jaa nee.


p/s : last thing im gonna do in batu pahat before i leave is going to have breakfast @ sihin's.nyam nyam!

goodbye,michael jackson.

yep.michael jackson/mikael passed away early this morning.yup im sad.

Reports: Michael Jackson dead at 50 after being rushed to hospital in coma

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Times is reporting pop star Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50 after being rushed to hospital in a coma.

The newspaper cites city and law enforcement sources in the report.

Earlier, the Times reported that the self-proclaimed "King of Pop" had been taken to hospital by paramedics, and was not breathing when they arrived.

The celebrity gossip site TMZ.com quoted Jackson's father as saying "he is not doing well."

Fire Capt. Steve Ruda said paramedics responded to a call at Jackson's home around 12:26 p.m. local time.

TMZ quoted another unnamed Jackson family member as saying that Michael is in "really bad shape" and that his brothers are headed to UCLA.

Word of Jackson's situation prompted rampant media speculation, triggering a number of unconfirmed reports that the singer had died.

Media helicopters were hovering over the L.A. hospital and the sprawling estate where Jackson had reportedly been staying.

i said :

eventho he is a controversial child molestor,
he's a legend.world class legend.
he's inspire each and everyone of us with his songs and dance
the most notable of his inspiring work is the OST of Free Willy song and Black Or White.
we'll there goes mikael.


1000 terima kasih :)

minta maaf banyak-banyak jikalau nama kalian tidak di sebut,lambat di sebut,salah di sebut,atau pun mcm mana sekali pun kalau terasa.kamu semua mmg amat bermakna di dlm hidup aku yg bagaikan lautan yg bergelora ini :)

terima kasih.

baiklah,saya akan memulakan ucapan terima kasih saya yg tidak seberapa ini..

hey, lets start with :

aliya - thanks for the movie(megan fox is mine okay!)

naim - thanks for the meal boss (karoke partner)

hafiz - thanks for the pranks we did (partner in crime)

muhammad - thanks for the futsal games (haha u make me come back into sports)

saney - thanks for the sheesha (haha we both mcm naga!)

epi - thanks for the movie partner (haha i know u ressemble spock from star trek)

luqa - thanks for the ride bro to ledang (without u the plan wud failed lah)

attufah - thanks for being my best buddy forever (i love u bro)

alep - thanks for the motor lessons haha (cmon bro kau dgn aku now at new stage!)

syafiq - thanks for all the ride,zee avi,hentais (HAHA PERVERT)

daus - thanks for the rivalry at tekken 6 (u gimme helluva fight and challenge)

sihin - thanks for the breakfast in ur warung (the best in batu pahat i think)

mamode - thanks for the MUSHROOM PRANK we did to aliya (epic pwnage!)

marlina - thanks for all the great time we had in UiTM (inaaaaa i miss u)

shadadada - thanks for all the gossip okay (oi masuk raja gossip astro please)

syana - thanks for the choc cake (sedaaaaaaaap bole ganti chef wan one day!)

piqut - thanks for the dark ritual (LOLOL witchcrafting for dummies?)

rafiq - thanks for all the dumb jokes,stupid conversation every nite we had (fuck u!)

dayah - thanks for the MUSHROOM PRANK explainer (hahaha kau pon involved gak)

steven yong - thanks for being my 1st chinese friend in garena (FUCK U GAYYONG!)

xn|nqhisa - thanks for being my lane partner in dota (u keep saying ur a noob,but i do respect u,and i do admit better then me in much more ways)

ahmy - thanks for the games we had (wahaha beat my records bro)

arep/crackerzx - thanks for being my deciple (please do not become like vader)

nabila saat - thanks for the dunkin donat (haha eventho aku tak minat donat)

makang - thanks for showing the rightway to play venomancer (makang kau ni slow learner lar)

amirul adik aliya - thanks for inviting me for dinner (haha u had a wayyy long to go before being a perfect gamer like me)

bmdghost - thanks for helping me managing Lanc.Inc and give me idea how to handle it (awhhaha BMD - babi malay diam)

u.g/sai/wawan - thanks for being my clanmates (eventho u guys are hard to handle,i still believe u all can surpass me one day!)

