troll, trolling & getting troll

semalam ada drama mini di #twitterjaya about troll. kelakar. such a troller, kena troll and he turns emo.kelakarnya, bila kau #butthurt ramai lak yg support. wah buli n troll org boleh kau kena troll tak boleh funni shiiit

tell u what. i've been trolling since i was 15, when is start to play counter-strike in a local cybercafe. then the art of trolling grew. im now online gaming. gunbound. starting to troll people like, in a global stage, mock them, troll them, make them look stupid. i even learn some foreign language.

mexico, venezuella, egypt, tripoli, dutch, danish, all sort of cursing and mocking.

pada aku troll ni. small matter, do not feed the troll. do not fight back. buat tak tau je. aku puas n masak dah kena troll zaman sekolah. sbb aku gemuk and so. tak rasa apa2. tak luak apa2. ini baru kena troll kat twitter, emo. boooo. sad case :(

grow up k? get a job. be a man, pay some debt to the society kiddo.

#WW 10

Maya Persada

Sepasang insan jiwa halus murni
Menggenggam teguh ikrar cinta bak mahkota
Meski pun badai melanda

Secitra lambang luhur semara
Tapi menjadi legenda cinta musnah
Inikah di-Nas kan Pencipta

Melayar bahtera cinta
Di alun gelora
Menuju pantaian kasih
Penuh merintih

Abadikah kami di sana
Maya persada

tribute : Lefthanded.


apa macam? sedap? makan potato cip sampai 6 botol. pekena bege ramli sampai 6 biji? tuhan pon tak dapat tolong kau. HOME TUUU :(

FT : 6-1 (Manchester City 6 - Manchester United 1)

p/s : we make them look like a futbal wankers didnt we? #WHYALWAYSME?

17, student, bitches :(

for some reason im not gonna bash this little bitch. instead, i feel sorry for her. maybe she didnt had a ride in a big bikes, or maybe she didnt have the chance go to to motoGP either she is born with permanent brain damage diagnosed. i feel sorry for her. congratulations u just made the whole female look dumb.

CBR 250 kenal? ninja 250 kenal? Hyosung 650r kenal? kejap

 mai naik JND 7172 dengan abam yum meh. abam yum bawak adik pegi syurga :D

adik ni ninja tau? tapi one rider je. jauhhhh boleh pegi. kilat2 tuuuu

haaa adik ini dia hyosung 650r. kalau adik nak mati masuk neraka meh naik ni dgn abam yum

Muammar Gadaffi

u guys wont probably know this guy until the 2011 civil war in libya happens right? suddenly he died sumwhere this week and u guys worship and call him a hero when the reality is he did massacre and launch coupe d e'tat which he did it to take over libya from the libya king - KING IDRIS I that time.

read about the coup d'etat here

true. he was a symbolic leader of libya. true he did implement islamic value in libya. which was stated in a book by Edmond Jouve - My Vision With Muammar Gadaffi.

and i quote :

"... a country without alcohol, where the population abides by strict codes of male-female conduct that require both sexes to stay virgins until marriage—there are no dance clubs, no bars, no young couples strolling down the street, holding hands...I go in search of the town hotspot and discover it to be the local internet café, where crowds of young men play video games, enter English-language chat rooms, and examine—however surreptitiously—Western porn sites. It takes me a few minutes to notice that there’s not a single woman in the place. Away from the progressive cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, women stay largely in the home, out of sight. A local man, Mahmud, tells me that women here aren’t allowed to see or interact with males outside of their immediate family, including any would-be husband."

yes he is a hero, sponsored by NATO himself to take the throne and become the KING OF KINGS in 1969.

and i read some bullshit here

i was like. WTH?

think again. why was the civil wars happen? simply u blame US. the conspiracy. those fucken sick theories of yours. he did kill alot of people in 1969 he never stop doing so.

mengamalkan system pemerintahan islam? does islam allow dictator-ism ? is he really fair? what does libya oil-money spent on? weapon of mass destruction? u guys can call him a hero. u guys can call him a warrior. because is ISLAM. right? judge him on what he does. its a quite long time from 1969 till 2011 and all i heard is libya is still like that. poor. his assets is frozen by the US? did u think why his asset frozen? why did he receive help from NATO?

