tgk payslip, kena tolak dekat 4 angka.

tapi kata hati,

tak apa.

ini semua untuk awak, duhai bakal isteri 


Q & A : 1

Q : why does it hurt so much just to feel/experience love?

A : because pain exist to feed on love. and to take as many as it can from u. and ultimately, to make u, not u.

the AES camera shit.

the AES camera issue is causing so much hype these days. implementing AES does have it purpose. china and taiwan have been using this system and it is proven to lessen the statistic as much as 40%. (as they said lah, they havent release the data yet to the public to see)

so, since everybody is so upset about this camera shit, i think i am going to share my opinion here.

so, why AES

my answer is this, the very basic law pon orang break. langgar traffic light. so in order for everybody to learn a lesson, is to implement this AES system. so, u can do the math urself.

the pros :

-it is believed that AES is super efficient in doing its job - the best photographer ever. no matter how fast, no matter how many car there is, AES will fucken catch em all. '

-it is also believed that company whos behind the development of AES is getting high commission from every summon police issued - i dont know about this, either this is the opposition party agenda or it is true. rumours are spreading. fast.

-from speeding to some minor crimes, AES will get his hands on those culprit picture.

for now, there 221 known location of this AES camera. and it is said the full installation will be done by mid 2013.

the cons :

-this camera is against drivers logic. imagine, driving 80 kilos, trying so hard to pass the lorry infront of him. and there is nobody else on the road.

-if the speed limit is 80 kmh, so driving 81 or 85 pun sudah kena ka?

-how do u know that the camera is not rigged?

-confusion. the camera flashes, and there is around 6 car on the road. and wrong people is getting the summon.

-and will the victim get his summon with all of those info, how fast he was going, where and when, the exact time and date.

so, if ada lagi nak tambah, mohon share di ruangan komen di bawah.

p/s : kumpul je saman ribu2, cukup masa tahun ada proses pengampunan, bayar 30%-40% je. lulzyah


they are going to disassemble the team, and i am so tired. with everything.

i am tired, waking up everyday telling myself everything is going to be ok, dont give up.

i dont think i can keep on doing that.

let me rest, for a while

things can go wrong

this short article is write just because i dont feel safe anymore. i have been harassed by one scary-psychopath chick last feb and i dont think i want to go thru the process again.

look. social network nowdays isnt like what it used to be last 5 or 6 years back. like what we used to have back in i think in friendster and myspace era. that time. in this era, there is facebook, twitter, 4sq, flipboard and tons of others apps which can be used to tell the whole world what are u doing, with who are u with, exactly where are u right here right now in real-time and live streaming updates. i think 7 of every 10 people walk around with smartphone with data plan these days. they might be ur friend, ur colleague and it might be anybody.

and as i watch taken 2 last week. there is something that get me bothered. what if you didnt control who's in ur social networking profiles. random people. which we dont aware who or what of she or he is made of. sharing the place where u live in foursquare can lead to many bad things. as for girls, they might dont want stalkers to follow them while taking the lift up to the apartment. imagine the next big picture - rape, robbery, murder, etc.

besides that. whatever status post or any tweets with or without us knowing, people get hurt. alot. everyday. every single second. either u are his or her friend either ur not. people is watching. people is reading, watching, every of ur actions. waiting for the right time to jump in.

that is why these things have come to my concern these past weeks. lagi la dah kerja ni. u go and meet people. vendors. jumping ranks. u dont know people might get jealous with u. and u dont know how they will deal with it. in the newspaper - shooting here, stab that, acid here acid there.

i dont feel safe anymore. i dont even feel safe to write things upon my facebook wall these days.

these days, only one profile sign in, in any social networking can be connected thru each other. sign in facebook will bring u to twitter, blah blah blah blah blah. and every post u did in any apps will be posted there. and u might want to control those people who are watching u and knowing who they are.

and that is why i think, staying anonymous and provide as little information as u can, can eventually save ur life. anybody cudda be celebrity now days. hot people over facebook, tweetfamous over twitter, pretty people over instagram and all of those shits.

what say u?


and meet me there, bundles of flowers.
we wait through the hours.

winter shall howl at the walls, tearing down the doors of time

shelter as we go.

and promise me this,

you'll only wait for me only, scared of the lonely arms

surface far below these words

maybe, just maybe i'll come home.

who am i? darling to you?
who am i
going to tell you stories of mine
who am i?

who am i? darling to you?
who am i?
could be a burden in time, lonely.
who am i, to you?

i come alone here
i come alone.


