qayyum's weekly mixtape - 1

i think i want to start a new themed post - and i'll name it qayyum's weekly mixtape and i'll share new music that i accidentally discover/heard in the movies.

lately i have been watching a lot of movies, some movies ada sountrack yg sedap2 which sebenarnya nobody pun gives a damn, but here goes, the 1st week list of qayyum's weekly mixtape vol 1.

this week mixtape consist of  6 artist.

1. Nathan hermida - sure thing (original song - miguel with the same title, btw nathan hermida - the voice contestant)

2. Coldplay - us againts the world

3. Kelsia Bellarini - love me like you mean it

4. Zebra - beach house

5.  Born  - 10,000 Emerald Pools

6. Bil Musa - every single song on her EP. check her out :D

suitable for a long long road trip with bunch of friends. sekadar gambar hiasan, taken from the album drag me to vietnam 2014.

updates, mid sept-oct

1.  #toys4kidzIV

its been a while since CP group buat any charity program. and yeap we're back again after a several years of hiatus with this #toys4kidzIV, and this year its a bit different, we no longer ask for soft toys donation and stuffs, and the idea now is to ask for donations and buy 1 tshirt from us just for rm 35 ringgit. click on the picture to find more about our charity program. and feel free to ask me about anything regarding the program.


alhamdulillah #TJLANPARTY3 ended few weeks back. its was a successful event. breaking the trending topic for 2 days, got a lot good publicity about this event and surely one of a kind. this year format is totally different from the previous two tjlanparty, with the qualifier round introduces, giving it TI-feels for amateur player and new comers. and surely we'll return next year with more surprises. thank you to those who contribute their energy, time and passion to make #TJLANPARTY3 possible.
love u guys.

 players getting ready!

sup dude?

izaliza sumandak with her templar assassin outfit, cool :D

muka orang yg tak tido-tido buat kerja siang malam haha

3. Paeh & Yani / Hanes & Shafiza

dont ask, do not ask, just dont.

morning musings because i am dead bored


i always like this kind of atmosphere where everything is really calm before the storm finally came. currently i am sitting on my chair, looking out of the window. im bored, dead bored. i have been working so hard, so goddamn hard till theres nothing more to be done before 12. and here i am, writing this bullshit or bullcrap or whatever u guys want to call them.

i always thought that by taking some time off from things, would buy me more time to do other things. in fact, i was wrong. theres still things needed to be done. once u've finished with this one thing, another thing came in. and the cycle keeps on repeating itself. currently retiring from all of those dota n twt_dota thingy, datang pula benda lain.

jadi sebenarnya mcm mana kita nak bebaskan diri dari tanggungjawab. i mean, for once, i want to sleep without having things to think about before i sleep, and after i sleep. i dont want to answer this and that, or talk to people. i just want to relax and do my things without thinking about other people. i want to live on my own, for now. u know, talk to the same people everyday. the same thing, routine. i feel like i should disappear. i feel like i should stand far far away and only watch. but i couldnt resist that. maybe i am not that kind of person to begin with.

its not that i didnt try. i did. mom, and few more other people keep on asking me, why didnt u rply, are u busy, are they bothering u till u didnt rply anything. idk what to say to them. i wish i cudda've answer - "malas nak rply, penat, i am busy cant u see? im outside enjoying life that i should have" - all of these kind of answers without buat diorang terasa or mad at me. i know u people care, but for now, gimme some space to breathe. let me have sometime for myself. ya know, i have been working 26 days non stop and only had my break on merdaka and the day after before i start working 9 am - 10 pm including weekend.


i am currently texting this one girl. but the only thing that i've said in our texts is mainly - goodnight wishes, morning, daily routine shits and i dont think that we established anything or any conversation till she said it herself (omg malunya), or barely talk about things. i want to get to know her but i think i am just bothering her and stuffs. shit. i am a boring person. i am a robot. with all of these code of conducts, protocols, timing and shit i dont think im gonna last like this. i lack confidence. i would love to ask more and get to know her deeper. im hoping for nothing but i really really want to get to know her. but im afraid that she has the wrong idea about me already. haih.