kartini - thanks for all myspace comment (ahaha myspace aku dah lama mati weh!)

luna - thanks for teaching me the sentence "mencintai itu tidak semestinya memiliki" (this helps a lot,i meant it luna :] )

qistina - thanks for being a friend of mine (haha weh bile hang nak jawab quiz!)

diana - thanks for listening (cmon girl score 8A's on ur PMR then i'll buy u sumthing!)

nurul asyikin - thanks for being my gossip partner! (weh lama tak sembang dekat msn!)

romi - thanks for completing my collection of 80's-90's rock (haha aku dah bole bukak sinar fm sendiri doh)

abe roe - thanks for all the help and advice,i never had an elder brother,so u gonna be my bro! (i got my support bro)

feyyo/syameer/white/red/green - thanks for the all the game! (one day u'll be vigoss for sure!)

paish - thanks for all the advice from u (eventho ur english sucks but its improving,keep believing in urself!)

syera - thanks sbb melayan kerenah gila aku di dalam rancangan mari tak tido malam (haha i hope we become real cuzzins,cmon pray with me!)

roy - thanks for the guitar lesson! (cb roy power kau main gita)

maiz/yunie - thanks for being my longest,my loyal online buddy! (korang berdua bila nak kawin la sial!)

hanes - thanks for bringing me come back to play gunbound and take care of my account (now i grant u the title boomer king,number 1 malaysia)

shazroul - haha this one special,weh aku tatau siot kau A4 punya org,great voice,great song aku rasa kau bole pergi jauh bro,keep it up! (haha shaz thanks for the spot in the room)

em.last but not least,the very special thanks for one particular person ever,

helwa - thanks for being by my side all this time,i really regret what happened between us,and im still gonna be ur best buddy ever,my shoulder to cry,and mostly everything.thank you.arigatou-goujou sama.compremende.

to all,god-bless you all.i love you all.
u all will always be in my heart.always.

ich bin da,an deiner seite,
boku-wa,sobani iru-ne,

tomo ja-nee :D


its almost 3 weeks since i've lost my voice.
em.so sad.
i cant no longer go to karoke with naim and daus to karoke.

well holidays gonna end soon.
new book gonna start soon and im not ready yet.gyahh!
im kinda worried about my voice.

doc said that the ulser reach my voice source and the blood from the ulser blocks the air way which produce voice.sounds serious but i dont know.i dont give a damn

i've stop taking sleeping pills.i've stop taking diazepam.
no more.no more.im not psychopath,either a madman..
im just in distress..i try to seek help but none returned..

advising people pandai,when kene batang hidung sendiri haha..out of the question..
i didnt believe that im abling myself to use denial as a mechanism of escape from my misery life.
well im just another "blah blah blehs" pun.. no actions..

oh yeah..its been a long time..yup i still cant get over you..its hard.damn fucking hard then confronting Ks.Kuroky.ir or Ks.Vigoss.ru in DoTA or killing a black dragon in Pirate King Online,
forgetting you is almost impossible.

nobody to blame selain diri sendiri.yup im blaming myself.all my fault.

walls of ego and self-esteem of mine has been destroyed.now all that i've got left is only my pride.rebuilding it is almost impossible, if alone.im not that tough..

a friend of mine says : "if i give you a fish now,you'll get to eat now,but if i teach you how to catch a fish,you'll eat it forever"

i get it,but..the question is how? alone? i just cant do it..by myself..

dear helwa,

i miss you.
yours truly,


p/s : i dont give a shit about what you all gonna say bout this.if you guys can help me,then say something.just dont be "BLAH BLAH BLEHS" bark bark bark but no ACTIONS



bila dah kuat dia lupa.
bila dah kuat dia alpa.
bila dah kuat dia takbur.
bila dah kuat dia bongkak.
bila dah kuat dia rasa dunia ini dia yang punya.

tapi manusia ini tidak pernah sedar.

bila dah kuat,kawan jadi lawan.
bila dah kuat,masih ada lagi yang lebih kuat.
bila dah kuat,tidak semestinya kita harus menang.
bila dah kuat,ia bukannya untuk di gunakan bagi tujuan yang salah.

