, there is no treatment for this curse. all you guys need is a strong heart. and a person to punch. it would help you to ease the effects.

for now. im okay. i can still manage myself.
signing out,


#wordless wednesday 5

11 times

for the 11th time in september i've been hit by heavy rain.


and #nowimsick

qayyumx status bar : health 42%, wealth 9%, RAM(busy) 75%.

tak rasa nak cermin diri dulu ke?

sebenarnya aku kurang faham. dan tak faham. dan mungkin takkan faham sampai mati walaupun aku di explain sekali dengan alasan :-

"melei, lumrah/fitrah manusia, tak matang, jeles"

boleh gila kepala aku memikir. yang kau anti sangat kpop jpop tu kenapa? kalau mpop aku boleh "brain" lagi. ini kpop or jpop? apa masalah kau sebenarnya? kau jeles? kau rasa kau pandai?

dont judge the book by its cover. mentang-mentang dia pilih profession jual betis, jual kaki, jual muka kau label dia murah? kau label dia bodoh? penah tak kau bangun pagi, tgk cermin. tgk muka kau sendiri.

kau nak aku berbual facts ke berbual secara sarkasis? ke nak aku berbual secara membodohkan diri kau? seriusly aku tak la fanatik sangat dgn kpop ni kan. tak la sampai meraung2 menangis2 kalau tak dapat tgk diorang perform, or follow each konsert, or ada blog sendiri ke fanpage pasal bebenda kpop ni. aku minat kpop as they are. mcm tu je. kalau tgk aku enjoy, takde sampai nak dig in ke whatever. i dont get it guys.
hating them for what?

cakap go thru under the knife la. miming la. kau penah jumpa dedepan ke? penah dengar konsert live diorang? or even download the whole album? seriusly. kalau pernah meh ah kita table talk. nak jugak tgk pandangan professional kau semua sebagai pemusik kan.

baru la belajar course 1st class sains social seperti ****** or ****** n ******. dah berlagak n nak label org itu ini. btw kau tau tak ada satu group tu dia ada degree in aeronautics? some in pharmacy. kau setakat baru la lawyer cabuk uni pon IPTS. memekak. kau apa hal? dah la muka buruk. need mekap lagi. kan? pepagi dah ngutuk org. rupa paras pon. alahai adibah noor-type.

kau sedar tak diorang takde kekangan bahasa ataupun adat? pemilihan profession dalam varsiti dan diversiti kat korea ke japan ke tu dah biasa. nama je ada degree lawyer, tapi relax je jual mee calong (ramen). kita org melayu? nak? kalau kau tanya aku pon aku kata taknak buat apa aku study penat2 setakat nak jual mee calong ye tak?

aku rasa kalau kau nak kutuk sbb kau tak faham. sebenarnya kau yang bodoh. sbb minat aku ke benda2 asian mcm kpop n jpop ni la buat aku study sendiri dlm bahasa diorang. bahasa melayu org luar mana yg nak belajar? mat salleh? berapa ketul la sangat. kau penah dengar phase "the rising dragon of the east"? lupa sapa yang penah OWN pakatan axis dulu? own half of the world? kelakar sungguh. mcm ni kata kuat baca buku. tapi sebenarnya kau poyo. eventho aku tak belajar benda ni secara mainstream, aku beli buku, beli dictionary, study sendiri. ok la walau tak fasih, at least kalau aku pegi melancong takde la aku jadi mangsa potong2 jual kat sana. or kena tipu. sigh

kau nak label aku kutuk melayu? sila. sebenarnya menjadi seorang melayu banyak menghalang aku dari mempamirkan 100% protensi dalam diri. bangga sangat jadi melayu. islam kau tak bangga. kau sedar tak nabi kita ni pon bukan melayu. arab dogol tu ha.ketuanan melayu dah tebal sangat dalam kulit. org melayu kat malaysia ni ibarat mcm dekat varhalla. masing2 keturunan zeus, archillies, poisedon, ares, athena. semua dewa-dewi. tak suka kau judge.nak itu ini kau mintak. semudah itu je kan? senang jadi org melayu n rakyat malaysia. suka2 hati mintak suka2 hati #mohon. tak susah. kau cuma perlu suruh mak bapak kau lahirkan kau kat malaysia a/k/a varhalla and voila, automatically kau dah jadi DEWA/DEWI. dah boleh label, dah boleh judge. ok now u #WIN

