958 - kecewa.

i shudnt had that conversation last night. but i believe. this is what i need the most right now.


"kalau kecewa, umur kau dah 26, masa kau kecewa, aku 23-34" - naim md noh, 8.29 pm, 23/3/2013

"takkan terus nak kekal kecewa dan bitter sampai umur 30?" - naim md noh, 8.30pm 23/3/2013

aku - what could be worst bro. im still here anyway. living with whatever left of me. still i could call u in the middle of the night, just to hangout, and have this brotherly sessions, in our old seats, mcd batu pahat. doing "bukon", and maybe u'll bring ur wife and kids too.

i love my bloodbrothers. more than anything else. JG for life.

957 - bulan.

semalam, lepak di saints bar. dengan bell & kalap. just the 3 of us. social-bro-bro-turns-half-dude sessions. as we enjoy the night, enjoy earth hour di saints bar. not to mention good food, good music, good place. the perfect saturday ever. no work. no stress. no obligation towards anything.

anyway. sebenarnya bukan nak share gambar ke nak promote saints ni. akakaka. its just, last night we had this one game. Q & A. bell asked.

"kalau bulan tu ada jantina, apa jantina dia, lelaki ke pempuan"

aku lupa dah apa jawapan bell. kalap kata, jantina pempuan tu tak penting, apa yang penting, fungsi kedua-dua tu (rumusan).

and this is what i said about the moon's gender.

"aku rasa, bulan tu lelaki. ceritanya begini. ada 3 sekawan. bulan, bintang & matahari. bulan dan matahari bercinta. berpasangan. bintang, iri hati. bintang menabur caci nista. matahari percaya. marah. panas. bulan terak derita. sejuk. gelap. hati mati. jauh. dan kemudiannya matahari pun naik atas. bulan ke bawah.

. . . .

aku percaya matahari itu perempuan. sifatnya marah. senang berubah-ubah. tidak setabil. panas. dan aku juga percaya bulan itu lelaki. hatinya mati. harapannya mati. akan tiba satu hari mana di mana bulan akan cuba toleh kebelakang, dan kemudian cuba mendekati matahari. sebab tu adanya bulan sabit, bulan separuh sabit, gerhana bulan. tetapi, dia takkan pernah kembali. pasang surut itu airmatanya."

aku tak tau apa benda yang rasuk aku malam tadi. lain macam. deep gila. mmg habis deep. kahkahkah.
oh ya, nah zina makanan. 

kalau masih mencari tempat hangout yang agak chill, and tak kesah bayar lebih untuk makanan sedap, keadaan selesa, marilah ke saints bar, di the strand, kota damansara. (IKLAN). btw setiap rabu ada movie nights, kamis jumaat sabtu ahad ada live band. tgh hari pun ada promotional lunch. quite cheap and affordable. try la guys this place. worth every penny. boleh juga follow di twitter @Saints_Bar dengan hashtag #BossBabi.

haaa saints bar dalam earth hour mode.

candle, all along the corridor. embracing earth hour katanya.

beef carbonara. prepared by jeeva. or jeeva assistant.
had dessert too. nyums

956 - why do we need a girl in men's circle.

i came across this article today while i was browsing - the importance of trusting men in ur circle and i find it quite interesting. about few mens, having a weekly basis group sessions.

i think this group sessions helps. since most of us is working, having issues in daily life, relationship, workloads, and its all came down to one thing. trust.

how much do u trust people. especially the ones within the circle. telling them things and whats not. and if u ask me, i'll say i do. i'll put my trust in them. this group session was here on a particular reason. to help brothers, for brothers. why? because we came from different background, expertise, history, age, social status. and etc.

this one brother may be the the pack leader, having endless confidence, highly informative and charismatic aura, but apart from that, he also suffers from his pasts. maybe, just maybe. it could be anything. everybody has their "black dot" moments.

since the session consists of a several mens, i think these days, there is a need for these session to have a girl. to me, since the session might consist a point of view from a man towards any-related topics from relationship to life journey, and must not be only those mens giving out advise.

for example, if a bro is having a hard time with his partner, one brother might spark more fire by saying, do this, she deserves that. and having a "half-bro", "half-dude bro-sis" would affect his actions. she might say, "she didnt meant that, do consider" "try to put urself in her place" and yadda yadda yadda. and vice versa situation.

and yes, we could see things, from this "half-dude-bro-sis" side. as we plan to do something to surprize our partner, we could ask her 1st. is this okay? discuss with the circle. and decide on something. not all men carry their girlish side all times, right?

what could be better? assist this "half-dude-bro-sis" in her daily live journey. and u can completely trust her. treat him like ur own bloodbrother-circle. listens to her problem. provide options. confess to her.

a bro sessions is sometimes more intense than father-son or mother-son conversation. and i think it really affects us in a way. u just cant talk to ur mother that u bang a chick last night, but u can tell ur bro about this. and things like that.

choose ur bros wisely. and i think for now, this is the main reason why i think, we need a girl to be in any men's circle, or social group meetup.


everybody is lost at one point of life. and ur job is not to get lost. if u ya know by what i mean. 

never lose faith, never give up on hope.

says 26 years old yum to 21 years old yum who keeps on marching and yell, "leave, abandon hope"

he doesnt know yet, he survived 1999, 2009, and maybe 2019.
and maybe 2099, 2999, and 9999 himself.


rasanya dah lama tak buat review pasal video games. maaflah, tiap kali kalau nak update apa-apa, tak pernah nak ada, tapi kalau pegi melepak, ada je masa. makin lama makin terabai blog ni tak terusik. tapi takpe, anyway, aku rasa nak buat review sikit berkenaan game yg aku sempat habiskan in 2 weeks ni. 