simple equation, NATO helps him, he gives NATO the oil. when he's in charge, he backstabbed NATO, resulting in getting banned, frozen assets, blah blah blah.


those 19 good things about gadaffi on that blog is purely rubbish and is viewed only by those islamic people. YEAH. SERBANITAS HERE I HIGHLIGHT. MIND YOU.

and during his years serving as a king in libya. he does seek acceptance from those ILLUMINATI nations. including VLADMIR PUTIN. i cant believe u guys simple wrote down and believe. my god.

he rule libya for so long, his citizens suffers. too much oppression too much corruption. he took down the kingdom of KING IDRIS with war. have u not heard about "mensucikan najis dengan benda suci, bukan mensucikan najis dengan najis".

i dont know. you can say he died sempat mengucap syahadah. u can say he died as islam. to me he did nothing but damages. giving us islam a bad name. but who am i to say that.

Muammar Gadaffi
(7 June 1942 - 20 October 2011)

for dad

another inspirational movie after JOHN Q,  and i did not regret of being rundown by heavy rain just to get my ass to mid valley today. and i realize, that how much that i did i miss my dad, and both of us is missing a lot in both our lives.

as u all know im not the fav son of his, either he is not proud with me. he gives me a lot of hell. but he never,ever neglect his responsibility. he's not there, but his money is, but still he;s not there, if he' there he wud beat me up. and mock me. as for i am that time. a fat fuck without any brain at all. and i gotta tell u this, all of those sufferings, help me build up my ego. build up myself. i aint easy to be bullied and fall down.

i was told to go to school by my own and go home alike. i dont really remember how, but i manage to get to school. and home safely for the week. but than mom saved me, hired a school van. HAHA.

ok enough reminiscing the old times. what pass is pass. now. here i am. dad bought me a superbike last raya. i cudnt thanks him much, and today, i gotta tell u this, i miss my dad. both of us cant return all of the years we should spend together, all the-get-to-know either kiss and hug session,

i just want to say, thank you dad, thank you very much. and i kinda miss you.

thanks dad, for being one for me, for being an asshole, for being one of a hell,  and i dont mind if ur not proud with me, im proud with u, u raised little bro well. u deserve the best dad award. at least u did leave a legacy behind. little bro get all A's in every major exam, while i, am a perfect gamer was ever created.


p/s : i cant imagine if i told him this. either salam cium tangan during hari raya. #thatawkwardmoment #truestory

#WW 9

Friendster I-cafe Dota Tourney October 2011

 waaa KCR LIAO

 naaab vs -_- *facepalm*

 drafting phase
 tapau shizuma

 kena tapau

the league punya board

Word(s) of the day

blogger. penulis buku. effort. merajuk. kawan-kawan. rumah sewa. kantolkan. tido. keyboard warrior. kawan makan kawan. bergadoh

cc : masrul azlan, ashra hakim.

sejak aku dgn ashi blah, things were never the same

apalah nak jadi dengan dunia


hai kawan2. hari ini saya ingin berkongsi sedikit sebanyak terminalogi bagi beberapa istilah dari bahasa ingeris kepada bahasa melayu. tak perlukan google translate mahupun oxford absolute-perfect dictionary untuk me-nyah-tata-bahasakan terminalogi ini.

SOLAR STORM - percikkan api narakka (narakka di eja sebegitu untuk mengekalkan unsur-unsur mistik)

MOON HALO EFFECT - hentaman terakhir dari narakka

AURORA - cahaya kemarahaan dan bala dari langit seperti dalam hadis.

untuk harini. 3 terms je.



I have seen peace. I have seen pain,
Resting on the shoulders of your name.
Do you see the truth through all their lies?
Do you see the world through troubled eyes?
And if you want to talk about it anymore,
Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder,
I'm a friend.