ni sekarang aku atas lori. nanti aku upload la bukti fizikal. akan aku letak gambar seblah2. #retis korea vs # retis melayu. poyo. dapat hidayah kau semua nak jadi alex mercer. nak jadi hana tajima. HIDAYAH #FTW. apasal tak jadi antu purdah. quit seeking publicity. kata islamic, menjual diri jual muka jual tutur kata dalam cerita berunsurkan hiburan kan menyumbang kepada harta yang was-was or syubahah? hah ceritalah. bukan ke kau semua tadi bijak. student kan? sila lah. pangkahlah aku. aku peduli hapa?

so kat sini aku sekali lagi nak menegaskan point kat sini. biar la apa pun jenis musik or genre hiburan yang kau semua layan, kalau kau tak suka, bukan susah. matikan saja tv or radio tu. mengutuk or melabel? itu ke mentaliti kau? kelakar. ingat bijak sangat, lagi bijak dari awek2 kpop. and cantik la kan. *muntah hijau + tahi hijau sikit*

p/s: kalau kau fikir kau islam, kau boleh jadi apa2 yang kau nak. kalau kau fikir kau melayu? kau layu :)

Jar Of Hearts

sad :(

#wordless wednesday 4


6th year. thank you for stealing something meaningful from me and return it back broken. give me back my life that u've been stealing from me all along.

6% riots and its funny

hello. im writing this article based on my 24 years life experience and this all happens in malaysia. in every minor  community.

last thursday the telco company decided to increase the tax in every prepaid starter pack and reload - resulting #rage #butthurt #emo #beathismother #burnhishouse attitude all over malaysia.

and before i continue jolting down my points of view and u guys starting to bash me this and that, and with stupid sentence such as :-

"boleh la sial gemuk kau dah kerja apa rasa" - aku kerja? tanggungan aku mcm mana?
"mak bapak aku bukan orang senang" - bapak aku menteri la mcm bapak dafi?
"aku student kot" - aku? bukan student?
"aku student, so aku mestilah lebih pandai dari kau" - gua tau lu mmg bijak laksana bro
"wei aku blogger kot, income aku tak steady mcm kau" - perkerjaan nak cool, income mcm sial bising.

k these guys is bunch of fools.

6% out of rm 10 is ? particularly rm 0.60 cents. and *ini hypothesis aku* they still sells at RM 10, but u will get RM 9.40 (WHICH IS THE SAME AMOUNT IF U TOP UP RM 10 AND THEN CALL OTHER TELCO FOR 2 MINS) or they will sell it for RM 10.60 and u'll get RM 10 instead.

to be honest, kids like u guys? RM 10 ? funny? u guys cant even hold for a week. 3 days tops. 5 hours max. this is for the social kids - bbm, fb, twitter, blogger, tumblr *LAME*. celcom offers rm 2.50 for 1 day of internet.

talking in math language : rm 2.50 x 4 = RM 10 which if 4 days of internet for RM 10. thats only internet. did i forget to mention u guys do actually TEXT and CALLS?

so additionally, u guys would top up again. RM 10. or RM 5, or paling cikai RM 3. and repeat the whole process sampai la sebulan.

sum it up?

