for dad

another inspirational movie after JOHN Q,  and i did not regret of being rundown by heavy rain just to get my ass to mid valley today. and i realize, that how much that i did i miss my dad, and both of us is missing a lot in both our lives.

as u all know im not the fav son of his, either he is not proud with me. he gives me a lot of hell. but he never,ever neglect his responsibility. he's not there, but his money is, but still he;s not there, if he' there he wud beat me up. and mock me. as for i am that time. a fat fuck without any brain at all. and i gotta tell u this, all of those sufferings, help me build up my ego. build up myself. i aint easy to be bullied and fall down.

i was told to go to school by my own and go home alike. i dont really remember how, but i manage to get to school. and home safely for the week. but than mom saved me, hired a school van. HAHA.

ok enough reminiscing the old times. what pass is pass. now. here i am. dad bought me a superbike last raya. i cudnt thanks him much, and today, i gotta tell u this, i miss my dad. both of us cant return all of the years we should spend together, all the-get-to-know either kiss and hug session,

i just want to say, thank you dad, thank you very much. and i kinda miss you.

thanks dad, for being one for me, for being an asshole, for being one of a hell,  and i dont mind if ur not proud with me, im proud with u, u raised little bro well. u deserve the best dad award. at least u did leave a legacy behind. little bro get all A's in every major exam, while i, am a perfect gamer was ever created.


p/s : i cant imagine if i told him this. either salam cium tangan during hari raya. #thatawkwardmoment #truestory