early monday musing, at 1 am

i have come to the term where i accept whatever is happening around me is bcos its bound to happen. instead of tryna find my way out, im just gonna go with it. work suck. for the time being.

had a pretty good rest this weekend. been laying low, staying in doors. did a lot of thinking on my own. maybe i just need a break from my own routine, which i created just to keep my day occupied. and my mind and action were on autopilot for so long. i think im gonna start breaking my sleeping pattern which is pretty unhealthy considering the nature of my work last time and the buildup started when im in college. ultimately, when u reset your start, you'll need to adjust your new timing accordingly.

anyway, do you guys watch destination wedding? starring keanu reeves and winona ryder. probably the best rom-com movie throughout 2018. its about frank (keanu reeves) and lindsay (winona) who met accidentally during their trip to kevin's wedding somewhere. frank is kevin's half brother, meanwhile lindsay is his ex fiancee. not gonna spoil the movie, just go watch!

and right, heres of my stats now in RPG format:


lvl : 31
health : 1500/1800
energy : 500/1000
class : telecommunication officer rank 4
money : $-2475.92
str : 87
vit : 96
dex : 54
agi : 44
int : 72
luk : 4
cons : 53
spc : 34

moral state : bitter
mental state : taking it well, prone to relapse

P/s : i waste so much time on pinterest lately. send help

send help


i didnt think i'll lived up until today. a lot of things happened.

a lot

each day im struggling. trying to grab whatever thing i can cling on to. pride? gone. ego? gone. probably the greatest obstacle im facing as a grown ass man. 31.

can u imagine? 30 fuckin 1. smokin aces. kicking asses.

anyway i've drafted a few post during my "lost" times. depends on whether it is appropriate to be posted or maybe needed some proofreading. R rated stuffs.

ok. time to sleep. good night. stay safe.