aku pula bagaimana?
kuat ke aku?

angela aki - answer

1. "Tegami: Haikei Jūgo no Kimi e"
2. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
4. "Somebody Stop Me"
5. "ダリア (Dahlia)"
6. "Final Destination"
7. "Our Story"
8. "黄昏 (Tasogare)"
9. "We're All Alone (Boz Scaggs's Cover)"
10. "リフレクション (Reflection)"
11. "レクイエム (Requiem)"
12. "Black Glasses (In Collaboration with Ben Folds)"
13. "ファイター (Fighter)"

i love her amazing vocal and piano skills.reminds me of vanessa carlton


hati aku kosong.sape2 boleh tolong isi tak?
jangan cuba lagak pandai cakap dgn aku isi kan dgn amalan seperti solat,mengaji dan berzikir.

itu aku tau la bodoh.
dan kau tak paham semantik dan retorik bahasa melayu tidak layak mengajar aku apa itu erti kosong.


makan dota tido dota mandi dota minum dota everything pon dota!

DOTA - qayyumx's guide to newbies

Dota is probably one of the most addictive online games around and has brought with it a whole new lingo and even has it’s own music video. Until now I’ve avoided becoming a part of the dota cyber-culture thinking that it would be a waste of life. Yet alas I am now hooked and find myself losing sleep over it!

If you are new to the game (e.x. a ‘noob’) it is useful to know a few things if you wish to last more than 5 minutes in the game. I’ve compiled the following hints, tips and useful information (regarding experience, items, game modes, dota lingo, and maps) with the help of some dotards (die hards and retard)

Besides making your virtual fortune (gold) by killing creeps the main objective is to kill. However, to be an effective killing-machine, experience is crucial.

You gain experience by being near (within a 1000 radius) to an enemy unit (i.e. enemy heroes, enemy creeps and neutral creeps) when they die. Standing by, or just behind your ranged creeps when they attack is about right. If there are two or more players in a lane, you share the experience.

The map is divided into three main lanes - top, middle (mid) and bottom (bot). Note that if a comrade types something like "top solo" it means that they want to be in that lane alone. The benefit of this is that the player gains experience and levels up quicker, yet there is a greater chance of dying without support. In other words, do not solo if you’re a noob!

To improve your gameplay you need to know what items suit the different heroes. You also have to look at what heroes you're playing against if you want to try and counter them.

Like anything else, nothing comes for free. Items cost gold. Killing (or “farming”) creeps gets you gold, but you get more for destroying buildings and pawning the enemies head for a quick buck.

A general guide for you to work with is that you must get items that will compliment your hero's abilities. For example, if your hero has a high agility you should focus and getting agility items (such as the Butterfly or a Lothar’s edge, (or at a simpler level , the boots of speed or elven skin boots).

Items that increase your hero's attack speed are also good to go for (something like the gloves of haste at the simplest level). Items that compliment these are one’s like a buriza (which has a % chance to critical strike). These are best for heroes with very fast attack speeds (generally agility), because they’ll have a greater chance of getting in more crits.

You may often see the pros wielding items such as Battle Furys and vladimir's. However, these are designed for melee heroes, so don't get them for a ranged hero. If you’re a noob it’s recommended that you choose a ranged hero as this will allow you to fight from a distance and escape death faster.

At first, try and focus on the items from the level 1 shop (the little peasant at the base). It’s also probably a good idea to focus on items that provide you with a few extra hp (hit points) to ensure that you live a little longer. However, don’t be fooled by items such as the heart (that pink item); rather get a couple of bracers. These are cheap and effective (available at a level one shop by combining a gauntlet of strength with a mantel of intelligence).

The essential item that you should carry with you at all times is the town portal spell. Pros know the best order in which to cast their spells and will annihilate you in a second if you get to close. If you are alone, far from your base, and you can’t see any of the enemy heroes on the mini-map, then run home or use a town portal because they’re probably coming for you.

You’ll often see people type 'ms' - this is an army term which stands for "missing". It means you don't know where the enemy hero is, so basically you are telling your teamies to be careful.

If you are in a lane against someone and they move away and you cant see them on the minimap, tell your team "bot ms" (or whichever lane you're in), because the enemy hero might try to gank (surprise attack) one of your teammates, and they will be upset if you didn't warn them.