RM 10 for each 3 days. in a month u'll get ?? haa u do the maths la again.

bukan aku nak galakkan pakai post paid no. post paid is a better choice of solution. mengajar erti berjimat. mengajar erti menggunakan dengan kualiti. bukan kalau setakat bosan nak msg suka2 hati. ini tidak. kat twitter kau mencanak bising. kat luar kau nak text jantan betina mana. phone sex belom lagi. telefon mak mintak duit?

tak payah tipu bro aku penah lalui apa yang kau lalui.

really u guys makan fast food kan? service tax berapa? penah rasa nak bertumbuk tak bila pegi makan mcd, tgk harga kat situ rm 10.90 tapi kena bayar rm 11.30 sen? penah kau tanya kenapa? penah pegi papa rich? terjadi benda yang sama? or kedai makan cafe 3 stars yang lain? see.

the thing is, benda2 bab hiburan mcm ni kau nak bertekak dgn aku? sorry. aku kerja. tanggungan aku banyak. aku bayar bil, aku support adik2. aku support family sikit. ingat aku cukup ke? tak. duit tak pernah cukup. nilai duit makin susut. kau kena sedar hakikat ni.

pening? k la biar aku permudahkan lagi. since korang student, kena explanation yang simple kan biar senang faham.

suka lepak mamak? isap shisha? cerita bukan2 tgk epl sampai siang?

roughly secawan teh o ais is rm 1.20. aku tak penah nampak pulak org bantai mamak sbb dia order 7 gelas teh o ais melepak dari pukul 12 sampai 5 pagi kerana mamak tu berkira dgn rm 0.20.

or pernah tak derma pakcik makcik tua yang menyamar buta(tak semua) n mintak sedekah? rm 0.30 bro untuk tisu. (harga asal) selalu kita akan bagi singgit right?

or paling mudah la (lelaki) pernah kau isi tabung masjid setiap hari jumaat dengan dermaan ikhlas (ntah ikhlas atau tak sbb tgk org sekeliling kau derma so kau terpaksa derma) dengan nilai sekecil rm 1 ?

tak semua benda kau boleh blame gov, tak semua idea kau mengenai liberalisasi tu betol. carikan aku dunia yang sekular. tolong. bagi aku contoh.

kita hidup dalam sistem kapitalis. yang miskin terus miskin. yang kaya terus kaya. peradaban borjuis dalam diri masing2 setebal wall facebook sendiri. dah biasa hidup senang. lahir je semua ada.

penah kau fikir kau dapat scholar 100 ribu apa kau beli?

tolong jangan cakap dgn aku yang org2 kat felda tu semua miskin terasa sbb naik rm 0.60 sen harga topap? bro diorang tv pon takda. dari diorang beli topap, baik diorang beli minyak untuk bajak dan traktor diorang.

and korang semua yang budak2 ni. semua nak cool. study sambil cari side income katanya. tulis blog untuk mencari wang tambahan. BUTOH. terus terang aku kata online blogging and e-journalism akan tiba zaman penghujung nya. kalau kau tu martha steward takpa. penulisan bodoh. plagiarism sana sini. page views? kasihan. mcm ini kau kata kau cari rezeki? student bro apa boleh buat kena pilih study ke kerja.

hello? kalau kau hidup mengejar trend masa kini, tgk org pakai beribabi kau nak beribabi, org pakai samsbung kau nak samsbung jugak letih bro. tak mampu buat cara tak mampu. student buat cara student. ini semua hasil didikkan org tua aku yang korang kata org kaya. org tua aku tak penah pun belikan aku motor ke kereta ke time study. even handpone, diorang tak penah belikan tau. aku sendiri beli.

kerana rm 0.60 ni kau nak menyalak di time line? k aku tau kau cool, kau ()!*@^*)^@, tulis blog (!&@*)!@, sikit lagi terbitkan )!@*()^*@. yes kau mmg cool. everybody is a writer nowdays. berbekalkan kebod bodoh dan tak berjenama (aku guna razer) kau dah jadi wira di alam cyber. try earn income. guna tulang 4 kuderat. bayar cukai. bayar zakat. baru kau tau. nak kata gua bodoh sbb masih lagi guna kuderat tuk cari rezeki? abis bapak lu? tulis diari jual la jaja kat org?

