Razer Onza

went to the IT fair yesterday with KCR people. and i always wanted a good controller. i've been searching and searching and searching. and i came down n narrow it down to 2 types. XBOX 360 for pc and XBOX 360 wireless for pc. considering the price is near 200 and its just only wireless. and yesterday i came across to a booth selling Razer brand. so i bought one.

Razer Onza

 razer onza - unboxing done

 frontal view

 on top view

box - back

 uh apa ni?

 "for gamers, by gamers"

 mm cantik

 certificate of authenticity

 stickers, manual, warranty
i've been testing the controller with 2 games so far. resident evil 5 and fifa 11. quite reliable. no split-second tilting when issuing command.

the handle grip is quite good. bagus untuk orang yang senang berpeluh di tangan.

daki-resistant. thats what i read from the box. i need to spend more time on using this. will do an additional review soon.