Pros love to say 'imba' a lot, which stands for "imbalanced". This means that someone or their team is extremely good and therefore the contest is unfair or imbalanced. E.g. people type "im imba" instead of e.g. "I’m fuckiing invincible".

'b' stands for "back", it means "get the hell back or they are gonna pawn your ass!"

Other acronyms include:
- gl (good luck)
- hf (have fun)
- gg (good game)
- wp (well played)
- wd (well done)
- np (no problem)
- ty (thank you)
- ffs (for FUCK's sake)
- omg (oh my God)
- nvm (nevermind)
-diu (FUCK)
-sohai (stupid)
-mcb (macibai)
-cb (cibai)
-o0o (fuck)
-gb (gang bank/gank)

If you type "-di" you will be shown your creep stats in the top right corner of the screen (how many kills and denies you have). If one of your own creeps or towers are very on low health, you can actually kill (deny) them to prevent the enemy heroes from killing them and getting gold. They will be the ones who get the experience though.

If you are hosting a game (which you probably shouldn't do unless you have a 512kbps ADSL line or faster) as soon as the game starts you have to set the mode by typing one of the following commands:
-ap (allpick): you can pick a hero from any of the buildings (even from the buildings on the opposing team).
-ar (all random): you are given a random hero.
-sd (single draft): you are given three random heroes to choose from (one with high agility, one with high strength, or one with a high intelligence).
These are the 3 main modes, which are useful to know before diving in and joining a game.

Other modes can be used in conjunction with these modes:
-em (easy mode): you get more gold and buildings are weaker. This is usually typed in conjunction with another mode ex. –apem (allpick, easy mode).

Try to avoid em games though as they will make you a worse player. However, they are usually shorter than normal games so if you have limited time to play they’re rather useful.

There are other, less common modes which are explained in the 'map info' menu when you are in a game. One’s you might see are:
-sp (shuffle players): shuffles the sentinel and scourge teams before game start.
-dm (death match): when you die you are given a different hero.
-mm (mirror mode)
-sc (super creeps)
-wtf (what the fuck): spells do not have cooldowns and do not cost any mana.
You can even string a whole lot of modes together e.x. –aremdm (all random, easy-mode, deathmatch).

To find out what your character’s level is and how much experience you have, type the following commands when you're in any channel:
/level (tells you what your current level is)
/getal (similar to /level)
/exp (tells you how much experience you have and how much you need to level up. Usually about 5 min after finishing a game it tells you that you have gained exp from it)
/setal x (if you are level 10 and want to host a game that is level 5, you use this command to change your level temporarily. You can’t make it higher than your actual level though)
Type /help for a list of other commands

It is also very useful to type /level before a game starts which will provide you with the levels of all the players you're about to go up against. (Just because a game says "for noobs" this is often not the case but rather a trap to lure you in). If the levels of the other players far exceed your own join another game).

You can get started by downloading the latest dotA map. Currently the latest is version 6.55, and you can download it at www.getdota.com. New maps are released every now and then so keep checking the site for updates.

New maps usually have bug fixes and balances (i.e. if it is felt that a specific hero is too good he/she/it will be made slightly weaker or vice versa). Sometimes new heroes are added as well.

Every now and then someone will write AI for one of the dota maps (where you can play against bots for practice), but it doesn't happen too often so best to play custom games in War3 by selecting the dota map. You can also modify these in the war3editor.

One last word of advice: try not to die. The less you die the more you own!

p/s : gahahaha.eksen sial tulis guide for newbies

grr fucktards malays.

aku tak faham.why why and why malays now days suka sangat lagak? eksen? okay la i admit korang mmg bagus main.professional tapi asal datang room low serendah room 55 nak cari mangsa? cmon lawan pro lain bole menang takkan lawan dgn aku ni kalah.ironic

kalau betol2 pro apasal tak masuk tornament? asal tak lepak clan war room? datang buat onar room rendah2 asal? cari pasal dgn org lvl2 rendah? dah pahal datang tempat org cari pasal ye tak?