seriusly aku bukan pro kerajaan, or anti. tapi aku rasional. aku kadang2 radikal, tapi aku masih punya otak tuk fikir ah rm 0.60 nak berbunuh bertikam buat apa? bagi yang perokok, takyah cakap. rather isap rokok dari membeli top up. jauh skali makanan. biar perot kosong asalkan mulut berasap. sehari roughly 2 kotak. sekotak dunhill 20 rm 10 +, sehari 2 kotak rm 20+. seminggu?

gua tak jilat bontot bik mama. gua bukan isap pelir najib. gua tak ngaji sama dgn nik aziz or berbual buih dgn mat sabu. gua ni thinker, kadang2 gua ni do-er.

rasional sikit. benda ni bersebab. baru lah student,. yelah untunglah student kan pandai. mana nak dengar cakap org tua mcm aku. sikit2 blame gov. taknak blame gov ke kalau ada org hilang sbb sangka gov kita buat secret experiment? or hide the truth about aliens?

sebagai kesimpulan. in my own point of view, kita di beri pilihan dan akal. kalau hidup nak suka2 sedap kau je takde rule, letih. takde consequences pon letih. letak satu nabi kat kaum arab jahiliah pun tak semua convert kan? u get me? inilah system, cycle dalam kehidupan. KAPITALIS. BORJUIS.

sampai satu hari, aku harap korang semua letak pena tajam tu. and mula buat sesuatu. sudah sekadar melontarkan batu dalam tasik tetapi akhirnya tengelam ke dasar tanpa sebarang kocakkan itu terpercik semula ke muka sendiri.

aite? ja.

nak bash gua? bash la. nak hentam gua hentam la. gua peduli apa. gua share apa yang gua nak share. lu student pegi baca buku sudah. #bugima

growing up

growing up is a part of living process. yes including boobs, dicks, and pussy. kthxbai.

cut the crap. what im trying to say is, growing up involve physically and mentally. its true im such a childish person last 2-3 years ago. i was a fool. everything that i do, i never really do some thinking about what is the consequences of my actions. it was all about me.

i had this one situation. where things became awkward because of 1 person. and in fact the person is everybody friends and it just turn things very awkward. always kills the mood with talking rubbish, cuts people line, make a scene out of stupid occasions. and when i try to do some gathering, if that person is comming, the others wont join.

and this gives me hell and headache each time i try to organize some activities. look. i am a good friend. im trying to find a way just to talk sense in to the person involved. there is several things needed to we to understand. we've been friends for like the rest of the schoolhood era. to me, im not leaving anybody behind. but the self-conscious of the people, the nature of the person itself makes things hard.

in this age of twenties, we gotta change dude. meet more people. respect people. behave, do not be rude, listen to others, being open. sure in a lepakking session there must be bahan session. if u can bahan people, u must let people bahan u too. u cant kena bahan dont bahan. dont ever keluar rumah pon.

i do care for u. i want you to mix and mingle with people. not staying in the house wasting time talking to the phone (if u know by what i mean - talking to the phone) we need real human conversation. we need real human conversation. we need real human interaction. and i think people are not comfortable with u now. i do care about u. please change. please.

for the sake of our brotherhood.

for example -
if we ride with people, we ride in their time. not our time.

if we people decide to hangout in some place, just agree with the decision, unless u decide something 1st

do behave in everywhere we go. rascals and educated people are 2 separate different people.

problem cant be solved with insults and talking trash. think like a human, do like one.

yes joking can be tolerated, but we all know the limit.

dont do awkward things during hangout sessions.

and please, girlfriends destroys brotherhood - do understand this.

be smart.

i know u can do it



kepala terasa begitu semak minggu ni. kerja is okay, but hal dalaman office tak ok. i wud never think that she is the one who would do that. tapi aku tak tau, aku tak nampak, aku tak boleh tuduh dan aku tak ada di tempat kejadian.

but i was there if u wanna ask or need help, or talk to me about anything. like seriously...
hmm benda dah lepas. harap dia boleh relax and tenang. and lupakan apa yang jadi. kes dah settle. lepas ni decide elok2 kalau nak study ke nak kerja.