ben howard - promise

going shopping

i think i need to do some shopping. my messenger beg dah nak putus dah. seems like nak jait pun dah tak boleh, kat tepi tu putus, sad. lama gak pakai beg tu nak 2-3 taun. anyway cap mont blanc kot. harga sesuai dengan pemakaian. keke 

oh ya i desperately need a pair of new shoes and sandals. please. help me, i dont know how to shop by myself. 

beg lama lebih kurang mcm ni. nak putuih dah tepi dia. i am so sad...

i did some online browsing kat boutique mont blanc tadi, mcm nice beg ni. oihh harga dia. zzzzz. maybe kat downtown ada design mcm ni, harga lagi wayyy to cheap than ori ones. dah beli yang ori sekali, jadilaa

maybe i am going to join #teambladers soon. soon enough. coming soon. he he he. tgh berguru dengan sifu bladers dulu.

 projek R4 akan di hentikan seketika. dana makin hari makin tiada...entah dah pencen baru boleh jalan projek ni

House M.D

house season 8 ended just now. i feel like crap. totally. i bet u guys had this feeling too when ur fav tv shows ended. i watch a lot of tv shows till it ends. but there is a few tv shows, when it ends.

duh that feeling...
and of course we have to live with the fact "nothing lasts forever"

i've been watching house since i was back in puncak perdana. season 2, house is my only source of entertainment.

house is an asshole, pretty much like myself. i am an asshole myself. the only thing matters to him is "puzzles" he dont give a damn about feelings, relationships, etc. all he care is about himself and life's mysteries and puzzles.

altho he treat people and everybody else like crap, deep inside of him, there is a lot more to offer.

the correct word for him is tough love.

"everybody lies"

"everybody dies"

"one day, one room"

"my life is just horrors after another"

"they could build monuments after ur self-centeredness"

my personal house's fav line.

i guess this is the end. hugh laurie dan david shore decide this is the last season of house. i'll guess i'll be seeing him in the movies.

discord-do. in japanese

literally discord means disagreement. i have nothing to say to each and everyone of u

its just, u dont know how hard i try. everyday. its repulsive, the way i living life.

" until u learn to give up every single thing u had, every single morning  u wont learn to appreciate what u have right now"

private jewelry

i had this one diamond that i like the most. i talk to this diamond everyday. i dont know how did i get my hands on this one diamond. but one day, the rightful owner of the diamond show up, asking me nicely to return what is rightfully his.

if ur in my place, what would you do?
i had a few things in mind.

he lost the thing, and out of a sudden, i came into my possession. whos fault it is?
eventho he did leave a mark there proving that diamond is his, he just cudnt just show up want it back.
and the diamond isnt really mine to begin with.
what will happen if i keep what isnt mine?
and what will happen if let go things i like the most?

hati mistik

"sakti dalam hati, nadi biar rasmi.
kicau dalam sendi, nanti biar sendiri"

time-continuous lapse

to those who are damn too stupid to understand the title, i suggest u not to go for google translate, instead of doing it. press X on the top right corner.

this is me, projecting my anger, towards things that beyond my control. i am not pissed off to the several beautiful you. yes, you.

do u know we live in a world where time and space take part in deciding ur fate and destiny? and another known fact that we all know is, i am no naruto. i cant be here and there at the same time.

look, i am the person who doesnt give a shit about this one stupid question "nak makan kat mana? kau decide, tah, aku pun tak tau" SHIT.

i take control of my decision most of the time. i know what to do, what to decide, whos heart to break, with who shud i be right now. if i'd say i'll be there a few days before it happens, it will happen, unless something happen.

if u can read fate and destiny, yes, preach me. i am pissed off to be called, mat bual or whatsoevershit. i was in the middle of the road and something came up. which is utterly more important than u do. i know my priorities. to whom shud i go, at what time. something came up, and make joke out of it, i pretty dont like it. unless i was sleeping, or i was doing stupid things.

there is time where i need to work where i dont even want to work and its not even my job to begin with. there is time where there is some people i try to avoid not to hang together with.
there is time where i am not able to make it because i was out of reach.
there is time where i am not able to make it because i need to take care of my family matters.
and there is time where i did make a promise, but yet i cant make it because, i just cant make it.

"so jangan berjanji lain kali, kalau dah tau tak boleh"

dude, mana nak tau kalau ada apa2 tiba jadi. beyond my control. kau ingat aku suka2 janji lepas tu kensel sesuka hati aku? jangan jadi bodoh

shit happens. unless i tell u 3 minutes before and cancel another next 3 mins.

and that, my friend, grants u the right to call me with whatsoever name.