end of april

•i allegedly/mistakenly had a girlfriend.

•im going to appear on TV.watch me
•i play video games too much.i barely sleep everyday.i just stop playing to eat and watch korean series.
•i think im losing some weight summore.i eat everyday only once.
•i can control most of my anger now.becoming more matured

•summit parade is dead
•kedai komik lagenda dah tutup.huwaaaa

tatau apa nak post dah.haha.bye

the "game"

i have beat every single game ever made in this world.but this one game i cant beat, the "heart" game.

i am qayyumx.i rarely lose.i am the "game" himself.

im looking for a perfect time to tell her the truth.it was just a mistake.

a mistake.

a wrongly-replied text message that lead to this "heart-game"

this is why i love you

electro-cutting saber

using force grip

sith secret assasin

electo barrier + force repulse

mob bombings

pistol execution

tommy gun execution


the revival of Lanc.Inc

well,guess whos back on business? its Lanc.Inc. we back on business baby.yeah.

so this is the new line up :

Zely : captain
qistinahushhush : organizer II
Mr.Voxxxxxx : organizer I
Mr.Voxx : Squad leader
Hyde : elite member I
botakku : elite member II
zeroart : elite member III
[D]an : elite member IV
qayyumx : inactive (due to no reason)
KARAAA|- : the new clan lord

new possible members is :

ahmy monkey

and the still players within lanc inc is :

stevenyoung38 : my fav captain till now

yeah.this is it for now.im hoping or a bright future of this clan.till then.


its 5.40 in the morning

5.40 in the morning.
im packing my things up.
from a hospital.
which my grandpa stays in.

its 5.40 in the morning.
at night,time flows slowly.
while im sitting there,
thinking about my beloved ones.

5.40 in the morning.
i buy myself a hot cup of milo.
sit on the bench.
would i be like this in the next 15 years?

its 5.40 in the morning.
i admit i screw up few years back.
and im currently fixing it back.
and im hoping a new future.

its 5.40 in the morning.
eliza didnt wake up yet.
im getting worried.
what could be worst happening?

its 5.40 in the morning.
here i am.
feeling null.
feeling numb.

its 5.44 in the morning.
its all just a mistake.
but this "one" mistake..
makes me remember..how love..feels..


im learning and doing my best..to love you..
em.i never felt something like this for almost a year.
the warmness..the calmness..yeah since its a 2 days-went-out.
i wanna say this.i am sorry for not being a good boyfriend for you.

yeah true.feelings develop.
nah i'll stop crapping.either way u didnt know that this blog was written.

wake up eliza..wake up..
just wake up.i'll be urs.

Yong won ee sarang hae
Ku ri wo hae yo

eliza-nuuna :)

conversations pt 2

ok.sebelum sambungan cerita "conversation" ini di teruskan, aku ingin berkongsi sedikit pengalaman pelik.tak pun perkara yg pertama kali di buat dlm hidup


ok ignore.malas + malu + rasa gay kalau aku kongsi.nak tau cari kat ym la senang

*location : carls junior*

E : hey u nak makan apa?
Y : hmm.portobello mushroom ada?
W : ada.nak extra apa2?
Y : tu jela kot.
E : i nak teriyaki bege.
Y : uh natang apa tu teriyaki?
E : japanese punya flavor
Y : oh.bole habis ke?
E : tak habis u la habiskan
Y : er..yelahh

*while waiting for the food to arrive.i didnt talk much*

E : u,say sumthing.ish
Y : cakap apa =_=
E : tell me more bout urself
Y : em.yum,23,study,dota boring dull etc2
E : u.bukan yg tu la <--- muka pahit.haih..
Y : ..................

tunggu keluaran akan datang.aku dah tak sanggup nak tulis lagi.zzzzzz


just conversation.

in a car heading OU.

Y : hi
E : hi.how r u?
Y : good.as bright as u kot.
E : not buying ur praise
Y : *ZZZZZZ* haha tak beli takpa
E : so,nak g mana?
Y : kata nak g OU.nak makan carls jr
E : ye ke? org ada cakap mcm tu ke?
Y : eh tak.antu yg cakap camtu
E : *;p*


(otw ke OU dlm kete)

E : u,nape senyap je?
Y : i dont feel so good <--- padahal baru bangun tido 5 minit seblom keluar
E : eh jgn main2.nak g clinic?
Y : takpa2.skit je.
E : okay


(keadaan sunyi sehingga sampai)

E : nak parking mane?
Y : parking kat parking lot la takkan parking tgh jalan <--- try to act funny tapi di salah ertikan
E : haih <--- muka panas
E : dah la jom la turun
Y : jgn memarah =.=" <---- aku lak buat muka


kat booth gsc beli tic movie

Y : nak tgk cite hape?
E : tgk la yg lawak ke, ape ke
Y : yg ape ke tu camne <---- cuba start satu topic
E : alaaa beli jela
Y : tgk cite cina nak?
E : nak tgk cite apa pun tatau -_- <------ buat muka lagi


W : abg nak seat mana?
Y : awak pilih la E,
E : saya mana la tau nak duduk mana,ikut awak
Y : okok.bagi B 7 & 8
E : blakangnya.duk la tgh sikit
Y : *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* tadi org suh pilih.
E : *hahahaha* <-------- gelak lak natang ni


jejalan area highstreet menuju ke carls jr

E : eh jgn la senyap je..
Y : nak cakap apa =.=
E : story la apa2.family ke.siblings ke
Y : kan dah borak kat msn.ades
E : u,borak kat sana dgn borak kat sini lain laa
Y : asik i je cite.u plak ah <------- padahal tak cakap banyak pun
E : org suruh dia boleh suruh org balik.yela2
Y : ha camne keje?
E : bla bla bla.......(sampai carls jr dia membebel)
Y : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


(senyap selepas abis ayat itu.tgk muka pon tak brani ngaaa)

perbualan seterusnya akan di sambung di keluaran akan datang.
harap sabar.

p/s : i had no idea what the fuck is this...

ADC 2010

line up from team KUCAR-

Team Kucar- would like to sign up for ADC 10

Player Garena Accounts:

callingme (Leader) <-------- pin pin pin bege daging ada bege ayam ada

KCR|Legion <------- pin pin pin bapak ayam
-Linuxz- <----------- pin pin pin tilam2
KCR|9999 <---------- pin pin pin cina killer
KCR|Kopi <------- pin pin pin jual dvd wwe pirate

Contact email: aminsafri@gmail.com
Last edited by uWs.aHz3n^pG at 5-4-2010 08:56 AM ]

full list of teams competing,click here


it is not working.

i dont know either i am the source of the problem or she was.

it just dont make any sense.

watching movie.it should be simple right? for newly pair of birds.buying the back, and crowded seat and just hold for 1 hour 30 mins for the stupid movie to end.

same with a dinner.order ur damn fucking food.chow-down and walk away.there no need to be fuzzy bout that right? RIGHT? i mean it.RIGHT???

it didnt work the way she want it.i feel uneasy for no reason.tounge's frozen,brain-locked.

i was boring and dull.

until i was scolded or sumthing like that,i turn sour.like a devil.i retaliate.

been thinking this shit overnight.wtf dude.

am i turning gay?


to those busybodies and back talker.

fuck off go away & jog on.

ngutuk? tak mati.
ngupat? tak mati gak.
cakap blakang? pon tak mati la.

so penyudahnya aku go slow.next sem duduk luar.aku gerak solo.hal aku hal aku.hal kau tu hal kau.