I have seen birth. I have seen death.
Lived to see a lover's final breath.
Do you see my guilt? Should I feel fright?
Is the fire of hesitation burning bright?
And if you want to talk about it once again,
On you I depend. I'll cry on your shoulder.

You're a friend.

You and I have been through many things.
I'll hold on to your heart.
I wouldn't cry for anything,
But don't go tearing your life apart.

I have seen fear. I have seen faith.
Seen the look of anger on your face.
And if you want to talk about what will be,
Come and sit with me, and cry on my shoulder,
I'm a friend.
And if you want to talk about it anymore,
Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder,
I'm a friend.



 situation : nobody cries for them, or at least one time per year. per person. lets distribute to nominal distribution. maybe 1 house 0.5 ratio?
situation : everybody cries for him. father of all invention. a revolutionary. an inventor.

i troll some, i got whack and bashed so much,
-dead people yum, its no fun to talk about dead people-
-tak kira la agama apa pon dia tapi kita di ajar tuk respect org mati-
-aku tak hina org yang dah mati- (YEAH FUCKING RIGHT)
-aku rasa kita dalam posisi tak boleh nak judge dia kot, tak kesah la ayah dia islam ke dia kafir ke-



and who are u to tell me this and that? question urself. have u spend 30 minutes to watch bersamamu on wednesday, and watch one hell of a family raising a kid in a half wrecked shelter without electricity, treated water, and earns rm 5.50 per day and not even have the ability to talk? and after finished watching did u rush into the nearest cash deposit machine and bank in what ever u had left in ur wallet? and if u did all of these. YES, YOU ARE IN A POSITION TO TELL ME THIS AND THAT MOTHER FUCKIN BITCH WHO CUDNT EVEN AFFORD YOURSELF A PROPER CLOTHING. AND YEAH UR FROM THE FUCKIN FAMOUS IIUM. BITCHES BELONG THERE AS FAR AS I KNOW

dont u talk about "REZEKI MANUSIA LAIN2" im talking about what are u doing, what are u gonna do and what are u thinking? bitch wheres ur brain? im telling u.

planet x



that bigger outer circle is planet X,
the inside outer circle of planet X is planet nibiru which u can call it planet Y
and the glowing dot is the moon.

and the fool whom is reading this is from earth and probably a moron

hey i got some idea. its fun.
lets do some easy and simple maths equation here just by using our imagination.

if X is > than Y and Y is > than moon, what will happen if ;

X hits Y and both X + Y hit the moon? 

and if X didnt hit Y, that doesnt make Y hit the moon. correct?

and if earth is > than the moon, what is the probability of earth surviving those X + Y + moon impact if the ratio of each factor is X : 4, Y : 2, moon : 1 and earth : 3.

currently, up to now,

there is 512 comments and pending, and there is 512 types of stupidity inside. care to join?

u wud love to join. and trollers are allowed to laugh thru their imagination only. while fame hunter can hunt the facts thru THE ARRIVAL and FACEBOOK.

just what kind of person are u?

heaven wont hear u, hell wont accept u just yet. 
turn to yahweh, seek judas, believe in belial. u might get saved in the nickest of time


9999-sive. 9999-licious.

boleh jadi ini kali yang ke 9999 aku kata yang aku nak retire. tapi kali ini. aku serius. mcm 9998 kali yang lepas. aku jugak cakap yang aku serius kali ni. sebenarnya aku tak tau berapa serius kata aku untuk retire sebagaimana aku cakap dengan serius 9998 kali yg lepas. ok ini serius. like, dead serius.

sebenarnya. aku memang dah retire. i mean like, semi-retire. dalam 2 minggu dapat la 2-3 game. tu pon temankan paeh, steven, madi, rnd main public games. sometimes kena tapau. sometimes menapau. most of the time menapau la kan.