fine gg lvl aku lvl 27 je.kau lvl 43 la lvl 50 la so what? ada hak datang buat onar ke dgn lvl kecik2? datang buat onar kene own gak.tau la korang semua lepak room 20.clan seko2 ada nama.lanc.inc ni underdog je.tapi bole je makan korang yg professional tu.

aku takde nama,clan pon cikai je rite? tapi org2 cam aku ni la selamatkan nama melayu dari busuk dari golongan mcm kau semua.org suka hangout dgn aku pasal aku respect org kot.sempoi je.takde kerek sana kerek sini sampahkan org ke hape.aku tak la ngaku aku pro ke ape tapi main relax suda la kan.ajar bebudak baru nak main.mcm aku.humble.budak2 kau reject dari room tu lari masuk room aku,aku gilap seko2.bawak naik.kasi main.train elok2.ni tak.budak tu noob semua kau maki kau tendang keluar.dah kau sorang je nak jadi pro? susah la mcm ni

pegi la lanc sama cina.ni melayu sama melayu pon kau nak makan? payah la beb mcm ni.gengster bagi kat kau,jual dadah bagi kat kau,merompak pon bagi kat kau,jenayah semua bagi kat kau.mende kau ni? sial aku meluat dgn bangsa aku sendiri.

just now aku baru ajar satu clan nama GL mende ntah.bajet bagus je kan.masuk2 room org caci maki org noob,dgn salan ke hape takde.bukan main -captains mode pon.all pick je.pun kene pukul?

see,draft kami pon hero noob.tgk team diorang.advance sungguh hero.camni rupanya professional room 20 main.respect.tapi pape hal kau semua mmg power.aku admit.

Lion - StevenYong38 (support/ward) - Captain of Lanc.Inc [top lane]
Nerubian Assasin - bmdghost (ganker) - Examiner of Lanc.Inc [bottom lane]
Priestesses Of The Moon - Feyyo|Red (farmer/ganker) - cF Clan Lord [mid]
Skeleton King - Xn|nqhisa (carry/farmer) - Inactive of Lanc.Inc [top lane]
Tidehunter - qayyumx (ganker/tanker) - Lanc.Inc Clan Lord [bottom lane]

pm me for the replay.i save the game for review.

sorry sorry lambat membalas tag

1.Tag from arnie dekat facebook.

Create a new note, copy and paste this message, delete my answers and type in yours. Then tag 21 good friends and family INCLUDING the person who tagged you. The theory is that you will learn one new thing about each of your friends.

1. Yum
2. Mok
3. gayyum <--- lanc.inc only

1. Penjaga Cyber Cafe
2. Keje Kantin
3. Creative / Art Director

1. Rantau Panjang Kelantan
2. Pulau Tioman
3. Muar Johor

1. House M.D
2. Leverage
3. The Beauty and The Geek

1. Amsteradam
2. North Pole
3. Venice

1. Asam Pedas Ikan Pari
2. Shisha <---- food ke?
3.Anything yg banyak serta sedap <---- tak memilih haha

1. Buy i7 set of computer.
2. Becoming one of the member in international DOTA team.
3. Having a karoke set.

1. Cats
2. Fishs
3. Turtle

1. Whos reading
2. S.Q
3. Anybody

1. Larc En Ciel
2. Damien Rice
3. Uverworld

1. EPL
2. SLP
3. WWE

1. Nes O Ais
2. Xi Mut Tea <--- thanks aliya kenalkan aku air ni
3.Choc Pearl Milk Tea

2.A-Z tag dari ntah aku lupa nama kau.

A - Age -> 21 1/2

B - Bed size
-> Single

C - Chore you hate
-> Mengajar newbies main dota

D - Dog's name
-> zzzzzzzzz kapir ke apa bele anjing?

E - Essential start-your-day item
-> series of insults to the chosen people.