partly bcos im no longer fun. partly bcos i only text her when only i had my free time, partly bcos of the timezone differences and the way this conversation is virtually done, so theres not much i can do. HAIH LAH. and i dont know what to say asdkjasdlkasdhasd help me on this one. man i suck


i feel a bit betrayed and disappointed with people. i mean, how could u judge me based on a public twitter account where i appointed some people to take care of the account. after all we been thru and after all of those things were said and done, suddenly we're not friends anymore? am i not worthy enough to be ur friend? do u have to judge me based on one twitter account after all of those things that i've done, we've done all these years? cmon man u've hurt me. u've hurt my feelings. i didnt do any of that to u. we cudda've talk like adult would. i cudda've retaliate the same way u did to me but i didnt because i dont want to hurt anybody's feeling over stupid matter. people with different views, hobbies, preferences boleh co-exist kot. but whe we choose to build up those walls for a reason seems so small? does it worth the hate?

bukan nak cakap diri sendiri best, bukan nak bangga siri ke apa. but selagi ada daya, selagi aku mampu, selagi boleh, i will be there for u. eventho i already know, mostly they wont be there when i needed them the most, i still want to be there for u. call me stupid call me dumb. but i am not that kind of ass when it comes to the term loyal, companion, and shit. i always put others before myself. always did, always do never failed to do so. tell me something, where am i when u needed me the most that time. and ask urself, where are u when i needed u the most? am i there? i am not? kinda makes me sad that time, but this is not the 1st time this kind of thing happened. people have different ego and different approach, but nevermind, life goes on.


being an adult sucks. responsibility sucks. living life sucks.

lawak studios

ever since i've take a break from everything bit by bit, i came across a new thing. which is attending our very own local scene of stand up comedies. honestly speaking, if you are into stand up comedy in youtube and expecting the same level of joke yang di pertontonkan kat sini, taraf dia mmg jauh berbeza, but still, sangat enjoy. new experience for me. besides tgk stand up comedy, ada juga live band. which i am sangat into it.

why i said - if you are expecting the same kind of level yang kita tgk dalam youtube, you better dont come? look. cmon man. this is malaysia. kita ni negara dan bangsa yang penuh dengan taboo, things which that need some respect, bounded by cultural n ritual thingy, jadinya tak boleh la nak buat lawak suka2 hati kita tanpa memikirkan kesan dan akibat kalau kita sentuh benda2 sensitif.. our local scene dgn apa yg korang tgk dalam youtube tu is orang putih they can make joke out of anything. be it, your mother, your religion. etcs. they have no boundaries or anything to stop them from making jokes out of it.itu bukan cara kita, malaysian. tapi one thing yg aku perasan, stand up comedy ni bagi aku is mcm series. if u miss last week punya session and datang next week, korang takkan dapat tangkap inside joke diorang. 

and yes, if u ask me, i would love to recommend you people to come and try sendiri mcm mana attend benda2 mcm ni. fun. looking forward next session punya lawak studio and lawak sorang-sorang.

dekat je dgn rumah aku rupanya. infront of ioi mall ada satu tempat muda mudi nama ioi boulevard. 

barisan performer malam itu

my buddy shahid yang terkenal dengan jenaka sendiri yang kadang2 hambar kadang2 mencucuk juga urat ketawa. dah 4-5 bulan involved dgn benda standup comedy ni. 

brader bob, a/k/a barista lawak studio, dan bercerita tentang kelebihan sorang "bob" dalam percintaan 

cant remember his name, tapi hes the acting MC malam tu. lawak mampos dengan inside joke dia regarding what its like to be a sikh, jgn samakan diorang dgn indian and so on. 

and yes of course ada stand up comedian yg dah establish mcm - JD, KC teruna wangi, sulaiman and few more others. cuma lawak studio ni is a platform for new comers to tryout and asah bakat diorang. 


i used to put so much hope on people. no matter how many times they would get fucked up over and over, i will always try my best to be there for them.

and usually not that many would stood up for me when i needed them the most. not even the smallest/simplest thing could be done.

so ask this question to yourself.

"where are you, when he/she need you, as he would have done the same thing, to you?" 


I'm jealous of the rain
That falls upon your skin
It's closer than my hands have been
I'm jealous of the rain
I'm jealous of the wind
That ripples through your clothes
It's closer than your shadow
Oh, I'm jealous of the wind, cause

I wished you the best of
All this world could give
And I told you when you left me
There's nothing to forgive
But I always thought you'd come back, tell me all you found was
Heartbreak and misery
It's hard for me to say, I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me

I'm jealous of the nights
That I don't spend with you
I'm wondering who you lay next to
Oh, I'm jealous of the night
I'm jealous of the love
Love that was in here
Gone for someone else to share
Oh, I'm jealous of the love, cause


beauty is a beguiling call to death, and im addicted to the sweet pitch of its siren.
that, starts sweet, end bitter. and that, which starts bitter, ends sweet

and you can always paint the rose red, my friend