tapi itu bukan kenapa aku tulis warkah ini. aku nak menulis sesuatu yang aku rasa, aku dah kecewakan orang. aku bukan seorang cikgu, atau apa yang kau panggil sifu, tenaga pengajar, or babysitter yang baik. tak banyak benda aku dapat ajar pada kau. kau, dan juga kau. bukan sorang. tapi aku tulis ni untuk arep (crackerzx), steven (RazingNPH), rnd (metasymph.00) dan pizy (AJIN) sebenarnya aku tak tolong korang gain apa yang korang nak gain. korang sampai ke tahap situ dengan usaha diri kau sendiri, aku tak lock apa2 special traits pon dari korang. its all on u guys punya own effort.

aku juga nak mintak maaf pada rnd sbb tak penah nak bawak kau pegi draft game ke or apa2 game yang serius.aku tau kau kecewa sbb aku tak berikan kau peluang tuk kau main draft game. aku selalu suruh kau train benda2 bodoh, last hit, farm, belajar hide n gank thru fog. chase n kill sapa dulu time war. sepatutnya aku bawak kau, tapi aku selalu bagi alasan kau tak ready lagi. selalu kata kau kena belajar itu dan ini, kalau tak di beri peluang, mcm mana kau nak belajar kan? so aku totally blame diri aku tuk ini. sedikit sebanyak aku rasa bersalah, sbb tak berapa nak dedahkan kau. aku selalu suruh aku tgk replay tapi bila tiba praktikal, aku tak penah nak bagi kau peluang.

banyak lagi benda yang boleh aku blame diri sendiri. aku tak percaya pada kau, etc2. setakat ni aku percaya dgn steven sbb steven dah lama main dgn aku. di akhir2 kareer ni, aku nak enjoy each and every single game yang aku main. no regrets, aku dah decide, this is it. i want to end my legacy. i want to end it all. i want to seek forgiveness.

maaf, aku tak mampu dan tak boleh jadi seorang cikgu yang baik. contoh yang baik. idola yang baik.

pada anak2 buah yang lain, tak payah hormat aku sangat, tak payah nak idolize aku, tak bagus pun. aku bagus kerana korang ada, tanpa korang, aku ni siapa? tanpa Lanc.Inc, tanpa KCR, tanpa QB, tanpa XT, tanpa ksProxy, yum? adalah sorang key overrated fat fuck keyboard warrior. nothing more nothing less.


its already 4 years. i done getting hurt. the cut it too deep. i think its time already i stop hurting myself because of you H. im done with everything. everysingle thing. and i hate october because of u.

because. of you.

#ww 7

Fai's Wedding

cant believe myself. i did do the poco-poco dance. yeah its fai's wedding. fai's now married. to be honest, im kinda sad. i dont know how or why but its a sad thing but makes me happy somehow. yeah im happy.

i think after this week. its time for me to hang my mouse. its really really the time for me. to retire. oh ya, im having a local dota tourney this week on saturday and sunday at times square KL. do come and cheer for me, i dont think i cudda win this one. but im playing this as for my last tournament and career in dota scene.

oh btw enjoy some pics.

do not ask me when is my time. i dont fuckin know myself.


obviously i was not happy malam tadi. kan?

 duge, shah, man's gf

 paeh n me. #foreveralone.jpg naabs

 the food.

 man, man's gf, james

 steven, duge, shah

 the bride and bridegroom 

 1st time menepung tawar dalam hidup

 amin n milo

 amin menepung tawar

milo menepung tawar lak

Octfest #2

Janji pukul 2.30. Mandi pukul 3.30. "Bagus Is, bagus, buat la lagi mcm ni", sambil is terkibai-kibai berjalan ke fakulti. Telefon bimbitnya di genggam, beg laptop berisi pelbagai barangan yang tak penah di bawa pelajar lain.