F - Favorite color
-> Choc

G - Gold or Silver
-> Gold

H - Height
-> 170++

I - Instruments you play
-> im a bassist,simple drums :)

J - Job title
->lanc.inc manager + art director + creative director + stategist + a shoulder to cry on + loner + welfare

K- Kid(s)
-> maybe no for now

L - Living arrangements
-> my own room for now

M - Mum's name
-> Zuraidah Abdullah

N - Nicknames
-> Yum,mok,boss,gayyum,yum noob,bear,bobo etc2

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth
-> too many to list down

P - Pet Peeve
-> org perasan dia hero

Q - Quote from a movie
-> Either you die a hero or you watch yourself to become powerful until you become the villain itself : the dark knight

R - Right or left handed
->Right <--- forced to since i broke my left longgggggggg time ago S - Siblings ->another 3

T - Time you wake up
-> tak tentu

U- Underwear
-> tak pakai.i got boxers

V - Vegetable you dislike
-> maybe none

W - What makes you run late
- my fat body wahkwahkaw

X-rays you've had
->tooo many also

Y- Yummy food you make
-> macam2.haha dare to try?

Z- Zombies are attacking, what do you do?
-> ok guys lets do that like we do in L4D and Killing Floor.

dah jawab tag korang.kay sesape yg baca u have BEEN TAAGGED!

sementara itu

life has been shits and hell this 2 months.em but i think this shits and hell are now over.i did learn a lesson from my mistake,and i see the unarguably truth in the reality.

tidak perlu ajar aku erti dan soal mengenai cinta,hati,jodoh dan masa.aku sudah nampak.dan ia membuatkan aku menjadi lebih kuat.kesemua persoalan mengenai cinta,hati,jodoh dan masa ni tidak berguna pun sebenarnye.senjata yg lebih berkuasa untuk menafikan 4 persoalan ini ialah ragu-ragu dan alasan.

biarpun kuat nya cinta,kuat nya hati,bertapa jodoh itu ada dan masa yg panjang,tetapi jikalau ada perasaan ragu-ragu dan sering memberikan alasan,maka ia sama dgn pepatah lama "kalau nak 1000 daya kalau taknak 1000 alasan"

aku percaya kata2 ini benar.jikalau kau benar2 mahu,jikalau kau benar2 suka,jikalau kau benar2 cinta,aku tak rasa ada sebarang masalah,sebarang ragu2,sebarang alasan boleh menggugat kemahuan kau itu.

tidak perlulah mainkan hati org dgn bercakap tentang masa akan menentu jodoh.masa depan.ianya sentiasa berubah.dan jika kita tidak melakukan apa2 dari sekarang,dan hanya dengan memberi alasan untuk inginkan masa,untuk divert kan pemikiran.itu semua hanyalah kata2 sampah dan juga kata2 bagi manusia yg penakut.

aku sudah menyedari erti ini.akan aku lalui dgn tabah.aku juga tidak takut berdepan rasa takut dan juga berdepan hari2 yg akan datang.alasan dan ragu2.silalah pergi.aku kini bertambah kuat.lebih kuat dari biasa.hati ini bukanlah cip seperti yg di program seperti komputer,ia perlu mengambil pengalaman hidup dari titian perjalanan yg penuh pancaroba ini.

sudah banyak kancah masalah yg aku terjebak,mengapa mesti mau berhenti sekarang? TERUS MAJU!

p/s : jika di antara pembaca yg merasakan aku ini sedang menulis pasal kamu,maka kau bersikap prejudis,kerana di dalam penulisan ini tiada kaitan dgn kamu pun.dan juga jika kamu sebagai pembaca merasakan tulis aku ini sebagai suatu dendam,maka benarlah kata2 ku ini.membuatkan kau terfikir di mana silapnya diri sendiri

gunung ledang - owned

today aku dan beberapa org kawan pegi berekspidisi ke gunung ledang.sangat gembira.sangat suka.divert pemikiran aku yg sedang serabot.erm i really need a vacation anyway pun.terima kasih kawan2.

susah nak dapat kompol semua org mcm hari ni.sangat2 susah.raya pon.ada je yg taleh nak ikot exam la,balik kampung la,raya ikot awek la.kejadahnya.haha.so then di pendekkan cerita geng dari batu pahat : aku,tuffah,sapik,naim,epi,hafiz,sanie,luqa dgn alip.

geng melaka : gboy,aiman,ren

so kami berpiknik skali.buat bbq dgn makan mee.terasa semangat muhibbah.haha geli sial ayat.anyway mmg fun.

