last time i heard, u like to do what people tell u to do walaupun u didnt even like it at all

last time i check, u are very hard to decide what to do.

last time i remember, u are so goddamn susah nak cakap whats the problem and whats wrong

last time i think, u said biarlah apa pun.


this time.why are u making so much noise?

and again this time, why now suddenly u wanna voice it all out,why now u wanna find the meaning of adil, the meaning of decide, and the meaning of free life.

p/s : do you even think about it? well i did my thinking always 50 steps head.dont try to pusing ayat cakap yes aku mmg handal im not.this is reallity.


Luna said...

nanti, dia akan tersedar.

it's like, a mute who can suddenly speak.

there'll be a lot to say.

forgive him/her.

the past fucked him/her enough.

Qayyum Abdul Razak said...

nope.eventho semua dah lepas.then why now him/her wanna question it all now.

penat dah suruh tell everything,be honest etc2.

geez its getting on my nerve

Anonymous said...

coz maybe him/her not ready yet.
or maybe now she find the best word to say.

Anonymous said...

ea neyh aku pais..
terpakai akk aku pnye id plak