"Wei Ikmal serumah dgn kau kan? Aku dah pesan kat dia suruh gerakkan kau dari kelas pagi tadi. Ko pehal la salu la datang lambat kalau ada discussion group or meeting. Sebenarnya aku taknak amik ko, tapi sebab ko sorang yang boleh buat dgn tolong kiteorg, tu pon sbb puan Zalina paksa kau tahu? Benda ni affect markah kau last sem. Kalau tak, takkan nye aku nak amik ko la". Is membodoh. Laptop, speaker dan broadband di keluarkan. Meja di tarik. Is masih lagi membodoh. Tangannya masih lagi menggenggam telefon bimbit. "Hmm, kelas kot, tak apalah. Dia dah janji nak datangkan? After all im going because of her anyway. I dont give a damn bout this pathetic dinner and the whole community. Im gonna get my degree in other place. This isnt a best place for me. Im stuck with my abilities here. Not with this bunch of downgraded and mind disabled people. Im here because dad told me to stay here. Senang dapat kerja, he says".

Bilik kelas di gegar dgn bunyi futuristik dan juga animasi dedaun dan logo, Dibob, Panjang, Ayob, Milah dan Aimi terlopong. Tak sangka sebangang-bangang Is, semalas-malas Is, dia memang hebat dalam bidang dia.


"Good work Is, dah okay dah tapi color dia tu ko cerahkan sikit, and then smooth kan sikit keyframe dia biar dia nampak cam smooth la. plus la timming +5 ke + 10 ke, overall okay. Aku suka. Korang pun suka kan?" Kata Dibob. 


"Ko asal wey? Takkan touching aku tegur ko gitu?"

"Tade pe ah. Aku banyak benda lagi nak settle. Apa lagi kau nak aku buat?"

"Try cari range color lain, kalau boleh la, yang ni pon dah ok. Kang aku mintak bebanyak ko mengaruk. Stay idea original je, takyah banyak tangan takyah nak vogue sangat, bukan ada pa pon kan?"



to be continued on octfest #3

Octfest - #1

"Wei Is, kau dah siap design logo dinner? Next week Dibob nak dow, dia dah dok cari aku sehari dua ni, pending beb keje kau, nanti dah siap kau submit kat aku ah k?" Is memandang monitor samsung 23" nya, telinganya di pekakkan dengan bunyian manusia menjerit dan bunyi magazin peluru yang berlumba keluar dari perut minigun-nya. Is pura-pura tak tahu, baginya kerja yang sudah ada tak tertanggung. Dia lebih rela menanggung cacian "pejuang" lain yang sibuk membedil barisan mayat hidup di laman "TINGGAL TUK MATI" (Left 4 Dead).

Sedang Is menyelinap masuk semak mengelak ratusan "witch", lalu permainannya "hang".

"AH SIAL, BANGSAT HOST KOMP PUKI LEMBAB, KERIT GAME BUAT APA SIAL" di tekan alt tab. Paparan screen samsung Is kembali ke "desktop". Sesekali kelihatan nota kaki di bucu kanan screennya berkelip merah, hijau dan biru.

*(HIJAU) Presentation CTU, Translation Transcript, Design Poster MOA - submited.

Is bingkas bangun. Merebah. Hatinya, "pukimak, harap je exam A selalu, design satu hapa pon tak pandai tapi bila bab teori kau semua paling power, bila tiba bab-bab macam ni, aku yang kau cari, aku yang kau puja, aku yang kau damba, kalau bukan sebab dinner ni semua tuk batch ni, memang aku tinggal bontang, peduli apa aku pasal korang. 3 tahun aku kat sini, i dont give a shit anyway. PUKIMAK, bila nak siap?"

Handphone di capai, tangannya menaip pantas. "U'll be here kan syg?". Message sent. Is bangun. Di capai tuala di ampaian. Air di cedok.


(akan bersambung di Octfest - #2)

october rants.

greetings. im telling you guys,in october, there will be less post about what i am been doing what am i doing what i am gonna do and what is happening.

i think im writing a series of shot stories on october.

i need to brush my writing skill aight? well then. enjoy.

rock on

 new sets

done pasang


oh cmmon kidding me?

Things You Should Explore In KL



FAKE AND GAY - part one

in this world, this very cruel world, u gotta be smart, u gotta be bold, there is a lot of fake and gay things out there is trying to get you. so let me present you. some fake and gay stuffs that i've been talking about.

1. #hanakakijimak;

2. #edward-de-fucken-fake-vampire-king

meanwhile, in the other hand...