A lil bit of this, and that.

Its my jonny boi's sani wedding. And i have the chance go to back to home town w/ falah and stay the night there. It was a good trip. Take my mind of things. Meeting the oldboys were precious. Susah gila nak jumpa bila dah umur-umur mcm ni.

Oh well. Last week hantar my mum n my dad balik dhaka. I was with this feeling, if i cant say goodbye to them when they are going, i wonder how can i say goodbye to them when the time comes. Everytime i got the chance to meet my dad, he got old. Putih dah rambut. Thinking that i am here, stuck in this life limbo of adult mess, i didnt really lived up to his expectation. Apatah lagi have my own family and start to look over him n mom. I did a lot if thinking waktu balik dari sana. Dont know if im ready for it.

Anyway. I manage to fix my sleeping pattern somehow. And now kena fix my discipline untuk kerja betul2 and not main2 n curi tulang. My record wasnt that good since puasa. So i need to score something.  And will work towards it.

Went shopping today. Dekat mitsui premium outlet. Cari winter coat for my euro trip later in december. Macam haram mahal and tak ada sais sangat untuk di pilih. Gaddamn i never know shopping were this....good. Maybe inilah yang di panggil rediscovering life. I get myself a proper working briefcase, which is a good deal. 60% offer. Dah la mmg minat benda2 leather ni. I had a few mont blanc sling bags and pen, and ada yg dah rosak sbb tamat usia beroperasi and haritu abah bagi beg temporary tp dia kecik, susah nak letak docs n kecik gila. So i buy a new one. Yay! Ada juga tgk jam tapi allah apa la kegilaan harga 30k. Menung tengok. Nak beli motor ke nak beli jam. Hahhhaha. Acoi kata beli motor, cabut meter sbb ada jam pastu pakai. Beli motor dapat jam. Sjdjruehfheudhaj. And i grab a pair of shoes. Godly goddamn good pair of shoes. Rasa mcm jalan atas kapas. I never really had the chance to buy nice things for myself. Selalunya mak yg shoppingkan. Atas sampailahh bawah. And usually kena tanya dia dulu. Boleh tak beli. And dia kasi lesen this time.And guys, yeah i discovered some cool tracks n belom sempat nak buat mix tape post, tgklah kalau rajin, sok la up satu post lagi ke apa.

Aite, thats it for now. Im off to bed, time to sleep, and yeah, whats a monday blues? Haha!

sani n his wife, iffa

the oldboys, next is epi!

kaisara with her uncles. haha

hantar mommy and daddy balik dhaka.