before pergi

dah sampai

haha candid waktu tgh nak bogel

beruk batu pahat + beruk MMU

racist to arab (attufah)

vatos locos

sengih cam kerang busok

mencekik time

lepak2 seblom balik

ada lagi gambar tapi malas nak upload.em saya ingin mengucapkan banyak2 terima kasih kepada kawan2 yg sudi meluangkan masa untuk berkumpul serta menjalani aktiviti.susah sungguh nak kumpol mcm ni siot.kalau sorang ada sorang lagi takde.tapi kali ni dapat gak kumpul sesame.terima kasih.u all make my day :)

p/s : jyuupon gatana/lanc.inc always in my heart



sooner or later

em.lately aku sudah hilang connection dgn real world.last week i sleep almost 74 hours.OD taking sleep pills.yeah.u can blame me.its not like im gonna suicide or what.i just overtake.i take 3 in 2 hours sbb pills tu tak working pon.so what?

em n then this week kinda busy.attend saniy's sister engagement, having futsal matchups, meeting blood brothers.karoke.shisha.eventho im still not over it.and still grounded for the things ive done, it didnt help at all.betul kata tya aziz.its so hard living like this.feels like every breath u take mcm satu big step yg sangat besar which ntah siapa tau we'll make it or not without any care.

em.to those bloodbrothers thanks for being there when im in need.to lanc inc clan thanks also sbb spend time with me.its a small favor i can do for u guys by managing and handling the clan issue.

im done talking with her.seems all my words pun takde guna.summore im just another big jerk in front of her eyes.yeah my future is gloomy like what my heart is now.im learning to swallow each and every second of it.whats the point of tomorrow if now u didnt do anything to make sure tomorrow exist right? some people just dont understand it.well some people do.

time passes by.people come and go.deaths and birth.its all karma.if she thinks only she suffers from it, she shud know i suffers more then her.yelah.im just a shadow.phantom guy.a little sacrifice for me pon cant.em i shudnt talk bad about cha.in fact i am not for ya.i a jerk.bad man.all i just know is having a partner just like u said.

if its the end.so be it.july is comming its gonna be a new book.im moving far away.far far away for sure this time.to those yg i remember when im moved away consider urself is a very good friend of mine.to those whos i fogotten and forsaken,i am very sorry.i cudnt bear to watch myself touchering and make u suffer with the presence of myself there.maybe im gone and things wud get better.there no heart feeling.i realized how unneeded myself in ur life.im just another pain.

so.go away mr sadness.go away very far.im no longer in ur territory.to LORD i pray,gimme strength to face this cruel world.

i never walked so far on a lonely street with no one with me.its it worth the pain with no one to blame? for all of my insecurities.

how did i ever let you go..

p/s : one day...one room..


last time i heard, u like to do what people tell u to do walaupun u didnt even like it at all

last time i check, u are very hard to decide what to do.

last time i remember, u are so goddamn susah nak cakap whats the problem and whats wrong

last time i think, u said biarlah apa pun.


this time.why are u making so much noise?

and again this time, why now suddenly u wanna voice it all out,why now u wanna find the meaning of adil, the meaning of decide, and the meaning of free life.

p/s : do you even think about it? well i did my thinking always 50 steps head.dont try to pusing ayat cakap yes aku mmg handal bercakap.no im not.this is reallity.

not suitable for those who under 18 years old.

you have been warned.

pick one from this 3.gonna use for lanc.inc logo


-new look on this blog.
-100 things i hate post
-national sarcasm society openings (like i need your support,fucktards)
-password protected posts
-login to read (invited readers only)
-private sections
-walls of shame
-wanted (this gadjet i will fucking screw you,talking shit and sorts about you :) )

thats all for now.i need a fucking 12-hours-of-un-fucking-believable sleep)

cya hommies.

to those who didnt get the invitation to read this blog.you are most welcome to go to hell.go read signs there.tq.

oh.i forgot to mention.i fucking hate you.im gonna forsake and forget you from the very core of my mind.yes.thats for sure.

gimme rest.

im dying for internet connection here.so i got one.im fucking tired and i need a long rest.

gimme rest will ya?

brb when im done sleeping like a baby :)