working is stressful. i know. but u gotta keep the calmness, the mentality, the cool, the wow. and everything. ikrar kerja yang di sebut tu kita kena patuhi. hati pun mainkan perasaan jugak. kerja kena ikhlas. jangan la asik fikir nak kerja tapi nak kerja senang and nak duit banyak.

there is no such thing as no pain too many gain. aite? wish u good luck in ur future a-do.

wordless wednesday #4

near death. again

around 8 pm just now, when i was riding back from office to home i was nearly visited by death himself.
i was riding in the middle lane, around 140-160 km/h, and there is one estima on the right lane. i think its a she-driver, and suddenly she sau-q the road, turning from right to left, and i was braking my bike so hard, still i cant stop my bike from kissing her bumper. still i manage to brake and let her pass. if i didnt press the brake..

u guys wont be seeing me again in this world.

this is my 2nd chance. im cheating death. thank you god for this 2nd opportunity to breathe in this world..
thank you.


pengisian, pengertian, pemahaman

sesapa tolong fahamkan aku konsep kesedihan di dalam setiap cerita yang di siarkan pada hari raya. apa motifnya? apa maknanya? setakat nak suruh ingat jasa orang tua, perlu buat cerita sedih? stereotype setiap kali raya selama aku hidup 24 tahun di bumi malaysia ni, pengertian hari raya adalah mengenai kesedihan ibu bapa yang sebenarnya jauh dan menyimpang sekali dari makna hari raya dari segi bahasa dan istilah - meraikan kejaayan umat islam menewaskan nafsu dengan berpuasa sebulan.

aku hanyalah seorang pemikir yang sentiasa berjalan mencari makna dan erti di dalam kehidupan pinjaman ini

bus stop boxer

im not missing where i came from.
but each night i dream about being back home
and when i wake up in the morning,
im too tired, tired of being alone.

and so i get up and go downtown.
and pick me out a little piece of ground.
where that i could prove something to the world.
i can prove something to the world.

dont look at me,
i am the bus stop boxer.
i am the bus stop boxer.

dad put me in the truck and
drop me off and said goodluck then
one lucky kid waiting for the bus
made a winner out of one of me

dont look at me
im the bus stop boxer.
im the bus stop boxer.

going down by the railroad tracks, where
people know that they better not relax
im the man baby, i am the man
this is where i can make u understand

im the bus stop boxer
dont look at me


malam ini, si mati berjalan.

dalam bentuk yang kukuh.
melanggar pintu pagar kubur.
di dalam baju yang di benci semua suami mu.
berjalan kebawah, tandakan kubur masing-masing.
di mana lampu mencari kita,

minum di hadapan kuburan.
dan mereka menemuimu di lantai bilik air.

"i miss you. i miss you so far"
"and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard"


how far wud u go?

its just sad.

kedai menjaga haiwan peliharaan petknode, di petaling jaya telah di pecah masuk oleh sekumpulan aktivis pencinta haiwan. kedai itu di dapati tidak menjaga kucing-kucing itu. tgk la video tu. just sad. im cryin tonite.

Razer Onza

went to the IT fair yesterday with KCR people. and i always wanted a good controller. i've been searching and searching and searching. and i came down n narrow it down to 2 types. XBOX 360 for pc and XBOX 360 wireless for pc. considering the price is near 200 and its just only wireless. and yesterday i came across to a booth selling Razer brand. so i bought one.

Razer Onza

 razer onza - unboxing done

 frontal view

 on top view

box - back

 uh apa ni?

 "for gamers, by gamers"

 mm cantik

 certificate of authenticity

 stickers, manual, warranty
i've been testing the controller with 2 games so far. resident evil 5 and fifa 11. quite reliable. no split-second tilting when issuing command.

the handle grip is quite good. bagus untuk orang yang senang berpeluh di tangan.

daki-resistant. thats what i read from the box. i need to spend more time on using this. will do an additional review soon.