lets talk about dead space 3.

dead space 3 is about isaac, of course isaac lagi, this time isaac di recruit mercenaries. dunia sudah gila. agama necromorphs dah mula menular dalam diri manusia. so this one mad scientist decided to rebuild necromorph's marker, nak tukarkan semua manusia sejagat jadi necromorphs semata-mata nak hidup abadi.

ha baguslah. bangang abadi.

since isaac adalah orang yg survive insiden ishimura, survive 2 kali plus "marker" tu sendiri imprint rahsia berkenaan bangsa dan agama necromorphs ni, dia di heret semula dalam kancah menyelamatkan manusia sejagat. 

p/s : sebenarnya makwe dia kena tangkap, orang yg tangkap makwe dia tu paksa dia buat benda2 ni.

jadi reviewnya begini.

gameplay fun, horror, thrill masih lagi di level resident evil 1,2 dan 3 - 5 stars.
weapon system - entah kenapa aku tak suka, kena hunt senjata part by part n upgrade - 2 star.
jalan cerita agak solid - 5 star
gfx & sfx kinda nice, ambience, game physics, logic - 4 stars.
dead space 4? cari twist plot cerita lain.
unique sbb ada x-factor mcm static n kinetics.

overall 4 stars. 19 chapter tu ok.

. . .

meet kerrigan. she's a bad ass. and welcome to starcraft II - heart of swarms.

anyway baru je install benda alah ni. since ini hanyalah expansion/sequal kepada starcraft II, yang ada cumalah beberapa maps baru dan game update/balancing and few new units.

27 main mission + 5 side mission, expansion set ni mainly lepas terran great war and after jim raynor saves kerringan.

mengsk butt in, and wanted to kill kerringan, but jim interfere, saving valerian and kerringan into his hyperion spaceship, leaving raynor at mengsk mercy.

its all about kerringan seek revenge, as she went back to her queen of pain role, and learns about the secrets of the ancient zerg and zeratul seemingly help her.

camtu jelah. nak tau mainlah.

review dia mudah je.

kalau starcraft ni seorang perempuan, aku dah lama bercinta dengan dia. dari umur aku 11 tahun. it was 1998. starcraft, and starcraft brood-war. sama mcm diablo.

full marks. 5 stars.

and i am waiting for 2nd week of april for this. the most anticipated game of last year. in pc. i didnt own any console at the moment, and have to wait for the PC version of this,

i present to u, 

its Yum F. Kennedy.
kicking some zombie and mutants ass one more time.

 p/s : kalau ada yang sudi pre-orderkan benda ni kat steam store, mungkin aku akan jatuh cinta dengan kamu. tak mahal 69 dollar je. hihiks.


she keeps a journal of her life journey.
she did fried mee using spaghetti
she wears lab coats.
she drives u crazy
she melts u with less effort.
she talks in accent, "dialeks"
ur friends didnt like her because she's better from the last one u had.
she's 16,197 km away, 229 hours of travelling my land.
she paints.
she's the one. a women from the past.


"You write me letters in a pen with no ink. And you have your own eyes, but you don’t dare blink. You speak in words, without a sentence. You’re the ghost that haunts me, without a presence"

-Gabrielle Aplin


"let me let you go"

          -kate, the lake house, 2006.

tentang bodoh dan membodohkan

masih ada lagi orang yang percayakan konsep beli barang murah, tapi nak kena bayar duit itu dan ini, melebihi harga barang yg ingin di beli, lepas tu masuk kosmo/hmetro.

tahap kebodohan orang-orang di malaysia makin lama makin menakutkan saya, kena cari negara lain tuk pindah mcm ni. cukuplah orang kita di bodohkan drama-drama politik yang melibatkan bontot dari tahun 1998 - 2013

blend in.

was doing nothing at all tonight. and im just going to list down all of those songs that currently im listening too.

the used - all that i've got
the used - buried myself alive.
all american rejects - my paper heart
the calling - wherever you will go.
james blunt - wise man
james blunt - high
hoobastank - reason
coldplay - clock
coldplay - yellow
switchfoot - we are young tonight
switchfoot - stars
switchfoot - meant to live
switchfoot - dare you to live
david cook - fade in to me
the darkness - i believe in a thing call love
queen - i was born to love you
andrew bell - make it without you
amos lee - colors
sum 41 - pieces
matthew perryman jones - save you.
damien rice - delicate
bryan adams - desire
daniel powter - the best of me
chicago - you're my inspiration
coinne baily rae - put your record on
mc fly - too close for comfort
mc fly - unsaid things
the killers - under the gun
steven curtis jackman - i will be remembering you
boyce avenue - bleeding love
blink 182 - always
bowling for the soup - always
buckcherry - sorry

and a lot more. i've lost track. bye bye

kenali betina-betina anda.

aku ingat kan gadis2 mozlemah ni jenis pandai malu kalau suka kat mamat mozlemah lain, ini tak, share gambar, pastu memuja hensemnya hensemnya. mcm ni ke sifat gadiz mozlemah?

baik aku lepak dengan betina jalan dorai, takde beza dengan gadiz mozlemah ni.

apa beza? boleh tunjukkan saya?

2 sen

malas nak amik port pasal lahad datu. saya suka laporan media sosial berkenaan ini, sebelom golongan kanak-kanak dan bukan professional masuk campur, dan menyebarkan apa sahaja tanpa usul periksa.

bukan saya nak kata orang bodoh tak boleh lemparkan "2 sen" mereka. tapi..ah tak mengapalah..orang bodoh kalau tak buat salah, mereka takkan belajar

kurosaki yum ichigo

how do u like my new toys? hello march!